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10 Best Free Computer Graphics Courses and MOOCs 2021 [Updated]

Computer Graphics Courses

In today’s world, computer graphics has become a central part of our lives. Whether in movies or games, computer-aided design or virtual simulators, even imaging products, and cameras involve computer graphics. So, therefore, our team at takethiscourse.net have compiled down a list of 10 best computer graphics courses and classes. Through this list, you can find yourself the best source for learning.

  1. Computer Graphics
  2. Computer Graphics with Modern OpenGL and C++
  3. Animation and CGI Motion
  4. Learn Modern OpenGL Programming
  5. GIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age
  6. The Extensive WebGL Series ! – Part1 : Low Level Graphics
  7. Interactive Computer Graphics
  8. 3D Programming with JavaScript and the Three.js 3D Library
  9. OpenGL and GLSL fundamentals with C++ (Practical Course)
  10. Learn the Vulkan API with C++

Free Online Courses with Certificates

List of 10 Best Computer Graphics Free & Paid Courses:

saveComputer Graphics

Computer GraphicsWith this course, you can learn to create a variety of computer-generated images of 3D. Furthermore, you’ll also learn to make a real-time scene viewer, create realistic images with raytracing, and more. The course starts with simple examples of viewing a teapot from anywhere in space. And then moves to give an understanding of the basic mathematics of virtual camera placement. Similarly, you are also going to understand how you can use real-time graphics programming languages to create your own scene viewer.

We all know that graphics is a central part of our lives. You can see the use of computer graphics everywhere, from movies and games to imaging products and cameras. This will teach the basics of computer graphics. In this basic study, you will also get to learn about programming languages like OpenGL and GLSL.

saveComputer Graphics with Modern OpenGL and C++

      • Ben Cook via Udemy
      • 12,428+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,811 Ratings)

Computer Graphics with Modern OpenGL and C++A perfect course for you to learn the theory and the code that is behind the modern OpenGL graphical applications. The course aims to make you capable of making games, simulations, and more with modern OpenGL and C++. After completing this course, you would have learned a lot of concepts. For example, how you can create 3D graphical applications with C++ and OpenGL. Similarly, what is GLEW and GLFW, and how to use it? Moreover, you’ll also learn the interpolation to streamline 3 D applications and much more. Check out our complete list of 100+ Best Programming Courses here.

I 100% recommend this course. If you are someone who knows a little about C++ and modern game engines like Unity or Unreal, then this course is perfect for you. I got some good perspective of how these things are implemented. I also learned about those engines actually work under the hood. Moreover, Ben is a real pro (Marian Pekár, ★★★★★).

saveAnimation and CGI Motion

Animation and Cgi MotionDo you have this passion for creating realistic animations? If you are that person then you have definitely landed onto the right course. You will be taught to focus on the technical aspects of CGI animation to create lifelike animations. Furthermore, you’ll also learn to integrate ordinary differential equations to predict the motion of a dress in wind. How you can artistically control physically-based animations will also be taught. Different concepts like fluid simulation, continuum mechanics. Finite elements, rigid bod simulation, and much more will be learned.

In this course, you will get to pursue your passion for creating realistic animations. You will learn to predict the motion of materials, ad loon onto the technical aspects of CGI animation. Moreover, you will gain the experience of what it is like to work in a studio.

saveLearn Modern OpenGL Programming

      • Game Institute Inc. via Udemy
      • 3,059+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (380 Ratings)

Learn Modern open Gl ProgrammingA course that will help you learn a practical level of programming using modern OpenGL. You’ll understand how to set up an OpenGL window using both GLFW and OpenGL API. Furthermore, you’ll learn to render simple textured rectangles to complex 3D models with realistic lighting. Similarly, as you go further you’ll also learn different types of lighting so as to make the models look more realistic and lively. By the end of the course, you will be independent enough to set up and control a virtual camera to move around and view objects.

This is my first time learning about graphics programming, and this course is just amazing. This course was all I needed to kickstart my journey in this field. Steve, you are amazing. Not only did he do an amazing job in explaining the various nuances, but also answers all course-related question immediately. I am looking forward to enrolling in any future courses that he will teach in graphics programming. Thanks again (Raman B S, ★★★★★).

saveGIMP Computer Graphics For Kids and Beginners of any Age

      • Wicky Watson via Udemy
      • 522+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (99 Ratings)

GIMP Computer Graphics for Kids and Beginners of any ageWant to learn all about computer graphics and have fun at the same time? Take this computer graphics course now as it will help you master GIMP. Totally suitable for beginners of any age and even kids to enroll in this course and have some fun while learning GIMP. The skills that you will be gaining from this course will make learning any other graphics software much easier. Thus the best way to learn to use all the GIMP tools to create fun and useful graphics projects.

I am totally new to the use of GIMP, and seriously this was a great informative beginning course. I really liked this course because of how easily it was taught. This is a kid’s friendly course, so I will let my children go through this course. I myself wanted to first check it out. Five stars from me (Jeremy Wilson, ★★★★★).

saveThe Extensive WebGL Series! – Part1: Low Level Graphics

      • Ahmed Fathy Hagar via Udemy
      • 3,078+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (215 Ratings)

The extensive WebGL SeriesThis course is a suitable way for you to understand the mathematical and practical foundations of 3D computer graphics using Opengl’s WebGL. A concept like creating amazing 3D scenes that run directly on the browser inside HTML elements will be learned. Similarly, you’ll understand the right way to write code that runs directly on the GPU. With that, you’ll learn to communicate this code from the GPU. Thus you will be able to understand the low-level mathematics related to the computer graphics and much more from this course.

I don’t have much knowledge about mathematics. It is because I didn’t proceed to continue past my first year. I really like this course. It was self-explanatory. Also, I have never came across a lot of trigonometric functions used in the video. But I did research, and after that, I was easily able to get alongside the video to get further understanding. I completely understood what was taught (Nathanial Howard, ★★★★★).

saveInteractive Computer Graphics

      • The University of Tokyo via Coursera
      • 12 hours of effort required
      • 57,923+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (238 Ratings)

Interective Computer graphicsA complete course that will introduce you to the various interactive tools in computer graphics with their design rationales and algorithms. You will be learning all about enhancements to graphical user interfaces. With that, you’ll also understand authoring tools for 2D drawings and 3D animations. What is an interactive computer-aided design system and robotics and much more will be learned engagingly. The course assignments will help you gain insights and skills you need to design and implement tools.

This is perhaps the scariest yet fulfilling and pragmatic course on Coursera. This course is by all accounts discussing graphics, it will lead you to issues that are applicable to the actual world through simulation, distinctive workplaces, and so on. This course will extend your potential outcomes to utilize PCs (Apan T, ★★★★★).

save3D Programming with JavaScript and the Three.js 3D Library

      • Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Shay Tavor via Udemy
      • 4,855+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (758 Ratings)

3D Programming with JavaScript and the three.Js 3D LibraryThis is a type of course that will help you understand 3D programming and JavaScript precisely yet completely. You’ll learn to design 3-dimensional logos, animations, and texts in a fun way. With that, you also learn how you can incorporate them into your own page, game, or application. The course contains instructions that will help you write simply to complex 3D applications using 3js in JavaScript. Furthermore, you’ll learn to apply geometry skills when you write large, complex, and structured programs. This and more will be learned from this course that will make you competent enough to become an expert in this field.

I have been searching for an itemized instructional tutorial for three.js. I can’t really accept that I didn’t look on Udemy first. This class was actually the best thing I found. I could tell I was in a suitable spot when one of the principal addresses was inspecting vector math. This was the detail that I required as a three.js as a beginner. Much thanks to you for such a huge amount for this extraordinary course (Rachael Bouissey, ★★★★★).

saveOpenGL and GLSL fundamentals with C++ (Practical Course)

      • Serhii K via Udemy
      • 4,849+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (128 Ratings)

OpenGL and GLSL fundamentals with C++In this course, you are going to master the OpenGL and the GLSL shading language through writing code. The course starts by covering the basics and then takes you to an advanced level gradually. You are going to explore the modern rendering pipeline and shaders. With that, you’ll also learn to make engaging procedural computer graphics and much more. Similarly, how to do 3D transformations that include rotation, scale, and perspective projection will also be learned.

I like the speed and level of the course. I don’t have a lot of involvement in OpenGL. However, commonly courses for amateurs get so lethargic that they get exhausting. This is somewhat quicker and faster. Moreover, you would need to go back and look at the video again. However better than getting bored (Frediano Ziglio, ★★★★★).

saveLearn the Vulkan API with C++

      • Ben Cook via Udemy
      • 2,006+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (256 Ratings)

Leaarn the Vulkan API with C++Learning the fundamentals of the popular Vulkan API has never been this easy before. With this course, you’ll learn to use Vulkan API for modern graphics rendering using C++. You’ll understand what Vulkan API is and how to set it up to work on a GPU. Similarly, you can learn to create 3D graphical applications using both C++ and Vulkan API. Moreover, other concepts like creating essential Vulkan elements like SwapChain, Pipeline, and command buffers will be learned. The lecture videos will also help you understand how you can use textures, how to implement a depth buffer, how to load in models from the external files, and much more.

Great course. Vulkan is a moderately new tool, and there are very few instructional tutorials. There aren’t much good explanatory video for Vulkan in general. Ben for me is a stunning educator, he clarifies the ideas quite well and offers great help in the inquiry and answer segment. I 100% recommended this course (Jesus Guio, ★★★★★).

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So take your time and go through the list carefully and then pick the most suitable course for yourself to enroll in it. And don’t forget to stay safe and never stop learning.