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5 common TFT EFT Tapping mistakes and how to avoid them?


The emotional freedom technique (EFT) tapping is an elective treatment for actual torment and passionate misery. It’s likewise alluded to as tapping or mental pressure point massage. Individuals who utilize this strategy think EFT tapping the body can make equilibrium in your energy framework and treat pain. Whether you’re a committed tapper or somebody who’s given it a go a couple of times, it’s truly critical to know about these very common mistakes so you can amplify the positive effect of tapping.

In our advanced universe of things which guarantee moment results, convenient solutions, and on interest content, you’d be excused for speculation EFT tapping is a one-time answer for every one of your issues; while the facts demonstrate that tapping can work actually rapidly for certain things, much of the time it takes a touch of experimentation to make it work for you. So how about we quit wasting time and figure out how you can get more from your EFT tapping practice every day. Curious about enhancing your emotional well-being? Explore our curated list of the Top EFT TFT Training Programs to find the perfect fit for your personal growth journey.

5 Common TFT EFT Tapping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Not Being Consistent

We expect results and we anticipate them now. Keep in mind, tapping is a cycle. A typical similarity in treatment is stripping an onion; people are mind-boggling animals and the issues a lot developed over all the long periods of our life can be alluded to as layers. With these TFT EFT tapping, you need to gradually unpeel the layers to uncover the heart or centre of a people perturbance. This is the place where working with an expert is prescribed as they’ll have the option to manage you through the cycle, posing the correct inquiries to encourage the ‘unpeeling’ in a delicate, strong way. Having a go at tapping a couple of times and hoping to abruptly be restored of all your profound situated apprehensions, injury and issues simply aren’t practical.

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How to avoid inconsistency

  • Tap every day: On the off chance that you truly need to change something in your life through EFT, at that point you need to make it part of your day by day schedule. Make a tracker to list your solid propensities and tick them off every day.
  • Be accountable: Have a go at tapping with a companion or join tapping participation to keep yourself persuaded and consider yourself responsible.
  • Work with a practitioner: Regardless of whether you are meeting week after week or month to month, over zoom, or face to face, you’ll see that by working with an EFT Coach or expert, you’ll be much bound to be reliable with tapping.

Record your goals or Progress

Like any sort of objectives throughout everyday life or in business, they should be looked into consistently. What would you like to escape tapping? By what means will you measure your prosperity? Numerous individuals use tap along recordings as an unpredictable on interest TFT EFT tapping, which is extraordinary for a brisk certainty lift or diminishing pressure, yet for long haul further tapping results, it’s well worth defining a more extended term objective.

How to avoid drifting along with tapping?

  • Measure your progress: The most effortless approach to do this is by recording your SUDS abstract units of pain level when you tap. On a size of 1-10, how high is the power of feeling about what you’re tapping about?
  • Keep a tapping journal/planner: Utilize a scratch pad to record your SUDS for each TFT EFT tapping meeting and record any actual indications or enthusiastic movements. You can download my A4 printable tapping organizer here.

Letting Tapping Go Stale

This is one of the most well-known EFT Tapping botches; you continue attempting a similar way that hasn’t worked and trust in an alternate outcome, which means you wind up inclination demotivated, baffled, and prepared to surrender. At that point, tapping turns into an errand and rapidly loses its allure.

How to avoid stagnant tapping?

  • Get curious: What’s worked previously? For what reason accomplished that work better? What works for other people? You can get counsel and backing in tapping Facebook gatherings.
  • Try new techniques: There is a wide range of TFT EFT tapping strategies you can attempt. Give them a take a brief trip and see what works for you.
  • Shake things up: Take a stab at tapping in another area, have a go at following an alternate tap along with video, and go into your tapping practise with energy and eagerness.

Being a Tapping Robot

In the event that you are simply rehashing phrases and experiencing the tapping focuses on autopilot, you won’t get anything out of tapping. You need to feel EFT to get great outcomes and that implies center, responsibility, and placing your central core into it.

How to avoid being a robot?

  • Be present, be mindful: Having a tapping ‘why’ or objective can help with this, as can care and contemplation, the two of which can improve your concentration and focus.
  • Own your tapping: In case you’re following scrips or recordings, change the words and expressions to things you would for the most part say to make it more relatable.

Going IT Alone for Tough Staff

We keep ourselves down for countless reasons, regardless of whether that is because of sub-cognizant squares, restricting convictions, or things outside of our extent of mindfulness, we can regularly be the cause of all our own problems without acknowledging it. It is significant to work with a professional in the event that you have PTSD or complex injury, since, in such a case that you tap alone, you may wind up re-damaging yourself, and trust me, you would prefer not. A professional can assist you with benefiting from tapping in a protected and steady manner.

How to avoid doing it all by yourself?

  • Work with a practitioner: Locate a respectable professional who can support you. Check audits and get suggestions to locate the perfect individual. Numerous experts offer free revelation calls, so you can check whether you’re a solid match for one another before you submit.


These were the 5 common EFT Tapping, TFT Tapping mistakes and solutions to avoid them. We hope you learned a lot through the article and it will help you avoid all these tapping mistakes.