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10 Best Mobile Learning Apps in 2024 [Updated]


In this fast-paced society, the need to own a mobile phone has increased a lot. It has been found out that 64% of the Americans do own a smart phone. And 15% of the people who own a smart phone claims to have a primary source of internet access. With that, 30% of the smart phones are being used for educational purpose.

As you can see, whether you want to kill your time or do something productive or wish to learn something. All can be done through a smart phone. There are many mobile learning apps available to facilitate learners in their learning process. And if you need to know some mobile learning apps that can strengthen your learning needs then know that there are endless opportunities already available at play store. And that is why we are here with the names and details of the 10 best mobile learning apps.

Best Mobile Learning Apps

Below are the names and details of the 10 best mobile learning apps.


LinkedIn is a very professional application where learners can easily find things they need to know and the things they didn’t know were necessary to know. It is easily available on playstore where you can download it and make an account and get connected with people from all over the world. You can easily join discussion groups that are relevant to your field and stay up-to-date.


BoostHQ was formerly known as Slyng and is a content-sharing application that enables you to select who can see and collaborate with you on your content. Here you can design a course with a small and collaborative group of people and then share it with your course audience of students all from the same app. You can also integrate BoostHQ using multiple tools so that you can work with whatever the software you prefer. It is available on iOS for free. You can also checkout our article on mLearning.



With the help of evernote, you can take notes and save different links and images and also sort all your work into multiple projects. The best thing about this app is that it syncs automatically between different devices so that you can take notes from anywhere. You can also work on different projects easily back at your desk. Evernote is free to use but the premium plan starts at $34.99 a month. You can download it on iOS and Android.


It is quite normal that everyone has their own preferred method of learning information. Some people love the linear experience of reading a book. Whereas, others have a more sporadic approach. In either cases, SimpleMind is best to use as it lets learners structure their thoughts in such a way that makes sense to them. It is also helpful for learning managers in planning out a new training initiative.

Skill Pill


SkillPill is known to be a mobile microlearning platform that is suitable for short educational videos and is focused on corporate training. Here you can choose from a wide library of pre-made animated shorts on a variety of workplace education topics. Or you can commission them to build custom videos for you. Either way, this mobile learning app is free to use with the option to pay for a n increased video library.


QuizUp is known to be a very popular and interactive quiz app that enables users to connect through Facebook or Google. This app lets users challenge their friends to a battle of wits.it also gives users the option to create their own quizzes and compete to earn their spot at the top. As a learning manager, you can easily use this mobile learning app to start a topic. And then add questions in it.


Workplace Training: Training Evaluation and Measuring Effectiveness

      • ATC Training via FutureLearn
      • 3 weeks (2 hours weekly) of effort required
      • Course type: Self Paced


Workplace Training: Delivery and Assessment Methods

      • ATC Training via FutureLearn
      • 2 weeks (3 hours weekly) of effort required
      • Course type: Self Paced


Flashcards is a very efficient source of revising something as it embeds small chunks of information at regular intervals. It is known to be a time-honoured learning tool and now instead of fiddling around with the index cards, you can use Quizlet to create your own sets of flashcards using your mobile. You can also share it with your friends and colleagues. Similarly, you can add different images and audio in it and make it more challenging.

Elevate App

Elevate App is a very effective and interactive brain training app, that helps in developing different skills like memory, comprehension, and precision. If you want to have your employees perform better in their job then the best way to improve the core abilities is through this mobile learning app. With the help of the features offered by elevate app, your learners would be able to digest any training you throw at them.


WordPress contains all the functionality of that in a desktop version. It includes blog stats and reporting, the option to post and edit anything. An option of integration if you are self-hosed and more. Similarly, it comes with push notifications so that you can keep up with student in real time. This mobile learning app is available for iOS and Android for free. You might also be interested in developing successful eLearning strategy and future.


Udemy is a very effective learning app that offers a huge library of thousands of online courses. It is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. It is an open course library and you can use it to craft or add onto your eLearning courses. Similarly, you can assign different courses to students and then let the pre-made lessons and assignments do the rest of the work. Udemy is free to use and many courses here are also free to enroll it buy some are also paid one. This mobile learning app is available on iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

There are endless learning opportunities available on the app store and these 10 best mobile learning apps were just the tip of the iceberg. Hence all you need is a little imagination and enough determination to give your people the best mobile learning experience. So, read the details of these 10 best mobile learning apps now and never stop learning.