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How to deal with Big Data Using Tableau


Tableau is known to be the most powerful, effective and fastest-growing data visualization tool/software that is widely used by business intelligence industries. The use of Tableau has gradually improved the performances of businesses and have led them to deal with huge data even more properly.

It is now because of Tableau that data analysis can be done really fast and also the visualizations that are created are always in the form of dashboards and worksheets. Thus Tableau is an amazing software/tool that is preferred by almost all the organizations to deal with huge data.

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Some tips that can help us deal with big data:

Let us now discuss some of the tips that can help us make the most out of Tableau.

Use the Excel sheet to get started:

The best way to become an expert in using Tableau is to start with Excel sheets rather than working with a database. As spreadsheets are simple to use so it will be an excellent way to polish your Tableau skills using Excel sheets.

Try to keep your data clean and organized all the time:

For Tableau to work at its best, it is very much important that a person’s data is as clean and organized as possible. Means it must be arranged, free from any upper case/lower case mix up, free from mixed formats and missing values. So a user must make sure to take care of these things.

Use interesting maps from the web to make your visualizations more appealing:

We all know that Tableau provides a number of maps for the users to use. But that doesn’t mean that they are always that appealing. So what one should do is load different maps from the web browser into Tableau and tell it where the “origin” latitude and longitude are.

Always create dashboards that support a high-level and at least a low-level view:

If a customer is able to see the correlation between the aggregated data that is on the top of the screen and the detailed data that is on the bottom, they will be more satisfied with the quality of the data and there is a great chance that they would start making decisions using this data.

Use Tableau’s knowledge base before attempting your first test:

Tableau has a number of “how-to” videos that users can watch and take benefit from. By watching even 10 of such videos, a Tableau user can attempt his first test easily.

Always use Tableau public when you need to create a demo:

Once you have some experience with Tableau and you start to feel comfortable using it, you will realize that now you can easily create extremely impressive demonstration within no time. If your data is in decent form, you can use Tableau public that can put your visualization directly on the web.

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So these above mentioned were a few tips that if a user considers can really help him make the most out of Tableau. But the only thing that is required by a user is to have a good understanding and deep interest in Tableau.  Also, must always look for different tips about nptel machine learning, ideas and techniques that can help him use Tableau in the best possible way ever.