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Why Identification Is Important in Schools


As the old adage goes, school is one’s second home. Besides serving as children’s first communities, schools are also meant to be a place where they can safely spend a large chunk of their day. Because of this, security is of tantamount importance and should be incorporated in even the most minor of policies such as dress codes.

Some schools are more lenient on attire, but others have specific requirements for their students. One of these is the wearing of identification on school grounds. However, ID cards often equate to feelings of awkwardness, especially for adolescents. But despite the embarrassment of having their formative years captured on a tiny plastic card, these precautions are necessary to ensure that students can safely learn within the four walls of their classrooms and have a way of staying secure in the world outside them.

However, the main qualm of students when it comes to ID cards is their unfashionable nature. But thanks to items like custom lanyards, students can still stay trendy while complying with school requirements. Some schools even allow students to buy personalized lanyards decorated with school colors and sigils. Even adults can get in on the school spirit by requiring staff to carry identification.

Why identification is importantBeyond adding style to an otherwise boring dress code, here are some of the key reasons why carrying identification on school premises should be strongly considered.

Cost-Effective Way to Control Access

Of course, the primary reason for having an ID system is to gain oversight on who has access to school grounds. Mandating the use of IDs will help staff and students identify the currently enrolled students that have the right to use facilities such as auditoriums, parking areas, libraries, locker rooms, swimming pools, and cafeterias. Today’s ID cards are often equipped with the latest capabilities like RFID and barcode technology to provide a digitized record of people accessing the premises.

In addition, ID cards also help distinguish visitors from other members of the school community. School authorities can prevent unwanted situations by having separate identification for students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Distinguishes Students from Staff and Visitors

Some faculty members might find it flattering to be told that they look as young as their students, but displaying clear indicators of professional boundaries is necessary to identify job roles and responsibilities. Schools will always have new students every academic year, and it will be hard to keep track of new faces joining a veritable sea of students and staff. Having well-established identification categories for students, visitors, and staff will enable them to identify each other and help authorities narrow down individuals in cases of accidents, fights, or unpleasant situations.

Helps Track Lost Students

Even if the school and neighborhood aren’t that large, it’s still unavoidable for students to get lost or go missing. Having the means to identify students is very important, especially for schools with early childhood programs that tend to have small children wandering off. School IDs with the student’s name, address, and emergency contact information can help the broader community identify missing students and act promptly.

Helps Identify Special Needs and Privileges

One of the hallmarks of an inclusive school is having the capacity to accommodate people with specific needs. Having an ID system that also provides information on allergies, dietary needs, and disabilities can help members of the school community make adjustments such as special priority access and diet-specific meal preparation.

Having indicators for students and staff with these needs is also crucial for helping authorities and emergency responders act quickly when problems arise.

Fosters School Spirit and Discipline

As evidenced by campus mascots and customized jackets, school spirit is something that brings a disparate group of people together. There’s nothing that evokes a sense of pride more than sharing a school identity with people that you will otherwise have nothing in common with. Wearing school merchandise gives a sense of community and fraternity as well as increase overall morale and boost self-esteem.

A beautifully designed ID card and a fitting lanyard decked in school colors also allow students and staff to proudly display their belongingness and the values that the school intends to evoke. However, this also means that ID-wearers need to be extra mindful of their actions, especially outside of school. Having easily distinguishable identifiers makes students and staff more recognizable, enabling people to contact the school in case of misbehaviors.

Opens Doors to Opportunities

Having identification that shows membership in an educational community also has benefits outside of the school environment. Most libraries have special privileges for students, such as the capacity to borrow restricted books or use academic software. There are also public transport options that have discounts for students that present their IDs.

Additionally, some organizations and businesses have perks for members of a school’s community, especially if the heads and founders are alumni of these schools. Having a school ID can help students and staff avail themselves of potential discounts on items such as food and clothing.

Adding Style, Safety, and Spirit

Having methods for identifying students is one of the simplest ways that schools can ensure safety for everyone. An ID card with all the pertinent information and a well-thought-out design offers a lot of benefits not just for the students and staff, but also for the world outside of school. With all its implications on safety, style, and school spirit, wearing identification shouldn’t be such a bad idea, cringe-worthy picture notwithstanding.