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What are the key Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer?


Being a Tableau developer, you have a pile of responsibilities on your head. More precisely, what we’re trying to say is, the role of a tableau developer is not just developing dashboards and reports. Instead, if you are a tableau desktop specialist or developer then you have to be able to handle several responsibilities. Now the question comes here is what the key responsibilities here are? To get an answer to this question, you need to read this article till the end.

Key Responsibilities of a Tableau Developer:

Having Strong Command on SQL:

You have to have a strong base of SQL so as to develop the data source in an optimized manner. It is necessary because it leads to getting faster results.

Should be able to Think Analytically and Logically:

As a tableau developer, it is mandatory for you to have logical and analytical thinking. Having these qualities will help you choose the required objects like charts, bins, filters, groups, hierarchies, etc. Furthermore, you’re also able to make heavy calculations easily and also choose the right security filters needed for developing reports.

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To be able to Improve Business Processes:

Another important responsibility that comes to your shoulders is to improve the business processes. This can be done by creating a computer system and data visualization solutions. Further tasks that are involved in this kind of job are creating tableau dashboard reports. Furthermore, working with developers and creating visualizations are also a part.

Attending Feedback Sessions to Improve Systems:

This is another task that you need to consider as a responsibility. To be able to point out the flaws in the system or the way your organization works. You need to take the feedback sessions more seriously. Attending these types of sessions will help you make the business processes and systems more improved. You might also be interested in some prolific tips to get the Tableau Certification.

Conducting a Series of Tests:

A tableau developer has to develop database queries and conduct unit tests to analyze any issues that occur. After that, it is also your job to debug that issue. Also, keep one thing in mind that this procedure needs to be done continuously throughout the project. It is so that there aren’t any unnoticeable issues left that could jeopardize the progress.

You should have a knowhow of basic Business Intelligence tools:

If you are a tableau developer then it is very common that you are going to have to use the BI tools more often. By these tools, we mean you should how to use Oracle Bi and Microsoft BI, etc. So as an upper authority it is mandatory for you to learn to use these tools.


Thus these were some of the main responsibilities that you have as a tableau desktop specialist or  tableau server certified. While these responsibilities are a must, there might be a couple more as you go forward. So it is best that you have a sound mind that can handle all these responsibilities effectively. With that, you have to have skills enough to run a large team as well and get things done from them in an organized manner.

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It is because only then you will be considered as a successful tableau developer. So start with highlighting all the responsibilities that you need to take care of. And then go further from here.