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Top 10 Beauty Courses Online

Beauty Courses Online

Women tend to have a huge interest in doing beautician courses because they realize the importance of beauty and how much every girl or woman wants that. And this is exactly why we have aggregated a list of 10 best beauty courses online with top providers and ratings to facilitate our users to make a knowledgeable learning decision.

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Online Beauty Courses List:

Demystifying Beauty: Inspiration for Design
Ellen Lupton & Andrea Lipps via SkillShare
8,243 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (607 Ratings)

Natural Beauty: How to Make Lotions, Creams and Body Butters
Jennifer Schroeder via Udemy
2,445 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (496 Ratings)

DIY Skincare :: Beauty for Aging & Dry Skin [Certificate]
Elizabeth Heck via Udemy
2,740 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (306 Ratings)

Diploma in Personal Beauty
via ShawAcademy
549,010 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (2,186 Ratings)

Create Bath and Body Products From Natural Ingredients
Shona O’Connor via Udemy
3,129 students enrolled!
★★★★☆ (344 Ratings)

Fundamental Beauty & Contouring Technique
Danessa Myricks via Udemy
1,254 students enrolled!
★★★★☆ (235 Ratings)

Red Carpet Ready: Makeup Skills for Evening Looks
Mario Dedivanovic, Celebrity Makeup Artist via SkillShare
1,496 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (97 Ratings)

Natural Beauty: Natural Cosmetic Preservation
Jennifer Schroeder via Udemy
411 students enrolled!
★★★★☆ (53 Ratings)

Natural Beauty: How to Create Natural Skincare Face Oils
Jennifer Schroeder via Udemy
648 students enrolled!
★★★★☆ (87 Ratings)

Beauty Tips and Tricks : An Introduction to Applying Makeup
Chelsie Baker, Makeup Artist via SkillShare
868 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (26 Ratings)

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After taking a look at these above beauty courses Online, it wouldn’t be any difficult to decide which course is best for you. Each course is as competitive and thorough and has been instructed by highly experienced instructors. So choose your pick and never stop learning.