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DSBN eLearning Program

District School Board of Niagara DSBN e-learning

The District School Board of Niagara is a school board in the public school system of Ontario, Canada. It falls in the Regional Municipality of Niagara and has a head office in St. Catharines. The DSBN is operating several schools in each of the twelve municipalities in the region along with the DSBN eLearning Program. It has a total of 2,500 instructional staff that are teaching 43,000 students. These 43,000 students are accommodated in 97 elementary schools and 18 secondary schools.

DSBN eLearning:

The DSBN has introduced an e-Learning Program that will provide students with further learning opportunities as well. With this DSBN eLearning program, students will get a chance to earn credits toward their graduation diploma at their ease and pace. All those students who wish to be enrolled in an e-learning course will learn and complete the course online. They will experience such an online environment where they are going to have access to high-quality content. This content will be delivered by the DSBN teachers of course. A variety of web-based tools will be provided to the students that will help them interact with the teachers and their classmates as well.

Key Features of e-Learning Program:

  • In this e-learning environment, students are going to have to complete several assignments.
  • They will participate in several discussion groups where everyone can share their ideas and discuss a related topic.
  • All the assessments and learning material has to be submitted online.
  • Students are going to receive regular and timely feedback from the teacher as well. This will help both the teacher and the students to evaluate the progress.

This opportunity lets students customize their learning plans according to their personal educational needs. This means that quite several students can achieve something in their life but at their own ease.

What does the eLearning program offer?

This e-learning program will let students take any online course and complete it at their own ease and pace. The maximum time that a student can take to complete a course is 1 year. Depending on the understanding and pace of a student, he can either take less time to complete the course or even a whole year. Also, students can earn credits towards completing a diploma or prerequisites for University or College. Whatever the course a student decides to take, their relative teachers will always be available to help you with coursework through email.

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More Details about the DSBN eLearning Program:

The following are some general details about this program:

  • All the students who are interested in taking an online course can register anytime between September 23, 2019, and April 27, 2020. After that, no student can register.
  • Students have one full year to complete an online course that starts from the date of registering in a course.
  • The mode of learning will be online throughout, but registration and exams will take place at the lifetime learning centre.
  • The cost of these courses is free.
  • Students can earn credits towards their diploma in a variety of subjects.
  • Students can also take all those available courses that are necessary for College or a University.
  • Students can complete their DSBN diploma as well.

Who is this program suitable for?

This online program is suitable for a variety of students out there:

  • Those students who are interested in earning credits toward completing their diploma or college and university prerequisites.
  • Those who are part-time high school students.
  • Those learners who are not able to attend in-person classes due to personal or work issues.
  • Those who are comfortable working independently.
  • All those who have a working computer, a stable internet connection, and a word processing software.

Free Online Courses with Certificates

DSBN e-Learning Course Categories:

The below mentioned are the course categories being offered online:

Canadian and World Studies:

This category has 1 online course to offer.


This category has 6 courses to offer.

Guidance and Career Education:

In the guidance and career education field, there is one course to offer.


In the Mathematics field, there are 3 courses available. Check out our compiled detailed list of 50+ Best Free Online Math Courses.

Physical Education:

The physical education field has 1 course to offer.


In the science field, there are 9 courses available.

Social Sciences and Humanities:

Lastly, in the social sciences and humanities field, there is 1 course available.

All these courses are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am till 3 pm.

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Therefore, we at takethiscourse.net can conclude our topic by saying that the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN e-learning) program can help a lot of learners in fulfilling their educational needs very efficiently. Their online courses are only instructed by the DSBN teachers and are quite thorough. By taking any of these courses, students can learn from them at their own pace and continue with their other personal activities too. So visit the website today and find the right course for yourself according to your educational needs and never stop learning.