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  • weeks long
  • 3-4 hours per week
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  • Taught by: Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University
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Online Course Details:

An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society.


  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Finance
  • Behavioral Economics


inancial markets have a number of procedures going on in it including buying and selling of bonds, equities, derivatives, currencies and others. People trade their financial assets in this market. Businessmen and entrepreneurs must have a knowledge about finance if they have to deal with these things on a daily basis. Same like banking industries and insurance companies work on the principle of risk management and finance. To run all these activities smoothly, a proper knowledge of finance is a must. There are many people in this field and they require a deep understanding of all the financial terms in order to take charge. Some may be beginners to this field while others who are professionals may also need to refresh their skills. To help these type of people we have an amazing course named “Financial Markets”. The course has different modules in it and each module covers different terms in a very elaborative manner. The course can help lots of users to develop skills of behavioral finance and economics and financial markets.

Who should take this course?

This course should be taken by all those who are studying accounting and finance. Whether you are a beginner or doing a professional job, the course can be taken anytime. If you are a beginner, the course will help you cover all the terms that are in finance and how you can deal with banking and insurance system. What are financial markets and what happens in it, everything will be taught to you in a very professional and organized manner. This course will help a beginner to become the best. As far as a professional is concerned, if he takes this course he is going to learn so many new things and can also find different ways to enhance his work experience. So taking this course by anyone will be a wise choice, you just have to have interest in this field.

Social proof:

A social proof contains all the comments and views that users have given about this course. The section contains honest opinions from different users. By reading these comments, it can give an idea about the course to other users and can help them decide whether buying this course is worthy enough or not.

5 Star rating:

  • It not only taught me technical financial terms but also gained much deeper information about financial markets.

The course helped me a lot in understanding all information there is about financial terms very easily. Not only that, I got to gain much deeper information about financial markets too. I got to learn such things about financial markets that I never knew about before.

  • The basic skills that this course taught me has changed my career.

This course taught me such basic skills about financial markets that totally changed my career and my perspective. The course turned out to be a life changing event for me.

  • Probably best ever course on financial markets.

This course is for sure one of the best courses on financial markets that I’ve ever taken.

  • The examples explained by the professor were very helpful.

One of the best parts of the course was the part where the professor explained the examples in such a beautiful way that ultimately led to all the concepts being cleared easily.

  • Though I had zero background of finance yet this course made me a good finance student.

I had no interest in finance but then I took this course and I couldn’t believe myself how quickly I was involved in the course and how it made me a good finance student. Now I have decided to take financing as my major subject.

  • I can for sure recommend this course to everyone.

This is a type of course that can turn out to be very useful in every possible way and after taking this course I would definitely want to recommend this course to all my friends and peers.

  • The course covers equations, basic statistics and psychology very efficiently.

The course has covered all the equations and psychology concepts and other difficult concepts explained in it very efficiently.

  • The course enabled me to get a complete grasp over finance.

This course is the only reason that made me able to get a complete hold over my finance concepts. I can now with full confidence continue my major field.

  • I am already a finance professional but this course made me learn something that I didn’t know before.

I work in a bank and my major field is finance. Even though I know so much about accounting, still I decided to take this course so that I could refresh my skills. But when I started the course I got to learn so many new concepts in the way that I never knew before. Hence the course improved my knowledge, gave me new concepts and enhanced my work performance.

  • Really enjoyed the whole layout and overview of the course.

The whole layout and overview of the course was very interesting to learn. I enjoyed learning from the course a lot.

  • The videos were of perfect length, not too long neither too short.

The videos were of good length. They were not too much long to make anyone become less interested neither too short to make it difficult for anyone to understand. Instead they were of perfect length.

4 Star rating:

  • Best for those who lack investment skills.

This course has a complete information on how a person can increase their investment skill. Those who are interested in investment field can also take this course as it can definitely increase their investment skills.

  • A huge round of applause to the instructor and Yale.

The professor has this quality of making even the most complicated thing look easy. The course was very helpful and I am really thankful to the professor and the University of Yale for this course.

  • The additional notes present in the course were absolutely amazing.

There were a section in the course that had additional notes in it. These notes were very helpful and I got to learn a lot from it.

  • If you are involved in financial markets, you should take this course now.

I would say that if you have any knowledge regarding financial markets and you want to start your career in this field then this course is a good start for you to make that happen also it was a privilege for me to study financial markets by Yale and Robert Shiller.

  • The real life examples were so helpful.

The real life examples explained in the course were really helpful in understanding how a concept can be applied in real life if some problem occurs.

  • A very productive course that should be taken by all who have finance background.

This course should be taken by all who have a finance background as this will not only polish a learner’s skills but will also open new ways for a learner and can enhance his career.

  • The course magically engages itself with the learner.

I have taken many courses but all of those courses were average. But then I took this course and it changed my career. This course taught me so much that I never knew about finance. The course is so interesting to watch and it has this quality in it that automatically engages itself to the learner.

  • It changed my perspective about financial tools and services.

By taking this course, I was actually able to understand what financial tools and services are. The course totally changed my perspective about all these terms.

3 Star rating:

  • An amazing course but more mathematical and theoretical models should have been added.

Overall I liked this course but I think more theoretical and mathematical models should have been added in the course just to make it more challenging.

  • A great introduction about finance.

This course has an informational introduction about finance and can help a beginner in making his base in finance quite easily.

  • Some parts of the course were very informative and some were unnecessary.

Well some modules of the course were very interesting and useful but then there were some parts of the course that were unnecessary.

2 and 1 Star rating:

  • The accent of the professor was not understandable.

I was unable to understand the accent of the professor.


As we know that every course has an alternative course available that can be taken if a user thinks that he wants more. So let us discuss some alternatives that can be taken against the course. We will give a brief introduction about the course and what it has to offer. In this way it can become easy for a user to decide which course he thinks is the best for him.

Understanding financial markets:

This is also a course that can be taken as an alternative to our main course. The course will help a user understand about different bonds, equities, derivatives and much more. It is going to help learning all the concepts that are related to finance in an efficient way. The course can be taken by all finance students and those who are working in banking or insurance field.

Introduction to financial markets:

This is an amazing course for those who wishes to learn about financial markets from the scratch. By taking this course you will be able to understand what a financial market is and will be able to understand the difference between primary and secondary markets. The aim of the course is to make a user understand all the general concepts of finance. The course has an amazing rating of 4.6 and can be considered a good course for starters.


We can conclude our topic by saying that financial markets are very important part of any country’s economy and one must have complete knowledge of it if he wishes to stay ahead of others. If a user takes this course, he will become proficient in all financial concepts in no time. The course has a lot of quizzes and assignments that must be solved by the user because these can help a user to understand all the terms more quickly and easily and will make a user to apply all these concepts in real world. Whether you are a beginner or professional, if you want to become expert in this field then take the course, learn from it and then apply all the concepts that you will gain from the course in real life and see the difference. So click on the take this course button now.

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