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Project Management: Agile Manifesto Principles

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This is a really important course for Project Managers. As agile methods are complex to work with, so they need the commitment to work with them. A lot of managers do not understand the complexity of the Agile method. Whereas, Agile methods do bring a lot of success if used properly. In this course, you can learn to successfully operate unpredictable scenarios within the circumstances of product development using agile vs scrum methodology.

What will you learn through this course?

Agility means or is the strength of an organization to immediately react to unpredictable scenarios. At those moments, it is important that you or the organization can respond to unclear requirements within the context of product development.

In this course, you will learn to tackle such situations by implementing the principles and values of agile to project management. You will get to look at the agile fundamentals, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the agile approach. You will be given such situations in which you will get the chance to develop a functional approach that includes the standard steps, exercises, and partner roles for an agile project. You will engage in the tasks to find the relevant resources and tools for it.

Through this course, you will also find the pros and cons of the standard Waterfall project management methods. You will not only explore the Agile methods, but you also learn how to measure ambiguity and risk in the context of these methods. Since Scrum is a well-known agile method, you will also get to understand it. You will be taught when to and how to put scrum to the action. This course includes different exercises, events, and quizzes to help you master the scrum methods. Curious about which project management visualization tool to use? Explore our detailed comparison here and discover the advantages of each for your projects.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills to distinguish the procedures, benefits, and disadvantages of both standard and agile project methodologies. Moreover, you will have a functional project management plan that includes the typical steps, movements, and shareholder roles for an agile project.

What topics will you cover?

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to cover a lot of different topics. You will start by understanding the history, policies, and usefulness of agile project management and the Agile Manifesto. Moving on, you will get a general idea of what is it like to be an agile project manager. You will be able to understand the differences and the similarities between the traditional project management life cycles and the agile methods.

In addition to all of this, you will get to know about the agile frames works and working with it. You will be given the confidence to manage complex agile projects, and you will understand the key metrics and resources for agile project management. Last but not the least, you will look into the hybrid life cycles and that is the designing and customizing agile and traditional life cycles.

Who is the course for?

This course can be taken by any individual who is interested in the fundamentals of project management in the circumstances of an organization. For people who are already in the field of project management, this course will have more benefits for them. For all of the aspiring project managers looking to take their careers to the next level, this is the best course for you. So why wait? Enroll now.

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