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9 Best Free Tinkercad Training Courses 2021


Do you love being unique? Then TinkerCad is here to design, create, and make. Many of you may know about Cad software but for those of you that do not, you’re about to discover a powerful secret. This stunning platform shares your passions with you and enables you to stand out among all.

The feature aims to answer your queries about what is this software, its usability, and the best 9 courses that are completely FREE. Now you can experiment with your ideas just the way you want. Learn how to use Cad and you’re good to go.

Thinking about what’s up with Tinkercad? Let me tell you some cool things about the above software. The relative tool is for sure an online 3D design software with a quick and easy approach. Cad is indeed a digital 3d system but the good thing is, it’s FREE. You can use it online as the above software is managed on a search engine. You might be also interested in AutoCAD 2019 & 2020 Certification, Classes & Courses.

The software is widely recognized because of its convenience and easy usability. As it became readily accessible in 2011, this has become a powerful solution for developing 3d – printed models.  Prominently, this system became an addition on entry-levels to facilitate solid geometry in school systems.


The Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 Course

      • Jaiprakash Pandey via Udemy
      • 34,524+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (9,066 Ratings)

How do you use TinkerCad?

The Cad software has become a major tool of access for everyone. This is a strong and simple solution for developing digital designs. This framework enables your prepared objects to be 3D printed into ultra real objects. Developers, designers, engineers, and entertainment software almost anyone can use TinkerCad.

Cad software only involves your keyboard and mouse. The use of these common characters throughout a huge amount of operating systems is inevitable. With TinkerCad shaping and positioning with mouse objects, adjusting objects, categorizing and unbundling objects, creating holes (creating negative space) becomes extremely easy. The software gets operated through Autodesk helping you create, design, program, simulate, assemble, and design with code – so you can work with projects, application and models.

Top 9 Best + Free TinkerCad courses

Choosing a specific learning path to become a professional Cad developer or designer can be quite intense due to intricate details. If you want to be the best at using this software, it is important that you choose an ideal program. Here, you’ll be informed about the 3D design process via incredibly simple hands-on courses that instruct you on the essentials of Tinkercad prior to actually heading towards challenging simulation models. Let’s tell you the best ones so you can stroll less and choose the right course as per your potential.

saveLearn and Master Computer-Aided Design (CAD) With Tinkercad

      • James Floyd Kelly via Udemy
      • 868+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (177 Ratings)

The first course enlisted teaches you about computer-Aided Design CAD.  This remarkable course on computational training teaches you about how you can merge the basic shapes to make even complex shapes. You also learn about creating, importing, duplicating, shrinking and enlarging.

The course covers the key areas which are useful in discovering tips and tricks for using TinkerCad. Download 3D models to be imported into Minecraft, make 3D models private or share them with the world. You can also share 3D models with other users using a variety of free online 3D libraries after taking this course.

One of the best courses I’ve taken so far. Throughout the course, the instructor taught in an easy-to-understand manner. I was fully aware of what was happening due to the instructor’s helpful instructions. I am looking forward to other courses by the same instructor as well. (Michael Banta, ★★★★★)

I decided to take this course and I am glad it is exactly what I was looking for. the whole course turned out to be a fast tutorial with minimum effort. after taking the course I was able to print things in a week. (Jose Maria Marmol Teruel, ★★★★★)

saveCreate Custom 3D Designs With Tinkercad 

      • Andrew O’Neill via Udemy
      • 127+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (29 Ratings)

If you’re looking for creating custom 3d designs then this is the perfect course for you. Offered by Udemy, this course teaches you the simplest ways to create 3d models. It underpins the basic essence of using the software followed by a meaningful approach. With the help of this course, any developer or technologist can easily develop realistic models.

Think about distinct formation processes of graphics and sophisticated advanced control systems. Create real materials after designing perfect customized designs. Learn to understand the rules of production via TinkerCad.

As a total beginner in 3D design, the whole course has been great for me. I absolutely enjoyed the course for teaching unique 3d designs. After taking this course, I clearly know what comes next in 3d modeling. (Chellie Saunders, ★★★★★).

I took this course on Udemy. I am relieved that all the course content was easy to digest via step-by-step instructions. The teaching materials were easy to implement as well. (Pete Biddle with, ★★★★★)

saveLearn to Create 3D Designs With Tinkercad

      • Andy O’Neill via Skillshare
      • 4 Project Included
      • 293+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (22 Ratings)

Another completely free yet the best possible course on creating custom 3d designs. The course is offered by the platform of SkillShare. Keep up with the traditional printing system alongside 3d technology. The indicated course provides you easy and simple introductions to classified Cad techniques. This program offers learning opportunities such as how to create a project. You also come across using the camera, using and manipulating primitives. So if you are looking out for a better course, you must go for SkillShare.

This particular course is something you will not encounter enough. The course can help you master the usability of primitives in TinkerCAD. The above course also includes scaling, grouping, aligning, and making keychains. Decipher the advanced levels of producing 3d projects. Learn to apply all these things in your designing career.

saveTinkercad and 3d printing

      • Andrea Ferlito via Udemy
      • 16+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (7 Ratings)

This course is another leading course. 3d designing and printing as a career is making waves. If you want to pursue the indicated field as a professional career, you might want to try learning Udemy’s this course. Learn about some key commercial factors driving and constraining 3d designs. Come across the incredible levels of the final look of your design.

Start your journey by knowing the significance of printing using TinkerCad. The course provides a simplified learning approach. You might love the course for its user-convenient topics. Interestingly the course is free so gear up to bring the change.

The whole course has been amazing. I must say many people will benefit from this course in terms of getting started in their fields. For sure you’ll receive a lot information about 3d printing from this course. (Daniele moratelli ★★★★★)

save3D Printing and Tinkercad Crash Course

      • Michael Andrew via Udemy
      • 1,530+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (16 Ratings)

Alter your concepts of 3d printing in the easiest way possible with Udemy’s another course. Allow yourself to understand the intricate details of digital systems such as types of filaments. The course provides a great length of detail for a free course making it a first-rate course. With the help of this course, you’ll be able to determine printer models & how they use filament. The program is a framework considering how to accurately set and use basic Tinkercad to design your custom prints.

Learn to distinguish between filaments. The strengths and weaknesses of filaments are also discussed in this course. Many of the learning benefits of this program include preparation, introduction, measurement, and reconstruction of an existing object in Cad software (Light Switch Cover Example). This platform is a wonderful course for all of you desperately looking for a one-stop course. An added advantage to it is that this course is completely free.

A valuable review from a user comes your way that admitted that this course curriculum is by far excellent on Udemy.(Thomas J Campton ★★★★★)

Overall the course content is well taught. The amounts of projects were not so many. Other than that, this course is incredible. (Frank Garcia ★★★★★)

As I’ve taken the course, I guarantee the course makes you try things yourself. The thing I most liked about this course is that the course quality is inspirational. (Daniel Wich ★★★★☆)

saveFree TinkerCad Course for Beginners

      • Brian Relay via Udemy
      • 5,431+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (562 Ratings)

Do you need a free tutorial? Well, you’ve got it here. In this course, you will be provided a virtual survey of the Operating System of TinkerCad. You’ll be introduced to so many keys and resources available in Cad. Begin your learning voyage with basic tools, principles, and design concepts. This course is active tutorial-based content. The lesson covers the points of discussion while operating this software. So, you don’t make any mistakes.

Concepts like the alignment of objects, holes, recovery, object design, object polishing, and finishing are also core parts. The world is evolving greatly and technology has made an efficient invention for all. Learn to create advanced shapes in TinkerCad training class within an hour. So, employ all these concepts if you work in the field of design and you’re creative. You can learn for free and unlock the door to success with just one course.

saveTinkercad – Design & 3D Print A Keyring From Any Logo or Design

      • Ruan Lotter via Skillshare
      • 81+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (6 Ratings)

Want to design your logo? Do it in just minutes after taking this free course.  Provided by SkillShare, the course holds important information. Get started by creating basic keyring shapes and ring geometry. Well, this one field is the most practiced course. This enables you to use Adobe Illustrator to create vector artwork. With this course, you’re good at importing Adobe Illustrator logos or tracking your Adobe Illustrator logo. You can even export the vector logo to SVG and finally create your first Tinkercad class Project.

The whole course takes a toll on you when you learn how incredibly you can make and create your logo. Trademarks are highly common. Get ready to know how these trademarks are created and exported. SkillShare’s this course helps you recognize that you don’t expensive courses just to make your logo. Derive ways that can help you ‎predict the future. Another interesting detail is the demand for learning keyring design and this makes you want to learn more.

saveLearn Arduino using the Tinkercad Simulator

      • Fabio Souza via Udemy
      • 613+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (101 Ratings)

The course is perfect for anyone interested in Arduino and TinkerCad. Majorly, you’ll learn to use the Cad simulator to build, the program as well as test projects with Arduino.  The course walks you through using appropriate basic circuits using the simulator with Arduino. Get ready to analyze and interpret essential programming with this course.

If you’re more interested in concepts and methodologies used in CS then this course is all ready for you. After successful completion, you can be sure that you know how to use experimental, computational, and mathematical methods in this software. You can even design practical systems-level frameworks.

This course is greatly intriguing. The instructor had remarkable knowledge and instructional practices. One or maybe other content could also have been discussed in more detail, though it doesn’t matter as almost all of the teaching materials are best taught. (Alex Martins Dos Santos, ★★★★★)

I decided to take this course and it’s been great so far. I had a great time as the instructor taught clearly each and every concept. Thanks to this course, I was able to understand so many things. (Maysa Francesquini, ★★★★★)

The course is extremely great with a fantastic instructor. I truly appreciate that the course serves to be relevant in terms of Arduino and Cad. For anyone in their early stages within the programming, world can highly benefit from this course. (Elf Pereira Miranda, ★★★★☆)

saveTinkerCAD – The Complete Guide for Beginners

      • Michael Freeman via Skillshare
      • 179+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (3 Ratings)

The last one in this feature is a course offered by SkillShare. This course is completely free. As a complete beginner, you’ll be introduced to where you can get TinkerCad. As highly in need, view your model or create basic shapes. You can also design model items such as a sign for a bedroom door, workshop, and toy train for kids.

The course introduces you to incorporate the use of  Cad software for various needs. Many learners looking out for better beginning courses are likely to benefit immensely from this course. Not only it teaches you basic steps but you also come across Cad for designers, Cad for kids, and Cad for architectures. Therefore, to save your time and money, this free course is all you need.


3D Modeling Piped Systems in AutoCAD

      • Paul Lynn via Udemy
      • 2,976 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (574 Ratings)


AutoCAD 2019-2018 Essential Training

      • Shaun ‘SCB’ Bryant via LinkedIn Learning
      • 98,229+ viewers
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • 17 Chapter Quizzes

Final Thoughts

‎Leading to the conclusion, you may as well realize the accomplishment of Cad software at the fundamental level. Working in such a field in the modern age can help you put aside your concerns. Create, however, you want without objections.

If you can learn these best courses under a no-cost signboard then be sure to not miss this opportunity. Get your mind working and your hands designing tools for the betterment of yourself.

Say goodbye to 3d designing and printing struggle under Udemy’s and SkillShare’s worth-learning courses. Bring yourself into a digital century, make some new things and make them better than anyone.