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13 Best Leadership Training Classes in New York


Leadership in any context is something that encompasses the ability of a person, group, or organization to not only lead but influence or guide other individuals, teams, and the entire organization. It is known to be a process of social influence that has the aim to maximize the efforts of others and get everyone on the same page to achieve a specific goal.

To learn more about leadership, our team at takethiscourse.net has compiled a list of the Best Leadership Training Classes in New York. This list is rather a compilation of different on-site plus online training.

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Best Leadership Training Classes in New York


Leadership Foundations Course

Training Provider: Academy Leadership 
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
02 Days $1,995 USD Corporate / Group Training Class Room | On-Site | Online (Self-paced)

Academy Leadership offers this two-day course to help a person unleash their leadership skills. This program encloses proven techniques from the world’s most successful military commanders. With that, the world’s top managers offer strategies and coaching which can result in a truly powerful leadership learning experience.

The program will talk about the power of personal leadership philosophy in detail. Then you will learn to manage your leadership profile and how to leverage it. Similarly, you will learn the 4 ways to improve communication. Then the instructor will talk about the 5 keys to coaching your people to improve performance. Thus enrolling in this program will allow you to build a motivational climate and understand so much about leadership. You can also check out the best online leadership classes at takethiscourse platform.

It was a well-organized course and thought out. The information offered here was applicable to my current work. And I can say this course has helped me understand the importance of leadership. (Collin I, ★★★★★)

Developing Your Leadership Voice for Presence and Impact

Training Provider: Learning Tree 
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
03 Days $2,650 USD Corporate / Group Training On-Site | Online (Instructor-led)

This training will allow you to find your voice as a leader and learn to leverage proven behaviors and techniques for establishing your own communication style. You will be taught how to create your own leadership voice for engaging, inspiring, and motivating others. With that, you will develop fundamental communication and presentation skills and understand how to adopt a strategic process and framework for leading change.

Going further, you will understand how to communicate effectively to successfully implement change. Then you will be taught how to apply a strategic approach for communication and planning purposes. Similarly, you will learn to handle challenging situations and so much more in this training.


Collaborative Leadership Skills

Training Provider: AMA – American Management Association
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
02 Days $2,545 USD Corporate / Group Training Class Room | Virtual Class

This course will give you the ability to break down silos and energize your team and bring out the best in them. You can consider this course as a roadmap to becoming an adaptive manager. The aim here is to make you someone who can create clarity and vision and build trust among each other.

The course contains different topics like how you can customize your management style and encourage your employees to find their answers to business challenges. Then you will learn to create a culture that can foster involvement from all employees. Next, you will discover the benefits and virtues of over-communication. Similarly, you will get a chance to learn to improve accountability by allowing employees to have ownership of their efforts and so much more.


Women’s Leadership Transformation Training

Training Provider: Learning Tree
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
03 Days $2,650 USD Corporate / Group Training On-Site | Online (Instructor-led)

This leadership program will allow women to identify and develop their unique qualities and gain greater corporate representation in senior-level management. The instructor will help you identify and develop your talents and skills as a woman in leadership. Similarly, the training explains how you can identify and tap into your full potential as a leader. You will learn to address and challenge barriers women face in leadership roles.

After that, there will be a detailed discussion on how to coach others to maximize their contributions to the organization. Then you will learn to develop strategies and tools to become an exceptional leader. Furthermore, the instructor explains how to construct and implement a self-promoting strategy and test your knowledge through an exam. So, if you want to update your understanding as a leader, then this training is for you.


Leadership Essentials – Keys to Success

Training Provider: APLS Group
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
1-2 Days Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training On-Site | Virtual Class

“Leadership essentials” is a very effective program that offers flexibility with duration and content that can meet any organization’s needs. The course covers three popular areas of focus which are leadership practices inventory, high potential leadership, and supervisory leadership. This program is unique in a way that it allows participants to receive a feedback report that focuses on the behavior relevant to the five practices of leadership.

Next, it allows participants to create a development plan which can increase their effectiveness as a leader and improve leadership fundamentals.


Leadership Styles

Training Provider: Lausanne Business Solutions
Training Type Cost Training Type Delivery
Corporate / Group Training Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training Class Room | Self-paced Online

Not all leaders have titles and not all individuals are natural leaders. And that is why different leadership styles match an individual’s style of leading. No matter what your current role is, this course will help you explore the different leadership styles. And then help you identify which one is best for you and your team.

The aim here is to help an individual understand when and which leadership style should be used by him. This course will allow participants to practice communication skills and learn the motivational frameworks to reach a perfect leadership style. So whether you are new to the workforce and working for years as a manager or even a new manager, this course will equip you with the tools to grow your leadership skills.

Before I took this course, I was unaware of how to become a good leader and how to lead my team. Fair enough to say this course has given me what I needed to understand what leadership is and what I should do to become an effective one. (Anonymous Learner, ★★★★★)


Leadership Development Program for Executives or Senior Leaders

Training Provider: Epiphany Coaches
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
4-12 Months / Custom Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training On-Site

This workshop aims to provide leaders an opportunity to learn and grow individually and that too through one-on-one coaching. Here you will learn about leadership through a series of skill development workshops. The idea here is that, instead of giving leaders a one-size-fits-all solution, you will get the support of the instructors in developing your style and approaches. You will work with a coach and learn to set goals and choose topics for discussion and bring information to the table.

Starting the workshop, you will be taught how to lead authentically. Then you will understand leadership communication and how you should communicate with your team as a leader. Then you will understand the risks as a competitive advantage. After that, you will learn to develop trust among your people. Similarly, this workshop will allow you to inspire your people and bring everyone into accountability.

I have found the facilitators and coaches of this workshop to be excellent. They challenged me as an individual to a great extent and honestly only this thing has pushed me to work hard. I really enjoyed this workshop and was able to learn so much from it. (Agricultural Company, ON, Canada, ★★★★★)


Project Manager Leadership Training: Building and Leading High-Performance Teams

Training Provider: Learning Tree
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
03 Days $2,650 USD Corporate / Group Training On-Site | Online (Instructor-led)

If you are interested in learning to build a high-performing team then this class is what you need. Here you will get access to best leadership practices, models, assessments, and videos. The instructor will explain how you can manage internal and external influences that affect team performance. Then you will learn to increase productivity by challenging your processes and motivating people around you. Similarly, you will learn to develop team identity and how to empower others.

Furthermore, the instructor will explain how to foster productive team communication and manage conflict effectively. Then you will be taught how to develop self-awareness and social awareness. After that, you will learn to apply emotional intelligence to project management and so much more with this highly engaging training or class.


Certificate of Personal Leadership & Effectiveness

Training Provider: Wronski Associates
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
35 Hours Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training On-Site | Virtual Classroom

This course consists of a variety of sessions that will allow students to learn new skills. This course aims to help students integrate and learn new leadership skills. The course contains different areas and the focus of each area is different. The instructor will first talk about what team building is and how you can create a team vision. You will also understand the roles and styles of leaders.

The next focus area is all about understanding and learning the different creative techniques and processes. Then you will understand how to get things done with groups. It also includes investigations into group dynamics and tools for problem-solving and making decisions. Similarly, in the next focus area, you will understand change and what transitional processes are. Upon completing the course, students would have gained a complete understanding of personal leadership and how it affects the team and those around them.

I have sincerely enjoyed learning from this course. The things that this course has taught me can be applied to the real-world entirely and I am now ready to apply whatever I have learned at my workplace. (Anonymous Learner, ★★★★★)


Leadership Circle 360

Training Provider: Henley Leadership Group
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
02 Days $1,995 USD Corporate / Group Training Self-paced Online | On-Site

This “Leadership Circle 360” is all about giving leaders a deep understanding of how it feels to be a leader. This program measures two crucial leadership domains. One is the creative competencies and the other one is reactive tendencies. The aim here is to make leaders understand how improvement in one or two leadership qualities can influence the overall effectiveness of a leader.

With this program, you get to reveal key development opportunities. Then you will get a clear pathway to truly transformational change. After that, you will gain a clear leadership development direction which will allow you to assess the best development plan.

I would say 360 has given me a great learning experience and allowed me to understand the mismatch between my intent and perception. This training has allowed me to understand that I can be nice and still hold people accountable for their doings. I am now more optimistic about what I do. (Kelley, ★★★★★)


Increasing Your Leadership Influence Using Positive Coaching Skills

Training Provider: Powers Resource Center
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
1-2 Day/s Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training Virtual Classroom | On-site

Did you know, that the skill of coaching your employees as a leader is very important to possess? It is your job to help people develop their full potential and contribute at their highest level. This highly practical and interactive workshop has been designed to give leaders hands-on experience by explaining proven coaching techniques. With the help of this workshop, you will learn to influence your teams as a leader.

Starting the workshop, you will explore personal perspectives and gain insight into intentions and perceptions. Then you will get to practice a technique for checking in with people and make sure the intentions are perceived correctly. Similarly, you will explore the sphere of control and influence as it relates to coaching. This program will also talk about a 3-step feedback process with a directive approach and a facilitative approach.

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As a leader, there is always room for improvement, and taking this workshop has allowed me to learn so many new things that can be implemented at my job. I would like to thank the instructor Tara without whom I wouldn’t have gone through this transformation. (Catering Director, ★★★★★)


Strategic Shifts Essential for Women in Leadership

Training Provider: Orange Grove Consulting
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
03 Hours Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training Self-paced Online | On-site

In this course, learners will get to identify the five perspective shifts which are required to think strategically. Here you will be taught how to apply strategic decision-making to your current role. Similarly, the instructor will explain how you can increase your visibility, impact, and influence as a leader. At the end of this course, you would have gained the desired confidence and started fresh. This course is for all the strategic leaders out there who need to understand their value and learn to increase their impact in the workplace.

I believe this course gave me the tool kit required to communicate my needs to others and feel confident in my abilities. The course has for sure boosted my confidence and helped me realize what I deserve. (Anonymous Learner, ★★★★★)


Strategic Thinking: Leadership Tools for Planning, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making

Training Provider: Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.
Duration Cost Training Type Delivery
1-2 Day/s Contact Provider Corporate / Group Training Online

This course is all about explaining how to establish an appropriate climate for learning and clarifying expectation. You will understand what positioning is and how to identify and communicate with others. The focus of this course is to help you identify specific practices which are known to be the elements of strategic thinking. You will also understand how to use the process to frame a problem to work on during class. Going further, you will learn to create and communicate a vision to get other people’s support. Then you will identify and test limiting assumptions. Moreover, the instructor will explain how you can create a basic set of scenarios and identify action steps and so much more.

I can say the structure of this course was without any doubt great as it was facilitator-led. The entire content seemed very interactive for participants. It gave me a chance to expand outside my peer group. (Damon, ★★★★★)

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