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Noteworthy Features and Advantages of Mobile eLearning app!


Take a look at some fascinating stats about the mobile eLearning sector:

  • research report by IBM states that every dollar invested by a company leveraging eLearning solutions to train their workforce results in a gain of $30 in productivity. This is because they save a lot of time as new work skills are applied.
  • According to a survey conducted by CertifyMe.net, a digital training platform, nearly 72% of organizations are of the opinion that online learning is quite impactful and offers them a competitive edge as well.
  • Brandon Hall Group, a distinguished analyst and research company found that in comparison to classroom training, eLearning consumes 40 to 60% lesser time of the employees.

So, what do these stats indicate?

Mobile eLearning undoubtedly has a dazzling future and is transforming the ways of learning and gaining knowledge. This approach has garnered immense popularity. Consequently, several start-ups and even Tech giants are exploring this domain. Needless to say, several eLearning app development companies have emerged as the premium-class agencies offering education across the globe.


Workplace Training: Training Evaluation and Measuring Effectiveness

      • ATC Training via FutureLearn
      • 3 weeks (2 hours weekly) of effort required
      • Course type: Self Paced

What is meant by Mobile eLearning?

Mobile phones have turned out to be one of the most crucial gadgets in the education sector as they are working wonders to provide online training. In other words, mobile eLearning is an advanced training strategy for gaining knowledge/training on any subject regardless of the time and location. It is a novel educational approach specifically meant for providing training to corporate professionals via an eLearning mobile app solution. It possesses the immense potential to cater to the skill-development requirements of professionals in business organizations.

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Designing eLearning App: Major Factors to Consider

Devising Strategy for Mobile Training:

This strategy comprises three important segments: The Platform, Audience, and Content. When determining the target audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is our workforce tech-savvy and will be effortlessly able to use the mobile eLearning facility?
  • Will our workforce remotely access the training?

The answers to the aforesaid questions will help you comprehend the requirements of the target audience. Besides, for content considerations, you will have to decide on your goals and purpose behind designing the content and the way you want to determine it. Lastly, for platform considerations, you need to conduct thorough research on whether your target audience will use their devices or workplace assets.

Designing Courses:

Content creation and the designing of courses is the next significant consideration. At the initial stages, you may intend to upload just a few courses. For this, some authoring tools are available that ease out the process of creating content for the mobile. For example, PhoneGap, Articulate Storyline, etc. can be used for Native apps while iWebkit, jQT, etc. can be used for a web app.

Deploying Courses:

This is a straightforward procedure. A website needs to be published and the URL is to be sent to your trainees whereas a native app needs to be submitted to the app store. If you wish to track the scores, complete work, and conduct an analysis, you have to deploy the app using an LMS such as Moodle, Blackboard, etc.

Essential Features of an eLearning App

Mobile eLearning app solutions have simplified the learning process and made it way more effective, unlike the traditional classroom training method. However, an eLearning app will fail to succeed if the right features are not embedded in it. Given below is the list of key features of an exceptional eLearning app.

  • Basic Features such as chatting, appointment scheduling, calendar, push notifications, flexible payment options, social media integration, etc.
  • A dashboard, simple login options, a robust database containing knowledgeable information, and tools for data analytics.
  • Valuable and comprehensive content
  • On-the-go interactive training for user engagement
  • Short bite-sized modules for higher receptivity and focussed learning
  • Live tutorials and audio/video streaming
  • Support for offline content
  • The usage of media formats like story-based learning, pictures and videos, gamification, etc. for improved understanding
  • Tests, Feedback, Quizzes, etc. for evaluating progress
  • Tracking the status of courses, the number of courses undertaken, the time spent on them, etc.


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Workplace Training: Delivery and Assessment Methods

        • ATC Training via FutureLearn
        • 2 weeks (3 hours weekly) of effort required
        • Course type: Self Paced

Potential advantages of eLearning Solutions

Saves Time and Money

In this ever-changing digital era, present-day learners look for ways to save time and expenses. And, the eLearning app solutions have served this purpose well. This is because the learners need not have to travel to any specific location for attending classes. Instead, they can save on travel costs and learn conveniently from any location. Furthermore, these solutions help companies to reduce their expenses on pieces of training. The reason is that employees can effortlessly access the recorded video training, thereby eliminating the activity of direct training to the employees.

Engaging Employees and Developing Skills

In myriad industrial domains such as software, manufacturing, and even healthcare, mobile learning solutions have been acknowledged as an effective tool for engaging employees, developing their skill sets, and therefore, driving their performance. This learning strategy results in higher productivity for business organizations around the world. You can also checkout mobile Learning in Corporate Training.

Greater Retention ratio

Advanced mobile eLearning solutions offer information in short interactive chunks in the form of video tutorials, audios lessons, or podcasts. It makes the learning procedure all the more engaging and speedier. Additionally, these apps provide tests, quizzes, etc. to keep the learners self-motivated and assist them to track their progress. As such, the learners enjoy the app and recommend it to others as well, thereby accelerating the retention rate.

Personalization options for Versatile Learners

Each learner has unique objectives and preferences. The eLearning apps cater to individual needs as per their need due to the availability of a plethora of courses for developing knowledge and skill set. These apps offer flexibility and simplify the learning process for users. All such goodies make their learning experience much more meaningful.

Collaborative Learning Procedures

A digital platform allows the learner and trainers to interact with one another. Learners can also connect with their peers on such platforms to discuss study-related matters as required. This approach facilitates collaborative learning/group learning and provides them a sense of cooperation and accomplishment.

Effortless Scalability

Once architected, an eLearning app can be used by several professionals simultaneously. It can be used for various purposes like designing new courses and uploading them or introducing new training, courses, etc. in the future. Hence, it’s a one-time investment for an enterprise that intends to enhance the skills of its workforce to boost productivity.

Concluding Note:

Some time ago, no one could even imagine that providing quality education will move beyond the physical confines of a classroom, and yet be so effective. The world of mobile eLearning happens to be a clear representation of a platform where anyone and everyone can obtain the desired education by clicking on their smartphones. In several corporate establishments, these eLearning solutions have impacted the productivity of their professionals in multiple ways.

We hope that this blog helped you to obtain insights regarding mobile eLearning. Let us know in case you have further queries or would need assistance in crafting an impeccable eLearning app solution.