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Best Way to Prepare for PSAT


The PSAT is something that many juniors and sophomores take every fall so that they can prepare well for the SAT. But know that the PSAT is not some kind of a college admission test but can strongly benefit you if you’re hoping to nab a National Merit scholarship or even get a high score on the SAT. So, this shows that even though PSAT is not a college admission test, yet it can help you in many ways. And that is why Psat Preparation is important to prepare for it in the best possible manner.

To help you prepare for the best PSAT prep courses effectively, we are here with one best way that can prove to be useful and that is a 5-step plan. But before we dig into our plan, let us take a look at what topics or skills will be tested in the PSAT.

Topics or skills tested:

There will be a lot of topics tested in the PSAT, like.

  • Your vocabulary.
  • The ability to find evidence for answers in passages.
  • How to interpret data.
  • The ability to improve the flow and style of passages.
  • English Grammar and punctuation.
  • Geometry.
  • Trigonometry.
  • Complex numbers.
  • Data analysis.
  • Algebra.
  • Non-linear expressions.

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The 5-step plan:

Below is the 5-step plan you must follow in Psat Preparation that will help you pass the PSAT easily.

Understanding the PSAT format:

We have often discussed how important it is to understand the format of any test before preparing for it. The same rule goes for the PSAT as well. So before you start your PSAT preparation, you need to know all about its format. Know that the PSAT and SAT are quite similar but have a few differences like it contains easier questions, lacks an essay component, and is slightly easier. The format of the PSAT is mentioned below.

  • The exam has 4 parts. Reading, writing and language, math no calculator, and math calculator.
  • You will get 60 minutes for the reading section.
  • 35 minutes for writing and language.
  • 25 minutes for math no calculator.
  • And 45 minutes for math calculator. Which means that you have a total of 165 minutes to complete the entire test.

Set a goal for PSAT Preparation yourself to achieve:

If you wish to qualify for the National Merit, then you must score around 1400-1480. Now you should start your Psat preparation training by keeping this score in mind. We would suggest you aim for a high score (more than what we have mentioned). It is because aiming for more than what you’re expecting would result in achieving the expected score. So set a goal for yourself and aim for a high score.

Take a lot of PSAT  practice tests:

To be able to pass any type of test, the best way is to solve the exact simulation of the real test which is known as the practice test. PSAT Preparation Training also has a variety of practice tests that you can take and solve as many times as you like. This will give you an idea as to how you should solve the test and what type of questions would be in the actual exam.

Evaluate yourself and analyze all mistakes:

Like we have mentioned earlier, Psat Preparation practice tests are the best way to track your progress. Once you’re able to identify the number of mistakes you have made, try to find out why these mistakes were made and how can they be rectified. Spend time figuring out where your logic or calculations went wrong and how to make them right.

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Solve SAT questions for extra practice:

The PSAT and SAT are quite similar and that is why we would recommend you incorporate SAT study material into your PSAT preparation. This is because the PSAT doesn’t have many learning resources but the SAT has. So, solve as many SAT practice questions as you can. You can follow here to know the best strategies to crack sat test.


Take a good look at these 5 steps that we have talked about and then follow them with full determination. Give yourself some time and put in a lot of efforts and keep one thing in mind, this Psat preparation training is going to help in the SAT’s or the National Merit scholarship as well. So don’t miss this opportunity and start preparing in the best possible manner today. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a PSAT prep Course and classes where you have to follow a proper schedule.

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