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Reopening of NYU and the strict SOP’s

In these tough times Nyu Schedule of Classes issued by Newyork University, NYU tried to stay as much optimistic as possible and continue their mission to fight COVID-19 by closing the doors of their institute. But now when things have started to fall into place a little, the doors are again open to everyone with special instructions to be followed. NYU is committed to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 by being more cautious than ever and setting strict SOP’s to be followed by every single human.

In our previous article, we have already talked about the re-opening of NYU and that they will be setting strict SOP’s to prevent the spread of the virus. But what kind of SOP’s they will be implementing or how determined they are to help their community in these tough times is something that we don’t know right? So that is why we are here with all the information you need about the strict SOP and the part NYU has and still is playing in serving the community. Checkout all Best Online NYU Classes details.

Information Visualization: Programming with D3.js
NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
Taught by: Enrico Bertini & Cristian Felix
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★★★★★ (100 ratings)
This course is part of Information Visualization Specialization

Cyber Attack Countermeasures
NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
Taught by: Dr. Edward G. Amoroso
 students enrolled!
★★★★★ (308 ratings)
This course is part of Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization

What type of changes you’ll find at NYU:

Well of course there will be some changes put to action and the environment of the university would not be the same as it used to be. So we thought why not give our readers a tour about what to expect.

  • You won’t be allowed to wander in the buildings of NYU like you used to before. Instead now when you enter the building, you need to be aware of the new signage marking designated entrances and exits.
  • You don’t have to touch the scanner for showing your identity instead hovering the ID card would be fine.
  • Similarly, if you need to go to the lower floor, you should take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Classrooms are going to hold a 50% occupancy.
  • Setting the strength of students in a classroom in a way that enables them to stay 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Promoting elevator buttons to be pushed using a pen or pencil instead of your hands.
  • Designating a one-way hall and staircase. Either it would be for up or down and not both ways.

NYU’s part in supporting communities:

COVID-19’s effects have been quite harsh on the world that we know but the ones who got affected by it the most are the poor communities and communities of color. Keeping in mind this situation, NYU is working day in day out to make sure that no one in the NYU’s community is ostracized, mistreated, bullied, or ignored because of this disease.

And if any members felt like they have experienced any type of harassment or discrimination, then they are encouraged to report their concerns to the Bias Response Line. NYU believes that this small gesture of supporting our community can bring a small change in the lives of those who have been affected by it the most.

Introduction to Cyber Attacks
NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
Taught by: Dr. Edward G. Amoroso
students enrolled!
★★★★★ (963 ratings)
This course is part of Introduction to Cyber Security Specialization

Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance
NYU Tandon School of Engineering via Coursera
Taught by: Igor Halperin
students enrolled!
★★★★☆ (231 ratings)
This course is part of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance Specialization

Creative Coding
NYU via edX
10,586 students enrolled!
14 Weeks Duration
8-10 Hours Weekly Study
This course is Part of Integrated Digital Media MicroMaster Program


Nyu issues Nyu Schedule of Classes As you can see, NYU is opening again with some serious SOP’s that everyone has to follow. And know that these rules, the new changes, and SOP’s have been highlighted out after careful consideration and a lot of table talk. So it is best to have all the information you need before entering the gates of NYU again. Stay safe and never stop learning.