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Stellenbosch University is widely recognized as South Africa's oldest public research university, located in Stellenbosch, South Africa. About 19,042 undergraduates and 10,051 postgraduates attend the university. In addition, the institute has 150 departments and 40 research centers. It also entertains approximately 30,854 international students in the provided premises, not leaving any learner behind. Stellenbouch's Matiens, like Harvard's Crimson, wear maroon sports uniforms and blazers. SU has two campuses. Arts and Social Sciences, Education, AgriSciences, Law, Theology, Economic and Management Sciences are among the divisions on the main campus. While military, medicine, and business are taught on the second campus. Alongside academics, SU is also making rounds in the sports and entertainment sector like it has a 430-seat theatre, two artificial hockey fields, a gymnasium, and a new football complex.
Stellenbosch University Courses

Stellenbosch University Courses

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