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The Massachusetts Institute of technology is a private research university that is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The University offers courses in a variety of fields with that it also provides massively open online courses. With these massive open online courses, learners can get access to top online courses that are being taught by the MIT professors at their own ease and flexibility. MIT has managed to provide more than 2400 courses to learners and teachers from all over the world for free.
These online courses are of different fields like engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences, architecture and planning, school of science, school of management and many others.

Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Highlights of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python  9 weeks long 14–16  hours per week Learn for FREE, Upgradable Self-Paced Taught by: John...
Introduction to Probability – The Science of Uncertainty

Introduction to Probability – The Science of Uncertainty

MIT Online Course Highlights 18 weeks long 12 hours per week Learn for FREE, Ugpradable Self-Paced Taught by: John Tsitsiklis, Patrick Jaillet, Zied Ben Chaouch, Dimitri...
AP® Microeconomics

AP® Microeconomics

An overview of introductory microeconomics. Learn the key principles of economics and how to apply them to the real world - and the AP®...
The Iterative Innovation Process

The Iterative Innovation Process

Experience the iterative innovation process and learn how you can use this process to develop your own innovative ideas. MIT Online Course Highlights 8 weeks long 4-6...
Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Course Highlights MIT via edX 11 week (12-14 hours weekly) of effort required Language: English Course level: Advanced Enroll Now This statistics and data analysis...
Mastering Quantum Mechanics Part 2 Quantum Dynamics

Mastering Quantum Mechanics Part 2: Quantum Dynamics

Learn about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, quantum dynamics and two-state systems. MIT Online Course Highlights 5 weeks long 12-13 hours a week FREE, Upgradable Self-Paced Taught by: Barton...

Foundations of Modern Finance I

Online Course Highlights MIT via edX Learn for FREE, Up-gradable 168 hours of effort required 14,243+ already enrolled! Skill Level: Advanced Language: English Enroll Now for FREE This...
Scratch Online by MIT

Scratch Online Overview

Scratch Online is a visual programming platform specially designed for children. It uses block-based visual programming language. With this, users can create projects using...

Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life

Online Course Highlights Massachusetts Institute of Technology via Edx Learn for FREE, Up-gradable Length: 16 Weeks Effort: 5–10 hours per week Skill Level: Mixed  Language: English Enroll...
Best MIT Course Catalog 2021

Best MIT Course Catalog 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private land-award research college in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The establishment has a metropolitan ground that broadens more than a...

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