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10 Best + Free Galaxy Painting Classes & Tutorials


Everyone loves painting, and everyone gets inspired by looking at people painting and make pretty paintings. You might have seen, that painting colorful galaxies is a trend going on nowadays, and a lot of people get inspired by looking at those beautifully painted galaxies. In this article, we have collected the 10 best Galaxy painting classes that specifically focus on teaching how to paint the galaxy. So, go grab your paints and brushes and let’s get started with galaxy painting.

ADThe Digital Painting School Mega Course: Beginner to Advanced

      • Austin Batchelor via Udemy
      • 34,101+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (3,838 Ratings)

Best Galaxy Painting Classes & Courses:

Checkout the below list of best Galaxy Painting Training Classes & Courses. Also, you can visit Digital Painting School courses here.

saveWatercolor Galaxies – Learn to paint vibrant starry night skies

      • Zaneena Nabeel via Skillshare
      • 2,183+ already enrolled!
      • 66 projects included
      • ★★★★★ (134 Ratings)

Watercolor Galaxies

Who does not love to gaze at the stars? Now, what if you think about creating your own dreamy imaginative starry night using watercolors. Sounds fun, right? Through this Galaxy Painting course, you can learn the process of painting a multi-colored vibrant starry night using watercolors. Your instructor for this Galaxy Painting course is a very well renowned artist Zaneena Nabeel. She is an architect by profession and an artist by everything. Zeena will take you on a journey of art, in which you will see that that art is therapy, and you will then find yourself immense happiness playing with colors.

In this Galaxy Painting course, you will be gaining skills that are very essential for watercolor painting, and by the end of this course, you will be able to paint different types of galaxies easily.

saveEasy watercolor painting – Night Sky Galaxy Manga Portrait

      • Eliza via Udemy
      • 11,523+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (49 Ratings)

easy watercolor Painting

Are you a fan of Manga? If you are then, congratulations, you have found yourself a very good course. In this course, you can enhance your watercolor skills and paint a manga portrait with a galaxy northern lights background now, exciting, right?

Through this Galaxy Painting course, you will learn the essential tricks needed to paint a watercolor galaxy pattern. After this, you will learn to color a stylized manga portrait from a line art template. Moreover, this course has an extra lesson, in which you will see how see to paint a watercolor galaxy nebula hair. By the end of this Galaxy Painting course, you will be able to color your own watercolor portrait painting and paint a galaxy sky background with northern lights. Thus, take this class on the off chance that you like dream, mystical themed fine arts, however never set out to shading an adapted manga picture all alone.

You’ll find more interesting painting collection of best digital painting classes & Courses and improve your skill.


Painting a Watercolor Galaxy Sky

      • Jen Aranyi via Skillshare
      • 1,378+ already enrolled!
      • 20 projects included
      • ★★★★☆ (78 Ratings)

Painting A Watercolor Galaxy sky

Have you generally needed to make those excellent watercolor universe sky works of art you see on Instagram? Well, now you can. In this Galaxy Painting course, you will get familiar with the basics and the fundamentals to make watercolor system skies. You will learn and explore the materials you will require for water painting. You will likewise stroll through a couple of shading considers utilizing the wet on wet strategy, and afterward complete our own special cosmic system painting beginning to end, including the trees and stars.

The instructor for this Galaxy Painting course, Jen, is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. She will teach you how to use vibrant colors and anything involving nature. The skills involving in those are: Art, Illustration, Watercolors, Drawing, Painting, Fine, Art, Creative, Astronomy, Galaxy, and Painting. You might also be interested in our paint tool sai classes.


Galaxy Dreamy Landscape in Watercolor

      • Joee Cheong via Craftla
      • 60 minutes of effort required
      • 55+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (2 Ratings)

This course is all about learning to paint a galaxy in just not one way, but a few different ways, using different techniques. This is a beginner level course, so if you are new to painting then this course will work just fine for you. This course will help you to kick start your painting journey by creating your own color codes, and color mixing instead of just painting it.

The instructor for this course is Joee Cheong, who is a young and passionate lady who loved arts and paintings. At first, you will start by getting familiar with the materials and tools for the session, and then you will proceed to learn about the Basic Watercolour Techniques, such as the Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet. Next, you will be learning to paint Basic trees, bushes, hills in silhouette form, and a lot more.


Easy Watercolor Iris Flower Painting with Galaxy Background

      • Eliza via Udemy
      • 6,183+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (24 Ratings)

Easy Watercolor Iris Flower Painting

In this course, you can paint watercolor iris flowers, this course also included free downloadable coloring page templates to get you started. In this course, you will be learning the skills to step by step instructions to paint the Iris blossom from a-z in a justifiable manner regardless of whether you don’t have any foundation in herbal artistic creation), you will be given instructions to make bright bloom petals. Demystify a few legends about the wet-on-wet strategy while telling you the best way to make an easy universe foundation, you will learn the best way to effortlessly make fun watercolor impacts with simply a straw, and you can practice basic inking techniques in this course with the instructor.

The entire painting process has been made easy as you will not be needing to figure out how to draw a practical iris bloom. While in different classes you need to outline the venture yourself, in this class a downloadable line art template (shading page) is incorporated, which removes the pressure of creating a sketch before the artwork.


Galaxy Painting Tutorial

      • Tracie via Step by Step Painting
      • ★★★★☆

Step by step Painting

On this platform, we will be looking at a different medium to paint a galaxy. This platform has a lot of video tutorials to paint different types of galaxies. In these tutorials, you can learn to paint and beautiful vibrant galaxy using acrylic colors. This bit by bit painting instructional exercise will manage you through the cycle and strategies of delivering the whole world on any size canvas or surface. There are two sections to this instructional exercise. Section one is the way to paint the world’s background. Part two is the means by which to paint the planets after you have done the cosmic system painting.

In this course, you will be learning to use a sponge for the galaxy painting. The sponge assists with making the obscured impact you see with the hued paint.


Create Magical Galaxies with Watercolors and Gouache: PART 1

      • Eugenia Sudargo via Skillshare
      • 622+ already enrolled!
      • 3 projects included
      • ★★★★★ (11 Ratings)

Create Magical Galaxies

This is a section 1 of a 2 section class on how to make enchanted systems with 3 diverse shading palettes, beginning with the least demanding shading palette to advance on to more convoluted shading blends. The artistic creation exercises will all be done continuously, so understudies can paint along as they watch the exercises. It will likewise be isolated into independent layers for various exercises so the understudies will have the opportunity to adequately dry each layer of their composition since this is key in building the liveliness of the shadings.

The instructor of this course, Eugenia, who is a graphic design graduate from Curtin. In this Galaxy Painting class, you will likewise cover tips and deceives end route to stay away from undesirable watercolor sprouts and sloppy tones so you can make distinctive and lively systems regardless of the level.


Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition

      • Jill Poyerd via Udemy
      • 2,363+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (349 Ratings)

Developing an Eye for Landscape

In this course, you will be able to figure out how to effectively observe a scene when painting in oil, watercolor, or acrylic, or photographic compositions. You will see how to break down the scene into sensible expansive planes, comprehend what separates the scene from other topics, distinguish the point of convergence in a scene, and decide the lines in a scene, and how they lead the eye. As you proceed further, you will perceive arrangement configuration devices utilized by painting Masters, gain proficiency with the basic Dos and Don’ts of scene piece plan, have the option to see or plan a scene piece that has the most obvious opportunity with regards to progress, direct an effective photoshoot to accumulate reference material.

Moreover, you will learn to reproduce a pained arrangement to build achievement, see how to make and the advantages of making a worth sketch, and utilize a Notan configuration to twofold check arrangement plans. Moreover, you do not need any prior knowledge to enroll in this course.

ADIn the studio: Postware Abstract Painting

      • The Museum of Modern Art via Coursera
      • 27 hours of effort required
      • 95,927+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,107 Ratings)


Watercolour Galaxy – Step by Step

      • Emily Curtis via Skillshare
      • 92+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (8 Ratings)

Watercolor Galaxy

Have you actually fantasied about strolling among the stars? With this universe instructional exercise, you will have the option to fill your existence with lively cosmic systems. In this Galaxy Painting class, you will gain proficiency with the procedure for painting a wonderful night sky utilizing watercolors. The educator will direct you bit by bit through the cycle, from picking the tones, to delivering the last work. Before the finish of this class, you will have your own special system painting and all of the procedures you require to paint brilliant skies in any tones you like.

In this course, you can also learn to select colors for a gradient, how to use the wet-on-wet technique with watercolors, step-by-step process of painting a watercolor galaxy, and how to add stars and shine to a painting.


Galaxy Painting Training Class

      • Rachel Thompson via AccessArt
      • ★★★★☆

Galaxy Painting

In this painting class, you will be using different equipment to paint a galaxy. In this course, you will be using science along with arts and skills to paint your very own galaxy.

This class utilizes an exemplary water shading strategy of applying paint to a hosed bit of paper. The outcome is that the paint shows its exquisite nature of traversing the paper through the channels of wet paper. Small kids love to perceive how tones can ‘mysteriously’ combine and make delightful moving examples. You will be using test tubes to mix our colors.

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So, these are the 10 Best + Free Galaxy Painting Classes & Tutorials. You can take any of these courses and in fact all of them. Once you start painting, you always end up painting something good. Stay safe and keep learning.