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With the help of our courses, you can step into the future by learning Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning, and that too for free. So, unlock the potential of these transformative technologies today.

Key Takeaways

  • An opportunity to explore AI and Machine Learning for free.
  • You get to understand both basic and advanced concepts.
  • Boost your career by developing cutting-edge skills.

Can you learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for free?

Yes, you heard it right. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can now be learned for free. With our courses, you can gain access to both fundamental concepts and advanced techniques to enhance your tech career.

AI & Machine learning Courses Evaluation & Selection Criteria

Our AI experts and experienced educators have crafted a guide to freely learning artificial intelligence and machine learning. The selection criteria comprise several factors. These are instructor qualification, learner reviews, course depth, and practical skill application. This careful vetting makes sure that all the courses that we recommend are authoritative. Also, they provide comprehensive insights into AI and machine learning fundamentals and advanced applications.

List of 10 best AI & Machine Learning courses online:


AI For Everyone

      • DeepLearning.AI via Coursera
      • 6 hours of effort required
      • 630,557+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (31,380 Ratings)

AI for everyoneIn this course, the instructor is going to talk about the meaning behind the common AI terminology. It includes explanations about neural networks, machine learning, data science, and deep learning. Then the instructor will talk about what AI can and can’t do realistically. Similarly, you will also get to understand how to spot opportunities to apply AI to different problems in your own organization. Furthermore, you will get to understand how to build machine learning and data science projects. In addition, the course contains a variety of quizzes and assignments that can be of great help in recalling whatever you have learned so far. You have to check out that How Artificial Intelligence is being used in Online Learning.

This is a highly recommended course that is suitable for all those who want to start learning what artificial intelligence is. Everything in this course has been explained in a coherent and intuitive way. I believe this course can help lay the foundation for a lifelong learning experience and a new career in AI (Abhilash RN, ★★★★★).


CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

      • HarvardX via edX
      • 328,603+ already enrolled!
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • Language: English

CS50 Intro to AIThis is a type of course that will enable a learner to take the first step towards solving different real-world problems and future-proofing your career. The course starts with a CS50’s introduction to artificial intelligence with Python. Then you will get to explore the concepts and algorithms at the foundation of modern artificial intelligence. After that, you will dive deep into the ideas that give rise to different technologies. These technologies include game-playing engines, handwriting recognition, machine translation, and more. Explore how machine learning can be leveraged in technical fields with our Applying Machine Learning in Engineering and Science: A Review.

Similarly, the course contains hands-on projects that will help to gain exposure to the theory behind graph search algorithms, optimization, classification, and other AI and ML topics. Upon completing this online course, you would have gained a complete understanding of artificial intelligence principles which will enable you to design intelligent systems of your own. Similarly, you’d also have learned the theoretical frameworks that enable all the new technologies while gaining practical experience as well.


Machine Learning

      • Stanford University via Coursera
      • 60 hours of effort required
      • 4,061,736+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (158,120 Ratings)

Machine LearningThis is a type of course that will give you a chance to learn the most effective machine learning techniques at your ease and pace. Here you will also gain practice implementing them and then getting them to work for yourself. The instructor has not only explained the theoretical underpinnings of learning but will also help you gain the practical know-how that is required to apply the techniques in solving new problems. Elevate your career with Stanford’s top-rated online courses, designed to fit your busy schedule.

Then going further, you will learn about some of Silicon Valley’s best practices in innovation. The aim of this course is to provide learners with a broad introduction to machine learning. With that, you will also learn what data mining and statistical pattern recognition are. You might also be interested in best NPTEL Machine Learning courses.

I always knew some of the online courses are good but this one turned out to be an excellent one. I would recommend this course to everyone and even if you have gaps in your calculus or linear algebra training, you still should take this course. It is because this course is equipped with all the right material to learn from (Vasily, ★★★★★).


Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI

      • Hadelin de Ponteves, Kirill Eremenko via Udemy
      • 154,631 + already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (18,099 Ratings)

Artificial Intelligence A ZAre you interested in learning how to combine the power of data science, machine learning, and deep learning for creating powerful AI for real-world applications? In this course, you will get a chance to understand how to build an AI from the comfort of your home. The instructor will make you understand the theory behind artificial intelligence in a step-by-step guide. You will be taught to make a virtual self-driving car in detail. Similarly, you will also learn to make an AI for beat games. With that, you will get to solve real-world problems with AI. Other topics like what Q-learning and deep Q-learning are, understanding the state-of-the-art AI models, and more will be taught as well. Check out the best Splunk Certification training courses.

I believe this course is worth your time, effort, and money as well as it contains genuine and unique learning content. The amount of research papers and examples relevant to AI in this course is just amazing. I have seen that all the online courses only focus on theory and no examples. But this course contains so many examples that made it easier for me to understand what AI and ML actually are. And that is why I will give 5 stars to this course (Michael Anderson, ★★★★★).


IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

      • IBM via Coursera
      • 28 week (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 1,702 + already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (4,179 Ratings)

IBM Applied AI Professional CertificateA very engaging course that will help you understand all about Artificial Intelligence and all its applications. Starting the course, you will get a detailed introduction to Artificial Intelligence. Then the instructor will explain in detail different terms like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. After that, you will be taught how to create AI chatbots and virtual assistants without any programming. Next, you will learn to deploy them on a website as well. Similarly, you will learn to build AI-powered solutions using IBM Watson AI services, APIs, and Python with minimal coding. In addition, the instructor will talk about how to apply computer vision techniques using Python, OpenCV, and Watson. Then, you will learn to develop custom image classification models and much more.

The design of this course is quite amazing and I believe this course is suitable for beginners like me who are interested in studying and understanding the basic concepts in Artificial Intelligence. All the lessons and the course material available in the course are perfect and can help anyone develop a good understanding of AI (Sudhakar C, ★★★★★).


Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization

      • Imperial College London via Coursera
      • 16 week (4 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 121,425+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (9,829 Ratings)

Mathematics for Machine LearningA course that will help you understand how to implement mathematical concepts using real-world data. The instructor will explain in detail how you can derive PCA from a projection perspective. With that, you will get to understand how orthogonal projections work. Similarly, you will also get a chance to master PCA and understand all its technicalities. Upon completing this entire specialization, you would have gained all the prerequisite mathematical knowledge required to continue your journey and take even more advanced courses in machine learning. Thus this specialization can be a start for you to make a career in this field.

An amazing specialization that has been instructed by great instructors. Though I haven’t completed all the courses but only course no 1 yet I can say that all the courses in the specialization would be as engaging and informational as the first course. This course has helped me solidify my learning in other ML and AI courses. I have sincerely enjoyed learning from this course and that is why would like to thank the instructor for this course (Chad C, ★★★★★).


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies for Business Planning and Decision-making

      • Coventry University via FutureLearn
      • 2 week (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 5,899 + already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (11 Ratings)

Using Artificial IntelligenceA course that is going to help you discover how artificial intelligence can support different business leaders in implementing data-driven decision-making and planning. The course will first help you understand what data sources are. Then you will understand what knowledge acquisition and knowledge representation are. Similarly, the instructor will also explain in detail the types of machine learning algorithms. Then, you will understand the decision-making processes in a step-by-step guide. Going further, the instructor will talk about value creation and many more topics. Going further, you will develop a good understanding of the process of moving from data to knowledge.

I have found this course to be very useful as it has concise and to-the-point learning content. The most engaging part was when the instructor was explaining the types of machine learning algorithms. The rest of the course was also quite engaging and the course definitely helps you understand how AI can be used in all places and how it has made our lives easier (Kalaivani M).


AI for Medicine Specialization

      • DeepLearning.AI via Coursera
      • 12 week (7 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 27,550+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,588 Ratings)

AI for Medicine SpecializationThis specialization encloses in it a variety of courses that will help any learner understand how AI is used in medicine. You will get to understand how to diagnose diseases from x-rays and 3D MRI brain images in detail. With that, you will get to predict patient survival rates even more accurately by using the tree-based models. Similarly, the instructor will talk about how to estimate treatment effects on patients using data from randomized trials. After that, you will learn how to automate the task of labeling medical datasets using natural language processing. Thus you can say completing this specialization will be of great help in understanding the use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of medicine.

I took the first course from this AI for medicine specialization and found it very practical. Especially the deep learning models were very interesting. I really admire that proper metrics have been used to evaluate the different models that were in the assignments. Not all machine learning courses are this engaging (Yashveer S, ★★★★★).

saveIBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate

      • IBM via Coursera
      • 32 week (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 29,915+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★ (3,400 Ratings)

IBM AI Engineering Professional CertificateThis is a 6-course professional certificate that has been designed to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed as an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning engineer. With the help of the courses in this specialization, you will get to master the fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning. This also includes supervised and unsupervised learning using programming languages like Python. Similarly, you will be taught how to apply popular machine learning and deep learning libraries like SciPy, ScikitLearn, Keras, PyTorch, and tensor flow. Going further, you will be taught how to deploy machine learning algorithms and pipelines on Apache Spark.

The courses in the specialization are very informative and have been presented in a meticulous manner. All the instructions were very easy to follow. Though there were many complicated concepts in it which I thought would never understand properly, yet a little attention and hard work made things easier for me. Thus this specialization has improved my confidence with respect to programming skills (Rama SC, ★★★★★).


      • National Chiao Tung University via FutureLearn
      • 4 week (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • 2,179+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (6 Ratings)

AI for Legal ProfessionalInterested in exploring the legal and policy issues that are surrounding the development and application of artificial intelligence? In this introductory-level course, you will get to explore what artificial intelligence is and its applications in detail. The instructor will help you understand how to evaluate AI’s rationale and objectives. Similarly, you will also get to understand how AI can be regulated by law. The course explains key topics like compliance, privacy, governance, and also the bias to be found in AI-powered systems. In addition, you will also understand different terms like transparency, algorithmic bias, AI and human rights, and more. The instructor will also talk about what regulating artificial intelligence is and much more in detail.

I have found this course to be very interesting and useful. The professor of this course has done an amazing job in explaining all the concepts and that is why I would like to thank the professor for this course. The course contains very engaging explanations and tests, and the articles to read were also very interesting. With that, I would also like to thank this platform for such an amazing course and for making it available for all the people around the world (Oksana M).
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Final Thoughts:

From this above list, you can clearly see all the names of the artificial intelligence courses, what they have to offer and what other people think about these courses. Now, all you need to do is read the description of each of these courses and then decide which one is suitable for you and never stop learning.