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Lean Logistics: Decision Making in Supply Chain Management

Online Course Highlights

In this course, you will be taught to evaluate such facts that put impact in distribution networks decision-making. Here you will get to develop your knowledge on lean logistics in the best possible manner. Starting the course, you will understand how to eliminate wasteful activities from your supply chain through lean logistics. Then you will understand the concept of lean logistics in detail. After that, you will get to understand its tools, principles, and the seven wastes in a step-by-step guide. Then moving to the next module where you will discover the just-in-time approach. The instructor will explain in detail what this approach is. Then you will explore the different techniques and concepts involved in lean logistics which can help to eliminate waste from your supply chain.

After that, the instructor will explain in detail how you can improve your decision-making procedures in the distribution networks. Here you will get to identify decision-making procedures in your distribution networks.

After that, you will be taught how to identify where you can use lean logistics for helping you make more considered and effective decisions. Similarly, you will learn to examine the facility location concept in network design. After that, you will understand the factors that can put impact for gaining a deeper understanding of what to consider for your facility location.

Upon completing this course, you would have gained a full understanding of a variety of different ways that can be applied in lean logistics to benefit your supply chain processes.

Who is this Course Suitable for?

This course has been designed for all such practitioners out there who are looking for ways to develop understanding of international logistics and all its relevant concepts. This course is a part of the International Logistics Expert Track and is offered by the Coventry University and aims to explore the importance of international logistics from a strategic perspective. You might also be interested in the Best Stanford Free Online Courses with Certificates.

Syllabus of the Course:

The entire syllabus of this course has been divided into 2 weeks and below is the course details.

  • Week 1 contains all the necessary information about the lean logistics where you will get an introduction to lean and understand all its practical applications.
  • Then in the second week you will understand the facility location and distribution networks and how all this works.

Final Thoughts

So this is what this “Lean logistics decision making in supply chain management” course has to offer. And if you believe this course is what you need then enroll today and never stop learning.

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