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VFX Vs Motion Graphics


This world of digital motion media can sometimes be an overwhelming place. Just like most industries, this one is also filled with jargon that can be intimidating and confusing at the same time. While you’re working with post houses, it is very important that you have a general understanding of some key tools that you can use effectively to perform certain activities/tasks. And these tools can be VFX or visual effects and motion graphics. Follow here to get details about free VFX course and MOOCs. So what are these two tools VFX vs Motion Graphics? Is there any difference between them? Can they both be used during post-production? Well, you’re just about to find all this below.

Here we will be explaining to you what VFX and motion graphics (VFX vs Motion Graphics) is but separately. So, let us first understand all about VFX and then motion graphics.


The visual effect is a process of combining existing footage with computer-generated imagery for the purpose of creating realistic scenes. It is a way to create imagery through digital computers. If we compare it to motion graphics (VFX vs Motion Graphics), then we’d come to know that VFX requires more complex steps. Common uses of VFX include sky replacements, logo removal, and environmental effects that include snow, smoke, fire, and lightning.

VFX Image
Source:Red Giant

Visual effects are widely and heavily used in filmmaking. It is because of VFX that today’s film industry has advanced this much and led to the success of this sector. it integrates both the live-action footage and the computer-generated imagery and creates an environment that looks nothing less than a realistic one.

Key Features of VFX:

We have just explained to you what VFX is and what it does. But below are some more information about VFX that we thought our readers should know.

  • If you wish to create visual effects then know that it can be quite expensive and time-consuming. So don’t think that using VFX is child’s play.
  • The visual effects are always completed in the post-production stage but know that the planning always occurs at the pre-production stage.
  • Most of the renowned studios use VFX which includes Double Negative, Weta Digital, Industrial light, and magic.
  • Composting, matte paintings, animation, motion capture, and modeling comes under the heading of visual effects.

Motion Graphics?

After understanding what VFX is, next comes Motion Graphics (VFX vs Motion Graphics). So motion graphics is basically an animation having the text as a major component in it. Precisely, motion graphics equals the animated graphic design or is essentially animated graphic design. The common uses here include title sequences, lower third graphics for interviews, informational art cards, and more. Ever since motion graphics became popular in the digital world, there’s always been a debate about the line between them and full animation. An early example of motion graphics to quote here is the opening credits of Hitchcock’s Psycho where the marriage of sound, graphic design, and motion came out together exceptionally well.

Motion Graphic
Source:Cubicle Ninjas

Key Features of Motion Graphics:

The following is some more information(VFX vs Motion Graphics)  that we were able to dig out about the motion graphics.

  • It is an extravagant way to communicate with a viewer and add depth to the story.
  • They are used to give a clear message by putting music and effective copy together.
  • They are used to create ads and title sequences for movies and videos and also to share as much information as you want.
  • Even many of our templates also use motion graphics that help you communicate your message more conveniently.
  • Similarly, motion graphics can go beyond the commonly used method of frame-by-frame animation.
  • They are not strictly character driven or story-based like animations.
  • Before the concept of computers, motion graphics tended to be really costly and time-consuming as well. And that is one of the biggest reasons to limit it to only high-budget filmmaking and television production. But after the development of computer-generated graphics, the use of motion graphics became common.


If you wish to know what VFX and motion graphics is, their use, their purpose, and other important information then this topic is what you need to read now. So, read this topic today and clear your mind on what both these terms are. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a VFX and motion graphics course (VFX vs Motion Graphics) where you have to follow a proper schedule. Read this article, stay home, keep yourself safe and healthy, and never stop learning.

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