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Free Learning Resources for College/University Students from Coursera


Everyone is familiar with Coursera, Free Learning Resources for College/University Students from Coursera as it is a huge open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera basically links with different universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.

Free online Course and Certification

Recently Coursera started Free Learning Resources for College/University Students the scheme to provide college and university students a chance to get free online certifications. Through this scheme, any of the students can get free access to Coursera for Campus. Moreover, university staff can accommodate every student with hands-on projects and a full course. These courses can, later on, help the students to get access to top courses and job-relevant skills. Checkout all free learning resources for university and college students here.

Our free Coursera for Campus Basic plan

This free course plan includes a lot of stuff. It also included at least 20,000 free student licenses for each university or college. It gives you unlimited Guided Projects, along with a chance to learn 1 course per student per year. Once you enroll in this course, you will find admin dashboards and analytics to manage the program. The best part is that you even get online help centers for admins and students. You might also be interested in Coursera for Business.

How will this Work?

Students simply need to enroll for the course, and they will use cloud-based desktops in a web browser that does not require any download. Whereas on the other hand, the instructors will guide students step-by-step through the project. This plan includes free access to unlimited Guided Projects. So, you as a student can easily master new job-ready skills in course domains. You can learn about everything including, data science, computer science, and business.

Master in-Demand Skills Quickly

Using the free Coursera for Campus Student plan, you can easily build skills to add to your resume with unlimited Guided Projects. Through this scheme, you can learn from top instructors. All you would need is to open your laptop, stream on-demand video lectures from the top universities and companies like Yale, Google, IBM, and just learn.

Coursera helps the students to gain skills through hands-on learning. This free Coursera for Campus Student plan can help you gain skills in data science, design, project management, digital marketing, and more in under two hours with Guided Projects. Last but not the least, through this free plan you can even earn and share a valued certificate. This certificate will help you showcase your new abilities.

Is the free Coursera for Campus Student Plan worth it?

YESSS! It is definitely worth it as almost 70 million people are already learning on Coursera.

This does not end here. It has been reported that almost 87% of career seekers report exhibits like starting a career path or starting a new career. In addition, almost 92% of students have been successfully preparing for an exam or committing to an area of study. Along with this, almost 78% of the users and learners are more confident after learning on Coursera. You can also check out Coursera Plus Subscription that whether it worth?


I was able to apply to an internship thanks to a completely new skill I developed with a Coursera course. It should be a little step for a few people, but before, I wasn’t even able to apply, and now, I have a lot of opened doors for my professional future (Isabella Venturim Teixeira).

Final Thoughts

So, this is your chance to gain big in no price. We definitely recommend free Coursera for the Campus Student plan. Enroll now for courses and gain lots of certifications and make your portfolio shine. Stay safe and keep learning.