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Dependency Injection in C# and .NET with the Autofac Library

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As we all know that dependency injection is a very interesting technique that is used in software engineering where one object or source is responsible for supplying the dependency of another object. This technology has been used vastly in many fields and has turned out to be very engaging. Dependency injection is a very vast technique that has a lot of concepts and techniques enclose in it that are very important to learn if one wish to use this technique. So here we are going to discuss an amazing course that covers all the concepts there are to know about dependency injection in C# using autofac library. The course contains a number of detailed lectures on dependency injection like what are its benefits, how to integrate dependency injection with popular frameworks, how to leverage dependency injection scopes, its modules and other capabilities and much more has been explained in this very engaging course.

Who Should take this Course?

This course can easily be taken by all those who have prior knowledge of C# and .NET. Having prior knowledge of these two can really help a learner grasp the course easily. With that, those who know about object oriented programming principles and are also familiar with an integrated development environment are also most welcome to join this course and it is a guarantee that so much will be gained from this course. This means that those who have prior knowledge of these concepts are pretty much the ones to make the most out of this course. But with that, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this course is not just only for those who have prior knowledge of C# or other terms relating to these but also this is a perfect choice for beginners as well who wish to start their career in this field. The course is very engaging and has been designed in a way that can help beginners and professionals too. So we can say that any kind of a person who is interested in the course is welcome to join.

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A social proof contains all the comments and views that users have given about this course. The section contains honest opinions from different users. By reading these comments, it can give an idea about the course to other users and can help them decide whether buying this course is worthy enough or not.

5 Star Rating:

As a professional job holder, this course enhanced my work experience.

I really love my job, but every day I have to come up with different ideas that can enhance my performance so I took this course and I must say that taking this course was the best decision I ever made. The course taught me so many new ideas about mobile robotics and taught me some new concepts that I was able to apply in doing my tasks.

The course has an amazing solid introduction for dependency injection.

This is a type of course that has an interesting introduction regarding dependency injection and has strong fundamentals about it. I was able to learn a lot of things due to this course.

A very challenging course that has a thorough introduction about dependency injection and inversion of control.

This is a very challenging course that has so much information embedded in it that should be taken by everyone who wants to learn about dependency injection. The information given in the course about inversion of control is also very thorough and everyone can learn easily from it.

It helped me shape my daily work very efficiently.

The course helped me a lot in enhancing my work experience. After this course, there are so many things that I can now do better than before. I have now a better understanding of dependency injection and I am finally able to give suggestions regarding the work that we do.

The basic skills that this course taught me about dependency injection has changed my career.

This course taught me such basic skills about dependency injection that totally changed my career and my perspective. The course turned out to be a life changing event for me. My working skills were improved to a drastic extent and I stated enjoying my work because now my mind is clear.

The videos were of perfect length, not too long neither too short.

The videos were of good length. They were not too much long to make anyone become less interested neither too short to make it difficult for anyone to understand. Instead they were of perfect length that made it more interesting to watch. The accent was understandable and very professional too.

If you have prior knowledge of this then you should take this course now.

I would say that if you have any knowledge regarding dependency injection in C# and other terms related to it and how it works and you want to start your career in this field then this course is a good start for you to make that happen. It has great learning material in it that has been explained very thoroughly and can easily help a learner or beginner develop strong basics.

4 Star Rating:

I would 100% recommend it to all my peers out there.

I am a software developer and I think taking this course was the best decision that I could make for myself. My concepts regarding dependency injection has been cleared by this course and I am so happy that I took this course. Will definitely recommend this to all my peers.

According to its price, the course pretty much covers many concepts.

As the course has so many concepts explained in it in an elaborated manner, so one can think that the course might me expensive. But that is not the case, the course is available at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford it.

Explanation given in the course is self-explanatory.

I would say that every explanation given in this course is explained in a way that could clear even the most confusing and commonly difficult concepts. This course is best that I have taken so far.

I wish I had taken this course earlier when I was a student.

I am a professional and after completing this course, my knowledge about dependency injection in C#, inversion of control, implicit relationship types and many more has been upgraded and this short course has amazingly given me a huge bunch of knowledge and I honestly wish that I had taken this course earlier when I was a student. Because then I would have been able to understand so many difficult concepts easily. Still I am happy that I took this course because now I have learned so much from it.

A very good learning experience it was for me.

I have taken many short courses and they have been average. But taking this course was a different experience for me. The course was so informational and had such a unique knowledge in it that made my learning experience so much better. I enjoyed learning everything that the course had to offer.

Really enjoyed the whole layout and overview of the course.

The whole layout and overview of the course was very interesting to learn. I enjoyed learning from the course a lot.

3 Star Rating:

I like the course very much but the content of the course should have been more engaging.

I wouldn’t say that I didn’t like the course because I sure did like the course but I found the content of the course a little less engaging. At some point I wanted to not listen to the course and take a break. So the instructor should take a look at this problem and try to fix it.

2 and 1 Star Rating:

I didn’t find the course to be worth buying:

I would say that the course only had basic terms covered in it that anyone can learn from google. So I think the course was not worth buying at all.


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that can be taken against this course. These alternatives can help a student to choose according to his need. We are going to give a brief introduction about the alternatives that can give learners an idea about what the courses are.

Build a real-world app with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 (4+):

This is also a very interesting course that will help learners to build real world applications with the help of ASP.NET Core and Angular 2. The course is a perfect fit for all those who have interest in both angular and ASP.NET. By taking this one course, a learner will be able to learn two concepts. The course is highly elaborated and the instructor is really engaging. The lectures in the course are very interesting and their pacing is excellent. There are a number things that a learner is going to learn from this course like how to implement a clean and decoupled architecture, properly implement the repository and unit of work patterns, how to troubleshoot common runtime errors, how to use auto mappers and much more. The rating of this course is really appealing and more than twenty thousand students have been enrolled in this course. So if you think this course can help you chase your dreams, then start your career with this highly informational course.

ASP.NET core MVC, quick and practical:

This course will help learners to learn how they can develop different applications using ASP.NET core MVC. By taking this course learners will become capable of developing a very strong base of what ASP.NET core MVC is and how effectively it can be used to make real world applications. The course has a very progressive approach that will lead learners in developing their own applications in a best possible way. What is dependency injection and how it is used, how to use configuration files, how entity framework core can be used to get access to database and much more will be taught in this course. The rating of this course is very appealing and thousands of students have been enrolled in this course and have been really satisfied by its content. The course is a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals. Hence we can say that the course is totally worth buying. So stop wasting your time and click on the below mentioned link to get lifetime access to the contents of this worthy course.

Final Thoughts:

We can conclude our discussion by saying that if a person is truly passionate about learning dependency injection and its uses then this course is the right option for that person. The course has everything that a learner needs to know about dependency injection in C# and that how it can be integrated with popular framework. The lecture videos are very thorough and explained in a very professional manner. The instructor has tried to explain everything there is to know about dependency injection in the form of this short course. In this way, beginners can become capable of developing a very strong base right from the start. And as for those who have prior knowledge of it, the course can turn out to be easily understandable for them too as they are already aware of what dependency injection is so it wouldn’t be much of a problem for them to grasp difficult concepts. Hence we can say that the course is a perfect choice for all types of people. All you have to do is to be passionate enough to learn from the course. So just click on the take this course button now and get lifetime access to the contents of the course at a very reasonable price.

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