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Tips & Tricks: How to manage teams working remotely


When you’re working as a team at the same time and under the same roof, it is a little easy to manage everything. Like keeping an eye on your team members and making them do their tasks effectively, and more. But when you’re dealing with a team who is working remotely, then everything changes. It gets really difficult for a manager to keep a check and balance on the whole team who are not under the same roof now. Now with the current pandemic, many people have started to work remotely which means more work for the manager. Though managing teams who are working remotely is quite difficult yet not impossible. And that is why our team at takethiscourse.net present to you some tips and tricks to help you manage your teams working remotely.

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Tips and tricks to manage your team working remotely:

The following tips can help a manager tackle his team while working remotely:

Give your team different short-term goals:

While working as a team and that too remotely, it is impossible for the whole team to stay on track if they are assigned long-term goals. In other words, all the workers who are working remotely will get distracted at some point and won’t be able to cope up with the team and this would cause delays in the work and, in the end, would jeopardize the whole work. So when you know everyone has to work from different locations, just make sure to give them short term goals so that it is easier for the manager to monitor them.

Make a habit of holding a daily meeting:

Set a fixed time and make sure everyone is present at the meeting and give a briefing as to what everybody has to do the whole day. And make sure that the duration of the meeting is short so that nobody gets agitated plus everybody gets a clear vision on what to do.

Make explicit agreements:

Since you know that your team is working remotely, it is your duty to state everything explicitly. Precisely, your employees can not assume anything on their own if it isn’t stated clearly. So you need to make sure that whatever the agreements you make are stated clearly so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of your employees.

Now agreements can be regarding business hours, team communication, company divisions, meeting times, and more.

Give them a coffee-break:

Though your employees are working from their homes, yet they need a break. So don’t forget to give them a break from work. Set a time where everyone is set free for a while and can do anything they want, eat, or drink, or even have a friendly chat with one another. This will freshen up their minds and would increase their morale.

Be there for your team:

The most helpful thing that you can do for your team while working from different locations is to be there for each of them. Now by that we mean, stay in contact with them. Keep your phone on or your computer and address all their issues and guide them side-by-side so that they aren’t left alone.

Focus on results instead of working hours:

If you really want your team to give their best then focus on the results and not the hours that they put in daily. If there is an employee who is working full time and producing no result and on the other side is an employee who is giving results and putting in less working hours sometimes, then the latter one is much better as he is giving results. So focus on quality and not the quantity. Check out the Best Microsoft Teams Training Courses here.

Respecting working hours:

There are many teams who demand to receive no work-related call once the office timings are over. While working remotely, once the office hours are over, it is your job to make sure that no employee is bothered or is being occupied for work.

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We think these above tips are enough for a manager to consider if he has to deal with teams who are working remotely. Challenges are everywhere and yes they can be sometimes tiring but that is why tips like the above mentioned are here to help others make their lives easy. So follow these tips today and never stop learning.