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How Artificial Intelligence is being used in Online Learning?


Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as AI, according to a report from Forbes has been the largest growing field consecutively for the last 5 years. It has been proven miraculous to whichever field it has been clubbed to.

Artificial Intelligence is basically the process when you give a system, related to any field, a mind of its own. And then it works independently to work on whatever task you set it to. Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with accessible resources that cater to learners of all levels, allowing you to explore these fascinating subjects without barriers.

Artificial Intelligence has proven to be successful in a lot of fields. For example, in the field of medicine it has synthesized so many drugs by eliminating the need of iteration or testing. Scientists also remark Artificial Intelligence as the source for finding the cure of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s etc. If you look into the world of graphics you will see wonders such as deep fake and auto tune. These all are achieved with the help of artificial intelligence. To get in touch with developments in Online Education and MOOCs, follow free online courses with certificates here.

Thus due to its miraculous working it also has been applied to field of education, and once again it has proven to be very effective. The ways with which AI is helping or being used in online learning are:


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AI is being used in Online Learning

Record Keeping and Data Analysis:

Artificial Intelligence is being used by online educational platforms for keeping a record of their students. And then artificial intelligence uses algorithms to analyze the data of their students. It helps them to find out the areas where the students are weak and then they can specifically target those areas to improve their weaknesses.

And by artificial record keeping the activities of the students can also be monitored as well as the students. It can tell you when a class was started, how many students participated, what was the response of the students and many more things that can assist in better imparting of education. You might also be interested in Pros And Cons Of Using AI In Education.

Schedule Management and Timetable Handling:

As most of us has seen in distant learning that many teachers do not take a test or an assignment by physically accepting responses. They just set a time with the artificial intelligence algorithm. And then when the time is due quizzes are taken. And due assignments are accepted. Thus there is no need for a teacher to be there.

Similarly, in other online learning platforms the teacher can just record a class and schedule it to be shared with the students when the time has arrived. He or she does not have to be there to play the class for the students. The students, if they have any query can just simply type it in and it will get delivered to the teacher. And the teacher might answer it in the next class.

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Smart Content:

Smart content

There are times when a student does not properly understand a concept or a theory. And teacher may ask the student to just learn it by heart or simply cram it. But this what artificial intelligence would never do. If clubbed with augmented reality, artificial intelligence can open new horizons for the students to explore and this would help not only in clearing their doubts, but also in better understanding and grasping of their content.

The world of education is always expanding and it has no limits or boundaries. Thus smart content has the algorithms that fetch content to help you understand your queries by bringing information from all parts of the world.

Another useful feature of smart content is similar to how your suggestions column work in Netflix. Have you noticed that when you watch a particular thing on Netflix than you see suggestions of stuff like that more than any other content.

Similarly, if you are interested in a particular field and you are studying totally unrelated items that would be useless to you, then that is where smart content comes into play. It itself skims the irrelevant data and brings to you the stuff that you would love studying. This will have two great features. It will save your time from being wasted on useless items that you are studying. Secondly, it will help in boosting your interest. When you are studying only what you like, you will study more efficiently and will produce better results.

Personalized Learning:

personalized learning

Artificial Intelligence can also prove to be a great tool in personalized learning. For those of you who do not know what personalized learning is let us explain it to you. Personalized learning is just like the ads that you view on Facebook or Instagram. When you view a product on internet, the artificial intelligence algorithm notes it down as your preference. And then you get the same ads on social media platforms. Similarly, when you watch a show on Netflix, you get similar search suggestions from the streaming platform. Personalized learning works in a similar way.

The curriculum students are taught at school is designed by keeping in view all the students. But just like the five fingers aren’t same, the interests of students cannot be same. This is where personalized comes into play. It prepares an educational feed for a student that appeals to its interests. And when a student views educational content that matches his or her interests, their chances of excelling in that subject soars. This not only relieves the students of the burden of viewing content that they are not interested in but it also inspires them to become great in that very subject.

Personalized is not actually a replacement of the curriculum. But it is a much better and advanced approach towards brighter future of students.


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Final Thoughts

Thus put our discussion in a nut shell we would like to say that artificial has proven to be a remedy in a lot of other fields. And after its application in the field of education it is working wonders. It has relieved a lot of students from cumbersome work and relieved them from their misery of studying like if it was burden. It if we daresay has made education a lot of fun and it has been fruitful not only for the students but for teachers as well.


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