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How to Become a Voice Over Artist?


Nowadays, voiceover actors are everywhere and you can easily hear their work in video games, cartoons, audio-books, commercials, and even as virtual assistants including Siri or Alexa.

Did You Know?

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a voice over actor working in the US is around $101,282.

This figure shows career as a voiceover artist is quite rewarding. But it all depends on how much you practice and the way you market your skills. And all those individuals who feel like they have a great voice and can use this to earn good money have landed on the right page.

In this article, we shall discuss in detail how to become a voice over artist. To get a free voice over training course, follow here.

Who is a Voice Over Artist?

A voice over artist also known as a voice actor is known to be an individual who uses his voice to represent either character or provide narration. By using his voice, he portrays different characters and provides information to the audience. This type of work is not similar to screen actors who have to appear on the screen and act everything out. Instead, voice over artists only have to use their voice or either act out or read a script.

How to Become One?

The below precise yet effective steps can help you become a voice over or at least get you started.

Try to Create Your Own Recording Studio:

This has to be your first step whenever you decide to start a career in this field. If you set up your own recording studio, it will allow you to practice your skills in a more controlled and soundproof area. Plus it will help you track your progress. Now creating a studio of your own doesn’t mean you need to arrange a big room. Instead, it can be a small space too. But what you need to make sure of is the area you choose should be quiet so that whenever you record something, only your voice is picked up.

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Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment With You:

Often many people while starting their journey to become a voice-over fail to proceed in the right direction because they get confused while choosing the right equipment to practice. And that is why we have listed down some of the most relevant and effective equipment to help you get started.

  • A good quality microphone that has the ability to amplify the sound of your voice.
  • A working computer to help you organize and store your recordings.
  • Different soundproofing materials like acoustic foam and mineral wool or even heavy blankets to help block out interference.
  • Recording software is also required to help you record and save all your recordings in digital formats like .mp4.

Explore a New Career

Enroll in Acting Classes:

When we talk about voice acting, many people think it is just your voice behind a screen and that you don’t need to show your face. But what most people don’t know is even this kind of acting requires skills. So you need to enroll in acting classes where you can take lessons from an acting coach. This will help hone your abilities and make you more confident in the field. These acting coaches are very helpful in improving your technical skills as well including breathing, articulation, pronunciation, and delivery. And all this in the end can help you perform each line in the most professional manner.

Try to Audition for Casting Calls:

Casting call as we speak is a pre-production process where a certain actor, singer, or voice over is selected for a relevant role. When you audition for a casting call, you get to show your voice acting abilities to the employers directly. Now, this activity comes with multiple benefits, first, you will get to practice your skills, and secondly, you get to perform in front of the directors who are readily available to give you feedback. Another advantage is that these kinds of casting calls can expose you to other employment opportunities as well.

Use Networking:

Networking has been found to be one of the most effective ways to get recognized. It helps to explore employment opportunities by making new friends and allows you to stay updated on the latest trends. When you start to expand your social network, it will increase your chances of getting an opportunity even out of the blue. Networking is known to be a two-way street meaning; don’t ever make new friends with an intention to only take favors from them or get access to different opportunities. Instead, make a rule of “give and take”. If they help you out, you help them out too. If they are concerned about your success, you care about theirs too. If you apply this rule honestly, only then it will help you make a good name for yourself out in the public.

Practice is the Key to Success:

Practice is very important, whether you have become a professional or just starting fresh. As this article is about understanding how to become a voice over artist, we are assuming the majority of the people who reads this article would be beginners (anyone interested in voice-over can benefit from this article). So even if you are recording at your home or in a home-based recording studio, it is important that you never stop practicing. First record your voice, then listen to it and find out any abnormality. Then record another one to make it better than the previous one. Keep practicing until you believe you have succeeded in developing a professional voice that will be appealing to casting directors.


Voice Over is a fun-filled and exciting career in addition to being a rewarding one. And those individuals who actually have an appealing voice should really go for this career and make the most out of their voice. The above ways we believe can be of sufficient help and make you understand what should be done to start a career in this field.