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Reviews for Magoosh IELTS Coaching & Training


Getting a high score in an IELTS test is critical, as most people already know. The first step towards improving your scores is getting the right training so that you understand what the test entails. Magoosh IELTS is one of the companies that offer online coaching and training for those preparing to take the test. They offer coaching and training services in a way that guarantees a high score. Let us look at some aspects of the Magoosh IELTS Training Program below.

The Key Features of Magoosh IELTS Training

Magoosh helps prepare you for IELTS online, meaning anyone from any part of the world can use the available material. They prepare individuals for both General and Academic IELTS. Once you enrol with them, you get a wide range of materials and support to ensure you are well prepared for the test.

  • First, the materials are of the highest quality since experts in the IELTS field have created them. The lessons include more than 125 video lessons. You can access the materials anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.
  • Secondly, the program gives the learner a maximum of 4 mock tests with the exact timing as the real test. In turn, you can plan your time effectively. It also helps in reducing panic when you finally sit for the test. They also give you one graded essay to help you see your progress and identify the areas for revision.
  • Additionally, the program comes with 600 practice questions. These questions come from previous IELTS tests, thereby enabling the student to have an idea of the areas of focus. Sometimes, questions may even be repeated, and getting access to many previous questions gives you an upper hand.
  • The program also comes with an accurate score predictor. Using the data from more than 200,000 students, they created a score predictor. With this, one can almost accurately predict what he/she will score in the real test.
  • Lastly, the Magoosh IELTS comes with a 24/7 email support for its students. The feature ensures your concerns are addressed instantly, no matter the time difference. When you need clarifications on something, or you get stuck, just send an email and get assistance from an experienced tutor.

Why Magoosh Is Better Than Others?

We have seen many different IELTS coaching and training programs out there, but we recommend that learners choose Magoosh. First, they are affordable, and there is a full money-back guarantee in case you want to cancel your enrollment for any reason within seven days. Consequently, it allows you to try out the program for seven days to see if it suits your needs. You are also guaranteed a high score, which is the reason you seek training anyway.

Feedback From the Previous Users

Here is some feedback from the previous users of the program. You can find them here.

Positive Feedback

From the positive reviews, the learners highlighted the following,

  • The lessons are well planned, and the tutors were great.
  • The lessons are customized for those that have a short time to prepare.
  • The interface is very user-friendly making learning easy and fun.
  • They respond to queries promptly.
  • The lessons were very clear enhancing understanding.
  • The variety of practice questions helped them to gain familiarity with the kind of questions asked.
  • The program was also recommended for students preparing for GMAT, GRE and TOEFL.

Negative Feedback

  • From our research, we have not seen many negative reviews concerning the program. However, one person complained that the user interface was too confusing for him.

Alternatives to Magoosh IELTS Training

There are other areas that you can get IELTS training, including the British council, getting a course on Udemy, and even on YouTube. You can also find Free edX IELTS Academic Test Preparation from The University of Queensland. However, these cannot be compared to the experience one gets by having a tutor attend to you.

Concluding Remarks

The step between you and that high IELTS score is a good coach. You, therefore, need to choose one that will meet your needs. Magoosh is that coach that will meet these needs in terms of your budget, flexibility, having a personal tutor, among the many features above. You can visit their website for enrollment and learn more.