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Shopify Academy – Best Shopify Course & Dropshipping Training 2021 [Updated]


Before hopping into learning about Shopify Academy, let’s take a brief look at what Shopify is? Shopify is a commerce platform where anyone can start, develop or manage a business or they can even sell in multiple places such as web, mobile, social media, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops etc.

  1. The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course
  2. Shopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify
  3. The Complete Shopify Academy Dropshipping Masterclass
  4. How I Created My 7-figure Shopify Dropshipping Empire A to Z
  5. How to become a Shopify Expert (from zero to hero !)
  6. Shopify Tyrant: How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch
  7. Shopify Dropship Mastery [Build Your Own Dropshipping Store]
  8. 10 Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures
  9. Shopify Essentials for Web Developers: From Store Setup to Custom Themes
  10. Advanced Shopify Theme Development
  11. Build your Shopify eCommerce Store step by step (0 coding)

Now, talking about Shopify Academy, it is a series of online Shopify training courses. Skills like setting up your first Shopify store to marketing, SEO, email marketing, product photography, eCommerce website design etc. can be achieved through Shopify courses.

  • A Shopify Basic account can cost about $29 monthly, it gives you access to hundreds of premade themes and in about a few clicks and minor changes you can have your online store running in no time. The basic account lets you sell an unlimited number of products, it is the cheapest solution to have a vast product range.
  • The Shopify plan called Shopify costs about $79 per month, this plan includes gift cards. This plan provides with professional reports letting you have a better insight into your store.
  • Then comes Advance Shopify, costing about $299 per month. Advance Shopify plan gives you an option of real-time carrier shipping. Furthermore, the advance report builder property lets you customize your professional reports.
  • The last option is Shopify Plus which cost about $2000 per month. It is an enterprise solution for businesses of scalable eCommerce platform. This plan lets you have a dedicated support team helping you with the launch and providing with 24/7 priority support. Moreover, it gives you more access to the Shopify system for customization.

List of Shopify Course & Classes – Shopify Academy:

Below is the list of 10 best Shopify dropshipping Training classes and courses from best instructors worldwide.

saveThe Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

      • Tim Sharp via Udemy
      • 63,980 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (11,261 Ratings)

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

This course is a wonderful training journey with Tim Sharp who is a highly successful eCommerce entrepreneur since 2004. In this journey, you can learn all of the skills needed to run a successful online store. With Tim, you can learn how to build a profitable eCommerce store, you can also learn to build and host a website using Shopify. By the end of this course, each individual will have a successfully running Shopify account, furthermore, they will have a complete understanding of how to choose a market and what to sell etc. On taking this Shopify academy course seriously you will be able to: understand your targeted audience, drive traffic to your store, build credibility and will have all of the skills to boost your sales for free. To enroll in this course, you don’t even need to have prior knowledge of Shopify, Aliexpress, or even eCommerce. All you need to spare is some time and a little determination. And then you will be on your way to learn from the best and of course at your flexibility and willingness. 

Online Specializations

saveShopify Power: Build An Ecommerce Website Using Shopify

      • Jason Miles via Udemy
      • 11,262+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,533 Ratings)

shopify Power

Bringing you now is a success story of Jason Miles and his wife, together they have done online business worth millions. Their work has also been featured by Shopify as a case study. Not only will this talented man be teaching you how to use Shopify, but he’ll help you in setting up products including integration with Amazon, Etsy, and other selling sites. You can also learn the skill of using Shopify Academy reports and 3rd party analytics tools to maximize profit. At the end of this Shopify Academy course, you will be able to call yourself an eCommerce expert and do several things. This includes adding additional features through the Shopify app market place. Then you will be taught how you can collect money via Shopify. Furthermore, you will also be able to integrate email marketing for long-term relationship building, traffic sales, and much more. The course has different quizzes after completing each module and solving these quizzes will help you understand how you can integrate social media into your new Shopify website and other things on your own.

saveThe Complete Shopify Academy Dropshipping Masterclass

      • Robin & Jesper via Udemy
      • 8,622 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,924 Ratings)

The Complete Shopify Academy Dropshipping Masterclass

Want to build a professional Spotify that converts or want to learn how to build a niche store? Then this is your go-to course. Robin and Jasper two young passionate teachers are here, to guide and help you in becoming digital marketing and business startup experts. With this course you’ll learn to: fulfil orders on the products you sell, retarget abandoned cart recovery, build a real Shopify dropshipping business, increase sales on your products, add products to your store super quickly, choose the right market, choose the right products to sell and a lot more. The next step will be to help you understand how you can build a real Shopify dropshipping business and then take it slowly from there. With that, you will be given a complete guideline to be able to build a Niche store. Afterward, you will learn to drive traffic to your Shopify store. Then you will learn the right techniques to retarget abandoned cart recovery and many other things from the course. 

saveHow I Created My 7-figure Shopify Dropshipping Empire A to Z

      • Kevin Princeton via Udemy
      • 9,905 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,328 Ratings)

Created 7 figure shopify

Kevin Princeton is now exposing his ultimate secret of creating a 7-figure Shopify dropshipping empire, so you might want to have a closer look at this course. Along with his secret, he is giving out the specific product and ad-copy which was used for his $71,786 free+shipping ad campaign. Furthermore, you can learn how to: install a Facebook Pixel on your Shopify store without any coding experience, split-test and scale Facebook ad campaigns, find extremely high-converting dropshipping products and setup ultra-targeted and re-targeting Facebook ad campaigns. Not just this but by the end of this course, you will have all of advanced Facebook ad strategies along with automated Mailchimp email marketing strategies. As you go further with the course, you will understand different reputable and dependable sources that the instructor has used to drop ship from. Then you will learn how the instructor was able to find extremely high-converting dropshipping products. After that, you will also know how to outsource business once you become successful. Then the instructor has also shared all of his personal resources like where he got legal support from. Who created the logo, where to get a copyright-free photo, which freelancers to hire, and much more. 

saveHow to become a Shopify Expert (from zero to hero !)

      • Tim Sharp via Udemy
      • 22,405 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (1,728 Reviews)

Shopify expert

If you have been called a loser all of your life then this is your time to become a hero. This course by Udemy aims in helping out people in securing a financial future by building a profoundly profitable business. This goal can now be achieved by enrolling yourself in this course while sitting at home. Tim Sharp, who is a remarkable online entrepreneur will make sure that you have in-depth knowledge of Shopify by the end of this course. With this course, you will be able to build an online store and add themes to your store, etc. Whatever you learn from the course will help you supplement your existing income or if not that then at least you will be able to transform your life by becoming a Shopify consultant or developer. It is a no brainer that Shopify skills are super-hot in demand so that is why when you’re able to complete the course, you would have earned a valuable skill set that can allow you to make a lot of money. So if you want to escape from a 9 to 5 job and set up a business of your own then this course is what you need.

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saveShopify Tyrant: How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch

      • Niche Tyrant via Udemy
      • 38,007+ already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (1,314 Ratings)

Shopify tyrent

Have less time? But still, want to make more money? Then enroll here because now you can learn to make money in just 1 hour. This course aims to teach every detail about Shopify that you need for earning a valuable income in just an hour. Through these masterclasses, you can become a conversion expert. By the end of this course, you will know everything about: Spotify, Shopify setup, niche research, store setup, essential apps for your score, promotions to get sales, bonuses for your campaigns, scaling out, and a lot more. With that, the instructor also helps you understand how you can start your own profitable Shopify store. Next, you will learn the necessary skills to find high converting products. Similarly, you will also learn to create successful Facebook ads that can actually grow your business. After that, you will learn to use Instagram to target thousands of visitors for free. Thus you will learn to scale up your business and automate everything through this course. So hurry up now and start making money. 

saveShopify Dropship Mastery [Build Your Own Dropshipping Store]

      • Bryan Guerra via Udemy
      • 34,208 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★☆ (943 Ratings)

Shopify dropship

In this Shopify Academy course, Bryan Guerra who is the Founder of Invert Media will help you in building your dropshipping store in the simplest way possible. He is also an expert in eCommerce, online marketing, and customer acquisition. Moreover, with this course, you will be able to drive free organic traffic to your store and will learn how to optimize product listings. Your mind will also get cultivated by the knowledge of picking the right products that sell or picking up a niche that the customers will love and buy. This course is the best option if you want to learn about site settings for optimal use or adding pages and site navigation etc. The course is suitable or helpful for all those people out there who want to start a dropshipping site or learn to semi-automate a passive income stream. So all you need to do is have an email set up for you to register to Shopify and are willing to register an account with Shopify. And then you are all set to learn to build your own dropshipping store. Also, you can also visit Shopify Academy for more details here.

save10 Shopify Dropshipping Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

      • Nik Swami via Udemy
      • 4,877 already enrolled!
      • ★★★★★ (891 Reviews)

10 shopify dropshipping

Now make 6-figures by following 10 Shopify dropshipping strategies. With this course, you can learn how to easily choose the best products, the best suppliers, the best dropshipping apps, and the best countries for shipping methods. Furthermore, you can learn to use AliPocket to pay for orders, optimize your order, and shipping notification emails. This course also offers detailed knowledge on the effective use of pricing, price psychology, and managing of the customers. To enroll yourself in this course, you will need an AliExpress account, Oberlo account, Shopify account, and basic understanding of dropshipping or how it works. You will be taught to supercharge your Shopify store for sales. Then after that, you will learn to fuel your growth with engaging content. Other things like learning to get double cash back on every order and creating a smooth customer experience will also be learned. Similarly, you will learn the winning principles of dropshipping and how to follow them. So, build an empire that can’t be broken with the help of this course now. 

saveShopify Essentials for Web Developers: From Store Setup to Custom Themes

      • Kurt Elster via Skillshare
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • 11,496 already enrolled!
      • 8 Projects included
      • ★★★★☆ (323 Ratings)

Shopify essentials

In this Shopify Academy course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with Theme Modification. With Kurt Elster, the author of Ecommerce Bootcamp, you can examine the process to set up, design, build, and customize a Shopify e-commerce experience. This course is best whether you want to improvise your existing web design business, sell your assets, or add a new line of services to your existing business designs. You can also avail of the opportunity to launch your first Shopify development store with a basic customizable theme. By the end of this course, you’ll have all of the skills needed to start the Shopify e-commerce platform. Different topics will be a part of this class like getting an introduction to your partner account. Then you will get a Dev walkthrough, after that, the instructor will be talking about products and variants, collections, etc. Then you will get to know about pages and blogs, themes and liquid explained, layouts and templates, and much more. 

saveAdvanced Shopify Theme Development

      • Gavin Ballard via Skillshare
      • Skill Level: Intermediate
      • 5,023 already enrolled!
      • 2 Projects included
      • ★★★★☆ (103 Ratings)

Advanced shopify

This course is all about the Advanced Shopify theme. This class works on the principle of ‘practice makes a man perfect’ as it comprises of series of activities and opportunities to put your learned skills into practice. In this course, you will be asked to use an existing theme and reconstruct the collections page using the features learned in the class. This class also includes Ajax functionality, advanced filtering and sorting, custom styling, and resolving potential performance issues. By the end of this course, you will become an expert in the modification of the Shopify theme. The instructor has given a thorough overview of the course project. After that, you will understand different topics like product customization, filtering and sorting, and more. Similarly, you will also learn to add Ajax to your theme and then will know about how you can automate your workflow and more from this class.

saveBuild your Shopify eCommerce Store step by step (0 coding)

      • Rihab Seb via Skillshare
      • Skill Level: Introductory
      • 3,604 already enrolled!
      • 2 Projects included
      • ★★★★★ (60 Ratings)

Shopify e commernce

You don’t need to learn coding to build a website. In this course, you will learn to make a website using Spotify. With this course you’ll get familiar with the Shopify dashboard, picking up your store theme, modifying it, creating your brand, and designing your pages. Furthermore, you can learn how to add products and optimize them and how to tune your store elements and settings. In this course, the instructor, Rihab Seb, will show you what core elements can be used to increase the conversion rate or how to add them to your store and a lot more. In addition, you will also learn how you can connect with your leaving customers or even previous ones as well via an email marketing system. Completing this course will enable you to build a highly persuasive Shopify store that will help you move your business and career to an advanced level. So act quickly and start building your first Shopify store now!


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Thus, this list is very beneficial for people looking forward to having an online store. The Shopify Course list will help the reader to take a knowledgeable learning decision. Visit here to get more about Shopify Academy. Keep learning!