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Reviews for Free edX IELTS Academic Test Preparation 2023 [Updated]


IELTS is the most popular English language test for the people who aspire to study in English speaking countries. This edX IELTS course has been prepared with the help of expert English teaching professionals from The University of Queensland. The course instructors are skilled enough to facilitate the students to reach their academic IELTS goal.

Highlights of edX IELTS Training Course

Key Features of edX IELTS Academic Test Preparation

Following are the key features that make edX IELTS academic test preparation one of the best online courses.

  • Multimedia Presentations: This program is divided into sections/units and for every topic, there are videos which help in understanding the topic more clearly.
  • Interactive Activities and Exercises: This course offers practical exercises and activities which helps in strengthening skills, strategies and techniques.
  • Self-paced Course: This feature is very useful since you can determine what areas you want to focus while preparing for the test.
  • Verified Enrolment: The students opting for verified enrolment are benefitted with extra study material. Moreover, they receive a certificate having the instructor’s signature and the institution’s logo.

Why IELTS edX Course is a Better Option?

This edX IELTS course has many unique benefits. Following are the reasons why is this Course a better option.

  • Pocket-Friendly: This is a Free Course since edX is a non-profit organization, providing free educational opportunities.
  • Extensive Teaching Method: This course will prepare you for the IELTS test style and format. It’ll also help in learning useful test-taking tactics and skills for the actual test.
  • Friendly Syllabus: The syllabus is divided into four different modules making it more accessible for students. The modules are: –
    1. Listening Test: Giving a brief understanding of the types of questions that’ll be asked, including practice questions and sample tests.
    2. Speaking Test: This test is further divided into three parts. Part 1 provides with essential grammar knowledge. It also focuses on the skill of enhancing sentences, extending and making them longer. Part 2 focuses individually; it helps in organizing one’s thoughts and ideas aiding in maintaining a perfect start and end of a conversation. Then comes Part 3 which is the discussion phase, resulting in vocabulary enrichment. You might also be interested in free Spoken English classes.
    3. Reading Test: It’ll help in pronunciation through practical activities.
    4. Writing Test: For preparation, this is divided into two tasks. Task 1 is all about descriptive writing. Whereas Task 2 relates to Essay type questions.
  • Instructors: The University of Queensland has the most efficient instructors who are very experienced in teaching the English Language Proficiently.

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Users Feedbacks

Here are some of the reviews about this edX IELTS course, including positive as well as negative feedback. Viewing the feedbacks helps in making a decision about whether to opt this course or not.

Positive Feedbacks

  • Allhumdullilah. I am very thankful for the team for assisting me to get band 7 with only a week preparation and being a Pakistani a non-native speaker it is a blessing for me. I could cross band 8 but with a hectic technical job, I could not give enough time to the practice. Well, this course made me eligible to apply in top engineering universities. Thank you respected Iain Mathieson, Martin Dutton, Megan Yucel, Stephen Walker, Philippa Coleman. Best Regards, Karimi (Sohail Abbas).
  • A five star rated course. I took this course in the last session and it is great especially for those who have a great command over English. It’s a guide to fetch more marks and better bands. A big thanks to all the instructors (Virender Verm).

Negative Feedback

  • Dear all, please help me I want to review the lessons but I can only access the front page of the course also I already registered, where can I get the full course please help me!!!! (Filsan Ismael).

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Alternatives to edX IELTS Training Course

Here are a few alternative courses which can be also be taken in contradiction of this course. As having many options is always better and it can also help a person choose what feels right for him. Following are few alternative courses along with a brief note on what the course offers. You might also be interested in best American Accent training classes.

IELTS Band 7+ Complete Prep Course

This course will help you in improving language for bands 7. Not only this, but they also offer a monthly live session where you can interact with the instructors directly. Moreover, more than five thousand students have been enrolled in this course, currently, this course is also offering a discount which is a limited time offer.

Magoosh IELTS Online Coaching

This course is one of the most trusted courses, providing with almost six hundred questions practice questions and in-depth videos. This course is very helpful in preparing for IELTS as they provide a very vast range of study material.

Concluding Remarks

Now summing-up, keeping in mind the feedbacks and the alternatives to this course one can easily decide which course is best for him/her. This IELTS Course from The University of Queensland provides with certified, professional IELTS preparation training and it has approximately a million students are currently enrolled for this course. The best part is this course is free of cost which makes it very beneficial. Their teaching strategy makes this course very unique and interactive. So yes, hurry up if you don’t want to miss a chance of studying abroad.
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