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The Complete ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0 Course


Learn basic fundamentals and advance concepts of ASP.NET Core 2.0 as we build multiple projects.

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What You will Learn?

  • Learn structure of ASP NET MVC Core 2 Project
  • Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET MVC Core 2
  • Build applications using ASP NET MVC Core 2
  • Build applications using ASP NET MVC Core 2 using Razor Pages
  • Build 3 Projects throughout the course
  • Integrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to Users
  • Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations
  • Tag Helpers in MVC Core 2.0

Online Course Description:

This is an introductory course on ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0 that will take you from basics all the way to advance mode. This course is for anyone who is new to asp.net core 2.0 or who is familiar with ASP.NET MVC and wants to take a first step at understanding what is different in asp.net core 2.0. From there we would be building multiple projects to understand all concepts in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0

Throughout this course we would understand the evolution of ASP.NET Core and then we would take a look at the modified files and folder structure.

  • We would then take a look at new concepts in ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0
  • We would build a small book list application with CRUD operations using entity framework for integration with database.
  • We would build CRUD Operations application with EF and use Razor Pages for the next project
  • Finally we would build an auto garage application for maintaining car records for our final project

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