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Simon Fraser is a public research university that was established in the year 1965. It is located in British Colombia, Canada with three campuses in different states. It is the only Canadian University that competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA). The Simon Fraser has 34,990 students among which 29,591 are undergraduates and 5399 are postgraduates. The university has a huge academic staff of 1095. Thus the university has a big family of students and staff facilitating each other for more than 54 years now. You can find SFU Courses Online in various disciplines.

SFU Programs to offer:

They have quite several undergraduate and graduate programs to offer that operate on a year-round schedule having three-semester. With that SFU courses are also available in vast fields for anyone interested to take.

Undergraduate programs:

The following are the programs offered in different faculties:

Among these disciplines, more than 60 majors, 21 joint majors, 58 minors are available to choose.

With that, the option to specialize in an area that you’re passionate about is also available in the form of 28 different fields.

Certificates program in 48 different categories is also offered to add to the major program.

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Double Degree:

SFU also gives learners the option to earn a double degree in one shot which is as follows.

  • Computing science dual degree.
  • Mechatronic systems engineering and business double degree.

Graduate Programs:

The graduate programs are offered in the following fields.

  • Faculty of applied sciences.
  • Faculty of environment.
  • Faculty of arts and social sciences.
  • Faculty of science.
  • Faculty of communication, art, and technology.

Graduate Certificates:

Different graduate certificates are also available to be taken by students in the following.

  • Development and sustainability.
  • Latin American studies.
  • Modeling of complex social systems.
  • Visual analytics.
  • And science and technology commercialization.

Online Specializations

SFU Center for Online and Distant Learning:

The SFU centre for online and distant learning has a variety of SFU online courses to offer in a wide range of fields as well. All you have to do is select your area of interest, find the course of your choice and then you are all set to learn at your ease and pace.  Check out the San Jose State University’s Courses here.

SFU courses in the following areas are offered.

  • Business management.
  • Community building.
  • Creative writing.
  • Liberal arts.
  • Health and wellness.

List of SFU Courses Online:

saveGenerative Art and Computational Creativity

Generative art

In this course, an introduction to generative art and computational creativity will be given to the learners. The course emphasizes the different formal paradigms and the algorithm used for generation. Core techniques from mathematics, artificial life, and artificial intelligence that are used by designers, artists and musicians across the creative industry will be studied in this course. The course will start by the processes that involve chance operations, fractals and chaos theory and then move on further to see how stochastic processes and rule-based approaches can be used in exploring creative spaces. This and much more will be taught in this course so register today in this introduction level course. For anyone interested in advancing their education affordably, find out more about these educational opportunities.

saveAdvanced Generative Art and Computational Creativity

Advanced Generative art

This is an advanced level course that has an in-depth survey of current practices in generative arts and computational creativity. In this class, learners will learn how neural networks, evolutionary computing, and procedural generation can produce novel and valuable artifacts. Furthermore, how to formalize aesthetic measures and how creative systems can be evaluated will also be taught here. Students with this course will be getting a chance to practice out different algorithms first hand and also develop new generative pieces with the help of assignments and projects in MAX. So interested learners are welcome to join this advanced course.  You can checkout more University courses like Madurai Kamaraj University CoursesSJSU Degrees & CoursesColumbia Online University Courses at takethiscourse Platform.

In the end, we at takethiscourse.net would like to say that Simon Fraser University has been providing high-quality education to learners from around the world for the past 54 years now. Not only their graduate and undergraduate programs are offered in vast fields but the SFU courses are also a feasible way for any learner to continue with their studies. So whether you are interested in undergraduate programs or graduate one or just want to enroll in an SFU course online, in any case, visit the website today and choose yourself from a long list and never stop learning.