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Machine Learning for Business Professionals Free Online Course with Certificate


A very informational and engaging free online course with a certificate that gives an introduction to machine learning. This course is very suitable for all the non-technical business professionals out there. It is because the hype of machine learning is quite high in the market. And that is why people like you who are interested in this field are eager to use machine learning in their business. But at the same time, you all think that there is a need to have a technical background to understand this field. Interestingly, what this course has to offer doesn’t demand you to have a technical background.


Thus showing that anyone interested in this field is welcome to join the course. So let us talk about what this free online course as to for you to learn. In this way, you can easily decide whether this course is for you or not.

What can you learn from this free online course with certificate?

When you manage to complete this free online course, the following things would have been definitely learned by you.

  • You will be able to understand and apply machine learning solutions to solve real-world problems.
  • Similarly, learning how to identify whether the amount of data that you have is enough for Machine Learning or not.
  • Furthermore, being able to carry a project through various phases of ML. This is going to include training, evaluation, and lastly, deployment.
  • Moreover, identifying how you can avoid reinforcing existing bias is also an aim of this course.
  • Becoming capable of performing AL responsibly.
  • Discovering all the Machine Learning use cases.
  • In short, becoming proficient at Machine Learning.
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Are there any requirements to fulfill for taking the free online course?

Yes, to be able to learn from this course, you need to have a desktop web browser. This is a must because only then you can run your course’s interactive labs through Qwiklabs and Google Cloud.

Social proof:

Now comes the most authentic part of our discussion where we allow you to take a look at the user’s feedback. Reading the comments that actual users have given about this course can help you decide whether or not to take it.

Positive feedback:

  • This course contains a concise overview of ML which most of the instructors fail to deliver. Every important topic is covered in the course efficiently. The introduction to GCP tools was my favorite part. Overall I have learned most of the technical concepts of ML through this course. (Michael C, 5 stars).
  • An excellent and meticulously made course that will help you understand multiple use cases of ML. The 3 labs for hands-on training are too good. It helped me get a good grip on the concepts. (Vikash K, 5 stars).
  • After completing the whole course I can now finally give my feedback. This course is one of the best free online courses that I have ever taken so far. The information was just enough to keep me alert and motivated and keep going. The access to GCP labs was too fun. I feel like I have learned quite a lot from the course. (Phaneendra R, 5 stars).
  • A wise choice for all the non-technical users out there to learn ML. From case studies to the practice on Google Cloud different tools, everything was worth time and effort. (Aksay L, 5 stars).
  • I feel very comfortable with the machine learning concepts ever since I have completed this course. It gives you an idea about how machine learning works. How you can set up machine learning teams within your company. What is the right strategy to identify potential use cases in your business and much more was gained. (Marcelo C D, 5 stars).

Negative feedback:

  • What was missing in the course was a variety of practical examples. It should have been added in bulk to understand ML more practically. (Kaushik J, 2 stars).
  • The initial parts of the course were good. But the rest was not useful. (George P R. 2 stars).
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Our discussion can, therefore, be brought to the conclusion that the overall course is worth taking. This free online course with a certificate can be of great help to all the non-technical business professionals like you. Through this course, you will understand what ML is like never before. So take this course now and start learning the technicalities of Machine Learning today.