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 5 Key Skills for Web Developer Jobs


It is critical to have the correct combination of web development skills to be successful in this job role. Even though specific skills required for anyone in this career path will differ based on the business, the overarching skills web developers require are all the same. In this article, we classify web developer skills and provide suggestions for how to improve them.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for web developers is growing at a rate that is 8% faster than the national average. As of May 2019, the median annual wage for web developers in the United States was $73,760, with a projected increase to $75,773 by 2021. This proves your valuable worth.


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What is Your Role as a Developer?

Web developers are immediately responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites. As a developer you plan, design, and test the layout, functions, and navigation of a website or interface for usability. Learn to walk peer-to-peer with these exclusive top developer skillsets in machine learning—become fearless, with the world in your hands. You might also be Interested in Programming Courses.

What are Web Developer Skills?

Web development is sweeping the globe. Web developer skills are those significant skills that boost up your entire career. Required by most of the employers, the below-mentioned skills are the gateways for developers.

Simply having such abilities gives you an advantage over other candidates. Nonetheless, your day-to-day job involves these abilities. As with any other job, you can improve your skills as a web developer over time.

Top 5 Web Developer Skills

As the world continues on its revolutionary path, the competition for IT skills has never really been greater. In response to the claim, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the IT industry will grow by 22% by 2029. Understanding HTML, responsive design skills, Backend basics, testing and Javascript are examples of analytical abilities.

Enough said; let us now explain what these are:


A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is highly necessary.  If you want to work as a web developer, HTML is the most widely used premium language in web development. Developers essentially use this programming language to create websites. CSS is used to customize the look of any website.

To make your website more appealing, you should learn how to use Maps, change layouts, add color Fonts, and Icons in HTML. HTML lays the groundwork for CSS to style the website. When working with CSS, you should use a responsive web design framework such as bootstrap / Material Design or W3.CSS. This is how you should add HTML/CSS to your skillset. You have to checkout Skills You Need To Build A Web Design Career.


Javascript is the ultimate powerhouse for CSS, PHP, and HTML. Another ‎popular domain, functioning in many software. When working with JavaScript, you should learn how to access the HTML DOM. This programming language is ‎particularly specific for machine building developers and is worthy of your ‎time and hard work.

Probably, this indicated domain is the most important skill in this list that is ‎mandatory to learn. To function effectively make your products ‎better at lightning speed, Javascript does the trick. Essentially, easier to learn and easier to apply in coding ‎machine systems, and this way you hone your business model.

Responsive Design

Responsive designIt is vital to consider how responsive design works. Many people view websites. Whether online or on androids, the web pages you develop must respond to different screen sizes. If your website is not able to respond to shape-shifting, it will not be suitable with both mobile or desktop sites.

As a result, it will not operate or appear correctly on both these channels. Nothing can stop you if you perfect this one-of-a-kind skill of creating a responsive design. This ability influences your website visitors and, as a result, draws traffic to your website. Make an effort to learn this skill!


TestingTesting is an important part of your skillset as a developer. One of the basic things is to know how you can test your website. To avoid regular errors and bugs damaging your webpage, get hands-on knowledge of this programming language. You should be able to debug any problems or errors that arise.

Testing ensures that your code is doing what it is intended to do. That being said, you also have AI-powered automated web testing tools for Agile web applications. Learn to make use of it. Testing can even be functional or unit testing. It is critical in this role to always be able to test and configure your website. Perform these functions on an accurate and timely basis.

Backend Basics

You must be familiar with Backend Fundamentals. Back-end web development fundamentals include code that connects the web to a database, enables user connections, and powers the web app itself. To fulfill this function, you may work with back-end developers or be assigned tasks that require these skills.

You’ll need to understand how browsers work, as well as APIs, SQL, Java, PHP, Python databases, and cybersecurity. All of these are useful skills to have when working on the server-side.

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The Fact-Based Percentage For These Skills

According to Devskiller and Statista, the below percentage is calculated based on international surveys. These facts may help you distinguish that skills are vitally important for web developers:

  • Java and JavaScript are the most popular IT skills tested (43%)
  • HTML is the most popular Technology
  • 75% of companies are looking for JavaScript developers
  • JavaScript is the most popular language tested together with other IT skills
  • On coding tests, Australian developers perform the best.

According to the survey, HTML/CSS as an IT skill had the highest potential for employment prospects at 9.5 percent, along with adaptability at 26 percent.

Salaries of Skilled Web Developers

You can make thousands to millions of dollars by learning these skills. Based on the recent findings of careerfoundry, let us show you how much you can earn as a skilled web developer:

JavaScript Developer:

As a Javascript developer, you’ll earn $117,798. That explains exactly why you need to learn this skill.

Backend Developer:

Backend developers earn around $128,554. This demonstrates the high-end demand for this important skill.

Frontend Developer:

HTML developers tend to earn around $107,276 across the U.S. This may suggest that you must be learning this skill to earn better wages.

Junior Developer:

A junior developer without any of these skills and specialization is likely to earn $66,798.


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Final Thoughts:

Coming to the end of this feature, we hope this article can help you understand the importance of learning all these skills. From this day forward, enhance your skillset. All the best and keep developing your skills!