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Overview of Oxfam Online Learning


Oxfam Online Learning International is known to be a major non-profit group that has a team of 19 independent charitable organizations. These independent organizations are working together focusing on the mitigation of global poverty. This organization was founded in the year 1942 and is led by Oxfam International. This non-profit group is running successfully an extensive collection of operations and are working day and night to reach their goal.

What is Oxfam Online Learning?

Oxfam Online Learning is quite committed to developing and supporting the learning of all the staff members who are a part of the organization. Oxfam Online Learning Platform believes that it is quite important to support staff development so that they are to understand all the facts that can help them fight against the injustice of poverty.

SpecializationsSo here are the two MOOCs offered by Oxfam in collaboration with Coursera and FutureLearn:

Make Change Happen:

This is an 8 weeks long course that is available for free to anyone at Oxfam Online Learning. Taught by Emily Gillingham the course aims to bring positive social change in learners as a change-maker. The instructor believes that in order to make a reliable social and political change, one must understand the power of systems, influencing strategies and dynamics that can change the condition. The course contains a lot of examples to understand the international movements and communities and their actions and connect them with change-makers.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for the following:

  • All the activists working for Oxfam.
  • All the change agents working for Oxfam.
  • All those who want to be more effective at delivering change for everyone’s sake.
  • Those workers who have a personal and professional interest in how change happens and what can be done to make it better.

General information about the course:

The following are some general information about this course:

  • The provider of this course is FutureLearn and offered by Oxfam & Open University.
  • This is a free course but if someone wants to earn a certificate at the end then there is a fee of $44.
  • The total number of hours a person has to give in per week is 3 hours.
  • The language used throughout the course is English.

To take this course, click here.

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Research for Impact:

This is a 6 weeks long course that aims to teach learners about a different set of principles and practices that will ultimately help learners to perform well. The guideline that learners are going to receive from this course will help them make their research more impactful. Throughout the course, the instructors Jesse DeMaria-Kinney and Mark New have shared their experiences of the Adaptation at Scale for Semi-arid regions that is the ASSAR project.

Learners will be exploring five elements of the Research for Impact approach as follows:

  • Theory of change.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategic Partnerships.
  • Strategic Communication.
  • Capacity Development.
  • Influencing

Learners will get the chance to hear the experiences of researchers and practitioners who have followed this approach. In this way, learners can implement these approaches in achieving their goals as well.

Who is this course for?

This course can be taken by different researchers who want to learn such approaches to perform well.

General information about the course:

The following are some general details about the course.

  • This course is offered by Oxfam & University of Cape Town via Coursera.
  • The course is available to take for free but if someone demands a certificate, then the fee is 44 EUR.
  • The language used in the course is English.
  • The overall hours that a learner has to put in per week are 3-4.

Click here to take this course.

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Hence we at takethiscourse.net would recommend enrolling yourself in any of these two courses from Oxfam Learning and get into the line to learn from the best instructors now and never stop learning.
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