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How can Mobile Learning or mLearning be used in Corporate Training?


If you struggling to offer both formal and Performance Support Training to your employees then mLearning is all you need. With the onset of Pandemic, many multinational companies have opted mobile learning as a part of their corporate training program. In 2011, EI Design identified mobile learning as a game-changer in corporate training.

In 2021, customized HTML5 frameworks are assisting firms to decide how to create mobile learning solutions. In parallel with, which mobile learning strategies will achieve the desired impact. Enough said, in this post, we’ll dive deeper into mLearning and its purpose in corporate training.


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What is Mobile Learning in Training and Development?

mLearning, or learning that occurs on mobile devices, has enormous benefits for training your personnel anywhere they are. But, what exactly is mLearning? Well, let us start with this!

The mLearning, often known as mobile learning, is more than just eLearning tailored for smartphones and tablets. In Corporate training, it plays a huge part in employee development.

It is that sort of training, that drives the features included in mobile devices to provide better and more targeted training materials for your staff. Using mLearning, your organization can guarantee even better opportunities for on-the-job training. In 2017, 47% of firms employed mobile devices for training, and this figure is only growing. A shocking 86% of employees use their phones the majority of the time. Better opportunities await you if you can identify training solutions for your team.

Why does Mobile Learning work as a Training tool for a Corporation?

Mobile learning in corporate training provides a way to connect employees who are working door-to-door, working overseas, or usually take their training outside of business hours. mLearning is a novel method of accessing learning content as easily as possible. As it allows you constant access to the learning process, it also enables employees to produce and apply information in order to keep their jobs with market-competitive skills. When it comes to participants taking courses and tests, we’ve seen that they use both mobile and desktop devices fairly alike. Mobile learning, on the other hand, outperforms physical training in terms of percentages. You might also be interested in best mobile learning apps.

What Learning Strategies are used to develop efficient Mobile Learning-Based Corporate Training?

mobile-learning-for-corporate-trainingTakethiscourse names these strategies for creating corporate training that will have the following impact:

  • Offer a high level of involvement
  • Allow for improved recall and retention.
  • Make sure that gained knowledge is used more effectively.
  • Demonstrate a measurable benefit to both learners and businesses.
  • Encourage social and collaborative learning.

You can multiply the impact of your mobile training solutions by using these learning mobile learning tactics for corporate training on a regular basis. Get a favorable impact on your ROI.

How does Mobile Training improve an Organization’s overall Training Capability?

According to Ericsson’s prediction, smartphones are used by 80% of the world’s population (6.4 billion people). Following this, without a doubt, mobile phones are to be a part of corporate training far more than usual. It’s evident that all of us have switched from expensive tutors to cost-effective online courses. A traditional classroom cannot meet the increasing expectations of learners with various requirements.

The primary purpose of mobile learning is to promote collaboration and enhance the developing interface of trainees. As a result, online learning is transforming the environment from static to dynamic growth. Look at the benefits below of mlearning for predictable outcomes in your firm:

1. Easy And Instant Access

Communication through a pc Or laptop occurs without any question, in which the trainee stays in one location and gets content to function.  via the web. While  Mobile learning allows interactivity via a mobile device, facilitating the process of embracing knowledge all the time and from any location. You might also be interested in Train The Trainer Courses here.

2. Enhanced Communication


Mobile devices provide both a real and virtual area under which to convey content to the prospective customers becomes way easier.  These aid in the formation of groups, frequently digital and transitional. That’s also due to the fact that increased connectivity implies that the world of social networking is now shifting to mobile devices.

3. Information Strategy That Works

The trainees like to benefit from training materials that they can access on their own mobile devices. And that is why trainers develop information for various sorts of android platforms. Regarding appropriate information strategy, positive developmental philosophies, as well as Interactive Conceptual guidelines, should be followed. Mobile trainees who usually travel for work can thrive better in this kind of environment. You can also find out how to choose the best online corporate training for businesses.

4. Suitable for a Distant Staff

Among the most significant advantages of mobile technology is the ability to engage employees residing in different regions. Furthermore, internet connectivity has made it possible for wage workers, corporate officers, and others to access information on their mobile phones. Just keep in mind that trainees can easily access learning content and develop knowledge on how to enhance product quality- all at the same time.

5. Enhanced Flexibility and Usefulness


Because of the expanding usage of mobile devices, the advent of mlearning has shifted knowledge into shorter guides with higher flexibility and durability rates. Everyone has expectations for e-course information. As a result, the demand for physical encounters is questionable now more than ever before. You might also be interested in developing successful eLearning strategy.


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Mobile Learning Examples in Corporate Training

mLearning contributes to increased training speed and employee productivity. Let us look at few examples to see how technological advancements have transformed corporate training:

1. Offering Mobile-Friendly Content

That’s the most popular application of mobile learning. Once you’ve created your learning content (mainly on a desktop), you may send it to your trainees so they can learn. Self-pace is the ultimate advantage of using mobile devices. It is simple to distribute the material by email or sharing links. In a nutshell, use mobile-friendly content that can be viewed by anyone anytime.

2. Participation in Training

Mobile devices are used in a mixed training environment. Mobile devices can also be used in a collaborative training strategy. During in-person training, instructors can pose questions, and the audience can respond via a survey taken on their smartphones. The trainer can do this by sharing a link to the survey, emailing participants, or even creating a Pin code that can be readily taken with a smartphone lens. It is likely to secure instant feedback, which is extremely useful for training humungous groups.

What is the Purpose of Mobile Learning?

Every organization gets multi-benefits from the proper and successful adoption of mobile learning in a variety of ways. Goes without saying, that mobile devices are the most convenient way for us to consume information. Mobile learning facilitates the delivery of content in smaller parts that are linked to your companies growth.  Previously, the primary source of information was only applicable in a physical environment delivered in close supervision with no recordings or quicker choices. This sequential structure was broken by the use of computer systems for content distribution.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, mobile users may access and broadcast information. Gain access to social network software on mobile devices right away. Distribute content to a large number of people. mLearning contributes to increased training speed and employee productivity. So say hello to the future!