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Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)

Online Course Highlights
  • Maximilian Schwarzmüller via Udemy
  • 48.5 Hours on-demand video
  • 72 articles
  • 332 downloadable resources
  • 151,435 + already enrolled!
  • ★★★★★ (44,256 Ratings)
  • Skill Level: Mixed
  • Language: English

No matter at which metric you look at (Google Trends, Github Stars, Tweets …) – VueJS is the shooting star in the world of JavaScript frameworks – it simply is amazing!

This bestselling course teaches the latest version of Vue (Vue.js 3) from the ground up and in great detail. We’ll cover all the core basics but we’ll not stop thereafter – this course also dives into advanced concepts like the Composition API introduced with Vue 3.

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great user experience we know from mobile apps – but now in the browser! No wonder that jobs requiring frontend framework skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the industry!

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is for Everyone interested in Frontend Development and Major JavaScript Frameworks
  • This Course is for you if you want to create Reactive Applications, which run in the Browser
  • This Course also targets Students who prefer a native JavaScript Framework which makes
  • Getting Started much simpler than Angular 2
  • Displeased with Angular 2? VueJS is for you!

What you’ll learn

  • Build amazing Vue.js Applications – all the Way from Small and Simple Ones up to Large Enterprise-level Ones
  • Understand the Theory behind Vue.js and use it in Real Projects
  • Leverage Vue.js in both Multi- and Single-Page-Applications (MPAs and SPAs)
  • Learn the latest version of Vue (Vue 3), including the brand-new Composition API


  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge is Required
  • ES6 Knowledge is a Plus but not a Must
  • Basic HTML and CSS Knowledge is assumed throughout the Course

Course content

  • Getting Started
  • Basics & Core Concepts – DOM Interaction with Vue
  • Rendering Conditional Content & Lists
  • Course Project: The Monster Slayer Game
  • Vue: Behind the Scenes
  • Introducing Components
  • Moving to a Better Development Setup & Workflow with the Vue CLI
  • Component Communication
  • Diving Deeper Into Components
  • Course Project: The Learning Resources App
  • Forms
  • Sending Http Requests
  • Routing: Building “Multi-Page” Single Page Applications
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Vuex
  • Main Project: “Find a Coach” Web App
  • Vue & Authentication
  • Optimizing & Deploying Vue Apps
  • The Composition API – Replacing the Options API
  • Reusing Functionality: Mixins & Custom Composition Functions
  • Roundup & Next Steps
  • Vue 2 to Vue 3 Migration
  • Getting Started [VUE2]
  • Using VueJS to Interact with the DOM [VUE2]
  • Using Conditionals and Rendering Lists [VUE2]
  • First Course Project – The Monster Slayer [VUE2]
  • Understanding the VueJS Instance [VUE2]
  • Moving to a “Real” Development Workflow with Webpack and Vue CLI [VUE2]
  • An Introduction to Components [VUE2]
  • Communicating between Components [VUE2]
  • Advanced Component Usage [VUE2]
  • Second Course Project – Wonderful Quotes [VUE2]
  • Handling User Input with Forms [VUE2]
  • Using and Creating Directives [VUE2]
  • Improving your App with Filters and Mixins [VUE2]
  • Adding Animations and Transitions [VUE2]
  • Connecting to Servers via Http – Using vue-resource [VUE2]
  • Routing in a VueJS Application [VUE2]
  • Better State Management with Vuex [VUE2]
  • Final Project – The Stock Trader [VUE2]
  • Deploying a VueJS Application [VUE2]
  • Bonus: Using Axios instead of vue-resource [VUE2]
  • Bonus: Authentication in Vue Apps
  • More Content

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