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Database & SQL for Data Science Free Online Course With Certificates


This is a beginner level course that has a complete set of instructions regarding relational database concepts and how to understand and apply the foundational knowledge of the SQL language. The course is categorized into different modules and each module will emphasize different aspects. The main purpose of this free online course with certificates is to get learners started with performing the SQL access in a data science environment. With that, the course also focuses on hands-on and practical learning.


With this free online course with certificates, learners are going to work with real data science tools, real databases, and real-world datasets. In this way, the learner can practice build and run SQL queries in a very detailed manner. You might also be interested in How long does it take To learn SQL.

What will you learn from this Free Online Course With Certificates?

As explained earlier, this course is going to help learners learn a lot about the SQL database and other relevant concepts. Therefore, by the end of the course what learners would have learned is.

  • How to create and access a database instance on the cloud.
  • How to write very basic SQL statements which are CREATE, DROP, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.
  • How to filter, sort and group results.
  • How to use built-in functions efficiently.
  • How to access multiple tables conveniently.
  • How to access databases fro, Jupyter with the help of Python and working with real-world datasets.

And much more will be learned from this course.  

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What types of Skills will be Gained from this Free Online Course with Certificates?

As the course is quite thorough, easy-to-understand and effective which means that it will help learners to develop a variety of skills.

  • Cloud databases.
  • Python programming.
  • IPython
  • Relational Database Management System (RDMS).
  • SQL

Social Proof:

Now we are going to mention feedback from some of the users who have taken this course. By taking a look at what they think of this course, it can become easier for others to decide whether or not to take the course.

Positive feedback:

  • This course turned out to be a great source of learning for me. The practical lab assignments were quite challenging but I liked learning from it. I would say that this course has been the best in the data science professional series so far. (Tejas P, 5 stars).
  • The course contains right to the point and efficient instructions to learn SQL and other concepts. With that, the examples and short videos were so engaging and challenging that it gave me a complete idea about what SQL is and now I can run good queries and feel that I have enough understanding of the SQL tools as well. (Mohammad HR, 5 stars).
  • I have always been very interested in learning SQL and relational databases and this course gave me what I was looking for. (Oritseweyinmi HA, 5 stars).

Negative feedback:

  • Well, the course indeed teaches well about the SQL but it doesn’t teach you the connection to the database and use of SQL magic which is quite not acceptable. (Snehal B, 1 star).

Free Online Courses with Certificates


Now we are going to mention an alternative that can also be taken if a learner is not satisfied with the actual course. By taking a look at what the alternative has to offer, it can get easy to decide which course is most suitable:

Learn complete PHP and MySQL programming from scratch [Course not available]

This course contains practical exercises and projects that will help with getting a sense of PHP and MySQL programming language. The course aims to help learners understand how this programming language can be used to develop websites that work really fast and are also reliable and safe. By the end of this free online course with certificates, a learner would have learned how to use databases, what are MySQL and object-oriented programming, how to make dynamic web pages with a variety of approaches. In short, a programmer can increase his income and become popular amongst his peers.

The rating of this course is quite appealing and several students have shown a satisfactory impression about this course. So if you think that the course is the best option for you then click on the below-mentioned link to get it now.

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In the end, we would say that this free online course with certificates can be a convenient source for any learn to learn SQL and relational databases in a very effective manner. So visit the website today and get this free online course with certificates now and never stop learning.