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12 Best GMAT Preparation Courses 2023


GMAT Overview

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test used by most business schools to assess specific skills and quality of prospective MBA applicants in order to determine their potential for success. It is considered as one of the most complex standardized tests but with a learn-able structure. Students cannot study for GMAT by simply memorizing facts but they are required to be adequately prepared for the test by understanding the type of questions they will be expected to answer as well as how to solve different problems presented in the test.

Benefits of taking online GMAT preparation courses:

GMAT is an important exam since any student wishing to obtain an MBA or any other related degree can take the test as part of their application process. In fact, some of the the best online MBA programs use this exam to make important decisions regarding admission and academic potential of graduate students. Taking an online GMAT preparation course comes with several benefits that include:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Cost effective
  • Ability to target your weaknesses
  • High-quality content
  • Interactive and social
  • Offers a test-like environment
  • Environmentally-friendly (I.e no commuting and hefty books)

List of GMAT Preparation Courses:

Course Name Instructor Rating Students Enrolled
Dominate GMAT Verbal – Comprehensive GMAT Verbal Prep Course Brett Ethridge, Master GMAT Instructor 4.2 2,526
GMAT Math Official Guide 2018 Néve Chen, NeatPrep 4.2 6,293
The Complete GMAT 700+ Preparation Course (with Mock Tests) IDEA London Academy 4.4 1,157
GMAT Data Sufficiency: The ULTIMATE GUIDE Anis MURR 4.4 1,105
Master the GMAT Work and Rate problems Anis MURR 4.5 1,562
Master the GMAT Probability problems Anis MURR 4.3 1,884
GMAT Prep Course Problem Solving: 302 Solved Questions Olu Sanya 4.8 294
GMAT Math – Data Sufficiency Made Easy Corey Moore 4.4 190
GMAT Verbal-Critical Reasoning-150 Original-SolvedAndExplain Loony Corn 4.4 1,213
Break Away – GMAT Problem Solving – 65 Solved And Explained Loony Corn 4.6 1,237
GMAT Algebra – The Comprehensive Course Learn from scratch Immersive Learning Group 4.5 1,529
GMAT Prep Course Data Sufficiency: 221 Solved Questions Olu Sanya 5.0 79

The online GMAT prep course has an extremely flexible scheduling that allows you to take care of your other commitments. You can prep anywhere at any time at your own convenience. The prep course offers high-quality content in terms of reading passages, questions, videos and explanations and with social features such as private chats, groups, forums and message boards, you can easily interact with your instructors.

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