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We live in such a world where all activities of our lives are hemmed in by or by some means related to the use of technology. Technology has become our robust weapon in the way of success. Every organization is reliant on technology and so does the educational sector.

So today, we are going to talk about an amazing and pedantically crafted learning management system (LMS) which is known as the Canvas. Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It lets professors teach in a peculiar way that could benefit the students by posting grades, information and different assignments online. In particular, Canvas gives out all the tools that support online learning in a variety of ways.

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Canvas is being used by many Universities. At present, the Canvas is used by more than 3000 educational institutes. These institutes include different Schools, Colleges, Universities and other districts and institutes all over the world. Harvard University and all of its affiliated professional institutes are also using Canvas and have experienced great changes in the way teachers teach and students learn.

How Harvard uses Canvas?

Canvas is used by Harvard for developing and administrating different course websites. Canvas being open-source and an extensible platform lets the faculty build and add different tools to their course sites. This enables them to meet their particular didactic needs and in this way, the faculty can easily save a lot of time and effort.

Besides the faculty being enjoying this system, the administration too can easily build and add different tools to the Harvard systems. Thus Harvard allows its whole faculty and the students to enjoy this amazing learning management system and teach, learn and administer in a most effective possible manner.

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Who can use Harvard Canvas?

The Harvard Canvas can be used by the faculty and the students with just one click. The faculty includes all the professors and the personnel in the administration who have to take care of the whole Harvard system.

To use the Canvas, one has to log in by entering one’s credentials.

Features of Harvard Canvas:

The following are some eminent features of Harvard canvas:

  • It provides different sections that are used to segment the class list for administrative purposes. This is typically based on teaching fellows, assignment or meeting time.
  • Canvas provides a variety of ways to communicate with the faculty, teaching staff and the students. If the faculty, the teaching staff, and the students are added to a course, they will automatically receive all the necessary notifications and announcements. With that, they can participate in different discussions, chat with one another and collaborate at work through third-party sharing.
  • It provides the facility of providing lectures through the Canvas site. When there is a lecture going on, either it is streamed live or recorded and then delivered through the course’s Canvas site.
  • It provides a feature that lets instructors broadcast any important information to the entire class.
  • It provides the instructors/teachers with a variety of tools that help them make a course site that is according to their criteria.


Benefits of using Canvas:

Canvas being a cutting-edge technology is a very beneficial LMS and has the following benefits:

  • It enables Vigorous teaching and provides learning tools like how to easily manage content like files, links and library integration.
  • One can participate in different discussion forums, blogs, and interactive assessments.
  • Other learning tools like Speed Grader and learning analytics are also provided by Canvas.
  • Provides with excellent front line support via phone, email or chat.
  • Provides with automatic publishing of the course videos.
  • Provides integration with Harvard Key authentication and Harvard Library services.
  • Provides robust cloud-hosting at Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • It provides the feature of Zoom to teach online class sessions.
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is of the view that Canvas is a fine learning management system that has proved to enhance the way our educational sectors work. Harvard uses Canvas throughout the University and all of its affiliated professional schools as well. In this way, Harvard maintains its education standard quite easily. So visit the website today and find out more about Harvard Canvas.