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How CompTIA A+ Certification Can Help You Get Your First IT Job


Information Technology is one of the best industries to be part of in 2024, but you need the right credentials to get your foot in the door. High school computer science will not get you far if you want to be a support specialist or field technician.

Consider getting a CompTIA A+ certification instead. It is one of the best ways to prepare for that dream IT job. CompTIA A+ focuses on both foundational knowledge and practical skills.

For instance, CompTIA A+ certification includes mobile device configuration, hardware upgrades, and networking. These concepts and several others can help you launch a long-term IT career.Top Ways to Impress Potential Employers as a Job Applicant

What Is CompTIA A+, and How Do You Get Certified?

CompTIA A+ certifies that you can connect users to data. When connected, users can use IT infrastructure to perform their job tasks on any device.

CompTIA A+ certification validates your skills in creating this connection. To get certified, you must take two core exams. Core 1 (220-1101) deals with hardware, networking, mobile devices, troubleshooting, and operational procedures.

Core 2 (220-1102) focuses on installing and configuring supporting operating systems and software. It also includes cybersecurity and troubleshooting for software and operating systems.

If you pass these exams, you will know how to:

  • Identify several hardware components and devices. You will also be able to connect them successfully to allow remote workers to get their jobs done.
  • Install and troubleshoot different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome.
  • Resolve IT issues plaguing desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices. These issues typically include malware and security breaches.
  • Run cloud computing concepts while following best IT practices.

The CompTIA A+ Certificate Is Valuable for Entry-Level IT Jobs

The idea behind CompTIA A+ certification is to demonstrate that candidates have the knowledge and skills to succeed in an entry-level IT role. So, it gives you that foot in the door you need when looking to break into the IT industry.

The certification gives you a foundation in IT fundamentals. You will learn how hardware is supposed to work and which software is best to use. Foundational knowledge gives you a base from which to work when you experience real-world IT issues.

CompTIA A+ teaches you how to solve problems. Whenever IT infrastructure goes down, businesses lose time and money. With your CompTIA A+ certification and knowledge, you can resolve the issue quickly, preventing further losses.

This problem-solving skill set is highly sought-after in businesses that rely heavily on IT infrastructure.

Moreover, listing a CompTIA A+ certification on your resume will likely catapult you to the front of the interview line. CompTIA A+ certification suggests you are committed to your career path. This will immediately improve your credibility when you sit before an interviewer.

Jobs You Can Apply for With a CompTIA A+ Certificate

Depending on what type of IT support you want to provide, there are several jobs you can apply for once you are certified:

IT Help Desk Technician

If you want to become a help desk technician, you will be the first contact point for customers needing IT assistance. Your CompTIA A+ certification will help you perform remote troubleshooting and offer clients the best possible solution.

Desk Support Specialist

If being a desk support specialist is your goal, you will maintain both hardware and software systems. Plus, you will resolve all technical issues within these systems. Furthermore, you will assist IT users with any necessary troubleshooting over the phone or in person.

You will also recommend technical solutions and provide the required information to install and maintain IT systems. Your CompTIA A+ certification will allow you to complete all installations promptly and assist wherever needed when technical issues arise.

Field Service Technician

As a field service technician, you will assist clients on location with installing, repairing, and maintaining equipment. Your CompTIA A+ knowledge will help you teach customers how to use IT equipment properly. You will also make recommendations and advise customers on which equipment to use.

Other jobs you can apply for include IT support specialist, Tier I support specialist, associate network engineer, service desk analyst, and system support specialist. Explore how Python can streamline network tasks using Netmiko, NAPALM, pyntc, and Telnet in our comprehensive guide.

Launch Your IT Career With an A+ Certification

When you become A+ certified, you can look for an internship to enhance your skills further. This will make your resume stand out even more when you apply for jobs later.

Make some time to network with other IT professionals. Attend IT industry events and connect with IT experts on social media. This can help you find job opportunities faster.

Consider pursuing additional cybersecurity or cloud computing certifications to specialize in a specific IT field.

Whatever you choose to do after you get certified, your CompTIA A+ certificate will launch your IT career in the right direction.