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10 Best Active Learning Strategies


Let’s be honest, nobody likes to learn right? Since what you need is an inspiration to keep your focus and build your future. But when you think about a typical classroom, it is not so inspirational yet boring and all the same. Probably that’s why when you heard about the pandemic, students were delighted to stay home!

Why? Because, when you are teaching teenagers and kids, there is nothing unique or interesting for your students to stay actively involved. You are teaching your class through a teacher-centered Active learning Strategies rather than a student-centered approach which makes it entirely difficult for you as a student to learn and for teachers to keep on educating. Be creative, insightful and energize your academic learning and classrooms. Gain some exciting experiences and build empowering bonds with the below-mentioned strategies. You can checkout best Paying Learning and Development Jobs at takethiscourse platform.

Nowadays Free Online Courses with Certificate of Completion and MOOCs from top universities and leading organizations allow people to meet with and learn from others all over the world, all from the comfort of their homes this is also one of the examples of Active Learning Strategies.

1. Brainstorming

In Active Learning Strategies ,This Technique is probably the most common yet most effective technique in the world of education and learning. Amplify your whole learning process by mind mapping and brain storming!

So, what you need to do is a very activity. Involve your students by telling them to just unveil their inner thoughts or opinions about the subject matter. You can even place a soft board in the middle of the room and paste your thoughts anonymously. As a student, this will be a favor to yourself because when you are yourself, you are at your level best!

2. Game Based Learning Strategy

Game Based Learning

Hands-down this is by far most loved by students of all ages. Greatly, an inspiring also delighting learning strategy is game-based learning. You may be familiar with various “SPELLING-BEE” contests or “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?”, basically these games add more fun and alternation to your whole learning strategy. You can also find out How to Improve Online Course Effectiveness through Gamification.

A healthy competition stimulates learners of all ages to do better and learn more to hone their skills in a worth-mentioning way. Puzzles or riddles even scrabbles can create so much fun-based learning stimulation then you won’t even have imagined.

3. Active Research Base Learning

The third learning strategy from Active Learning Strategies list at your disposal is simply a reference to your understanding and evaluation process. It adds an unexpected charm to your educational synopsis.

The use of this strategy means just trust your instincts and use GOOGLE or YAHOO to make your presentation or homework more engaging and insightful for the rest of your life. Address the issue through this simple technique and you’ll earn yourself a thoughtful experience and brilliant grades. Not just saying ok, try this!

4. Peer Teaching or Group Study

Peer teaching

This is an absolutely enjoyable yet highly advantageous leaning strategy from Active Learning Strategies list. Addition to your fun-filled learning session is now no technique but your best friends to nail your academic learning. It does get boring at times when you are on your own especially when you have your exams or class tests and already knowing the boring subject matter, you may give up your lesson!

Now, you don’t want to get awful grades. So what you should do is invite some friends and learn via peer-teaching, without any doubt your’re learning experience is going to get much exciting and better.

5. Pause Base Strategy

The one in question here isn’t just about taking “PAUSE”, it’s actually about digesting the material you learn in a class of straight 1 hour!
For teachers, if you want to engage your students why don’t you try this learning strategy? It’s really easy yet it offers so much benefits like you can actually see what you taught a minute ago is whether understood or not.

For students, knowing it’s not your call to take a study break, escape the tiring lecture by advising this strategy and who knows maybe your instructor would love this to.

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6. One by One Talking Strategy

The indicated strategy is the best one from Active learning Stratigies list gladly invites you to “GIVE YOUR OPINION” action. Every learner is integrated with a plethora of impressive thoughts and expressions, so when you let an individual speak his/her mind it’ll do wonders.
Without digging into excessive books, try involving your class and enjoy your learning session with pleasant memories as well.

7. Divide the Audience/Favour & Against

A Active learning strategy is never complete till you get to know about “favor & against” technique. This means involve your class and make your class more productive. As you may already you, this trick offers amazing views in all directions, starting from the beginning till ending the discussion in a open-ended way is going to push the learner to ultimately know more about the subject matter.

8. Reciprocal Question & Answer

Yes, if you prefer an interesting lesson, ask your students to “ASK QUESTIONS”. This strategy is creatively structured keeping in mind the modern and old learning methods which led to a combination of an active technique which includes the target audience to question more and more in order to learn more and more. To encourage an open-ended dialogue where learners become teachers, asking creative questions regarding the subject matter is what defines this technique.

9. Note Taking Strategy


The indicated is the most common technique in itself. You may hate writing down what you just learned but it’s really helpful. This little thoughtful approach of writing notes can solve your most unclear or most confusing points while taking a lesson

Class discussions are usually forgotten as you go through a whole lot of different things within a day. So, if you’re in the middle of lack of concentration crisis, include this active learning strategy and quickly grab the space before anyone!

10. Learning by Teaching

Seamlessly blending into any learning strategy is learning by teaching. At times, all it asks is a single upgrade which here refers to teaching your students to present before an audience.

Like that you create unimaginable opportunities for future speakers. Filling the room with outstanding and creative presenters indeed involves the entire audience to reciprocate, ask undeniably, and facilitate the whole class of learners.

You can adopt this Active learning strategy, in a specific environment like discussing an important topic, its pros and cons, this shows that it is a very explanatory process where the facilitator is playing the part of a moderator and subject matter professional.So this is the best 10 Active Learning Strategies you can follow to improve your Learning Skills.