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New Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning


Dr. Muhammad Usman has compiled this video so that it gets easier for the viewers to have an in-depth knowledge regarding the new Bloom’s Taxonomy. Let us have a brief overview of everything that you can learn through this informational video. As we all might know, to learn something new, we should always have a look at its history. Similarly, in this video, Dr. Muhammad Usman will guide you through the history of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

New Blooms TaxonomyYou will get to know about all of the six levels of Bloom Taxonomy. Moreover, you will also get to learn about Blooms Taxonomy Wedge. Blooms Taxonomy Wedge is a new version of the six levels of the Blooms Taxonomy.

Now, moving on. You will get to understand and compare the different definitions on to Blooms Taxonomy. This video contains in-depth detail concerning every single Taxonomy level.

These are the different levels of Blooms Taxonomy:

  • The first level of Blooms Taxonomy is Knowledge (Remembering). Remembering itself is the very basic level. In this level, you come up with the questions like: what is…?, why did…?, how can..?. etc.
  • The second level on to the Blooms Taxonomy is Comprehension (Understanding). This level is moving from remembering towards the in-depth knowledge. At this level, you write about what you remember.
  • The third level is Application (Transferring). This level involves putting whatever knowledge you have gained to implementation.
  • The fourth level is Analysis (Relating). At this level, your mind starts making you think critically about the things that you know. You will get to know how to subdivide the information that you have in your mind.
  • The fifth level on to the Blooms Taxonomy is Evaluation (Judging). At this level, you will start bringing all of the pieces together. This is an important level, as you will be making valuable decisions related to specific criteria.
  • The last level is Synthesis (Creating). This is the most important level. At this level, you create something new with the help of a combination of ideas. You will mix all the ideas from different sources to come up with a completely new idea.

Video Series:

Part 1: Fundamentals

Part 2: Dimension Mapping

Author Bio:

Dr. Muhammad Usman Tariq has more than 14+ year’s experience in industry and academia. He has been working as a consultant and trainer for industries representing six sigma, quality, health and safety, environmental systems, project management, and information security standards. His work has encompassed sectors in aviation, manufacturing, food, hospitality, education, finance, research, software and transportation. He has diverse and significant experience working with accreditation agencies of ABET, ACBSP, AACSB, WASC, CAA, EFQM and NCEAC.

Additionally, Dr. Tariq has operational experience in incubators, research labs, government research projects, private sector startups, program creation and management at various industrial and academic levels. He is Certified Higher Education Teacher from Harvard University, USA, Certified Online Educator from HMBSU, Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lead Auditor ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 14001, IOSH MS, OSHA 30, and OSHA 48. He is member of Harvard Business Review Advisory Council.

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