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Live Project On ASP.Net Core 2.0 MVC (Formerly ASP.Net MVC 5)


This is a very valuable, interesting and easy to understand course that is being designed to help all those who have interest in designing database, bootstrap, entity framework and much more that are related to one another. The course aims to provide a complete and elaborated set of instructions that are enough for a learner of any scale to understand about ASP.NET and all the terms relating to it. There will be a number of things that this course will help to understand like how to implement transactions, how to make applications more responsive using bootstrap, what are form validations and business rules validations, we will learn some very interesting optimization techniques as well and much more. By taking this course, a learner’s brain is going to develop all the skills that are required in order to use ASP.NET Core 2.0. The course has been instructed by Manzoor Ahmed and this instructor has tried to merge his years of experience and hard work in a form of a single short course that will enable all those who wish to learn ASP.NET in a best possible way.

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Who should take this course?

This course must and should be taken by all those who have interest in ASP.NET and wish to start a career in this field. The course is a perfect starting point for the beginner as the instructor has focused on all of the important and even basic facts as well. If the course is taken seriously by a beginner then it can be of a lot of help. With that, the course is also a very good opportunity for those who have prior knowledge of ASP.NET and wish to take their learning to an advanced level. The course will help them to develop strong basics and pursue this field as a career and as for those who already have a career in this field, taking this course can help them improve their skills to a great extent. The course has so much information and explanation in it using real world examples that a professional can also take notes from it, this means that the course is a suitable choice for any kind of a learner. So all you need is an SQL server 2008 express or higher and a VS2013 express or higher and then you are all set to take the course.

Social proof:

Let us now take a look at the social proof and see what our users have to say about the course. This section has honest opinions that are only given by the users themselves after completing the course. The purpose of these comments is for other users to get an idea about the course so that it becomes easy for them to decide.

5 star rating:

The course has turned out to be very informational and helpful for all the beginners.

I am a beginner and I think that taking this course was a best decision that I made for myself. Everything in the course is very helpful and totally relatable. The course made me able to understand about ASP.NET in a very thorough way.

This is a best ever course for someone who is starting out fresh and needs guidance.

I would say that if we take a look at the contents and the material that the course has to offer, we can easily say that the course is a perfect fit for all those who are new to this field and needs guidance.

The model used in the course is perfect for developing easy to medium complex projects.

By taking this course, we can say that a person can easily become capable of developing easy to medium and complex projects. The course has proper guidance as to what should be done.

Everything in the course has been explained in a very organized manner.

Every single piece of information in the course has been explained and arranged properly and a learner never feels lost in the contents of the course.   

Those who wish to learn real time development must take this course.

This is a best course for all those people out there who have a passion to learn real time development. The course is a perfect choice for these people as it has everything that is required to learn about real time development.

The database relation has been explained very thoroughly.

The whole course was very helpful but the part where the database relations have been explained was the most helping part for me as I had some serious ambiguities about it.

The explanation given in the course was clear, precise and to the point.

Throughout the course, the explanation given was clear and precise and totally relevant which is very admirable. I was able to get a good sense of this technology only because of the course.

Teacher was great and made the subject more interesting.

The teacher who was a part of this course was amazing. His hard work was all over the course. He had carefully explained every term in the course and I can say for sure that every student or a learner who takes this course will get benefit from it. Even the body language of the teacher was so optimistic that made the course even more interesting.

I found the material to be very practical and useful.

I am a beginner and taking this course was a best decision for me. The course has very practical and useful material. The tips given in the course can be totally applied in real life and has so many useful material in it.

4 star rating:

The exercises, assignments and readings were very useful.

This course is very useful. Every piece of information given in the course is useful. Also the exercises and assignments given to solve are the best part. They turned out to be so helpful in clearing my concepts even better.

The course is very well organized and easy to follow.

Not many short courses have the quality of being so organized and easy to follow. But this course has it all. The course is very organized and easy to follow.

The course has very valuable information that most teachers fail to give.

Every piece of information given in this course is so valuable and not much teachers have this quality of delivery a lecture in such an organized way. There wasn’t even a single time where I found the course to be difficult.

As awesome insightful course that has all the information necessary.

This is a very awesome course that has even the slightest concepts being explained in an amazing way. It has all the information that is required in mastering this field.

Succinct real world examples were the best part of the course.

I loved the whole course but the best part about the course was the real world examples. These examples were so practical and real that I was able to apply these examples in my real work life.

A good content which is worth taking.

This course is worth taking. There wasn’t even a single minute in the course that made me think the course is worthless. Every content available in the course is very useful and easy to learn.

The structure of the course is very well organized.

The whole structure of the course is organized very well. There isn’t any topic in the course that is unnecessary or irrelevant. Every module is independent of one another.

3 star rating:

I can recommend this course to others as I was able to gain knowledge.

I have learned many things from this course that were very useful. So I can recommend this to many of my friends who are also studying this field.

2 and 1 star rating:

The quality of the slides was very poor.

The video quality was very poor which was disturbing as I had to focus really really hard on the screen.


Let us now discuss some of the alternatives that we have for this course. We will give a brief introduction of these relevant courses so that a user can get an idea about what these courses are. The purpose of these alternatives is to help a use decide which one is best for him according to his level of understanding.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 Shopping Store Based on Microservices

This is also an amazing course and a perfect alternative to our main course that can also be taken. The aim of this course is to provide learners with the best knowledge regarding how they can build e-commerce web applications with the help of latest technologies that are being offered by Microsoft and Docker Company. The course is based on microservice architecture and we’ll be having 5 microservices running that also includes the MVC client application. The course contains such information and learning material in it that can help learners to learn how they can build different websites with the help of latest and different technologies. There will be a number of things that will be taught to learners through this course like how to protect your web apis and MVC client with the help of an authorization server, how dockerizing your microservice projects can happen, how to utilize docker database and much more. The course contains 36 downloadable resources and 13.5 hours of on-demand videos. The learning material of the course can turn out to be very helpful if taken seriously. Hence it is a very interesting and useful course that will help learners to deal with all the complications that one can encounter while developing a website. So click on the below link to get the course now.

ASP.NET Core MVC and Angular 5 project creating a CMS

This ASP.NET core MVC and Angular 5 Project creating a CMS will help learners to create restful API’s with this very useful ASP.NET MVC framework. This course is a perfect alternative to our main course and can help learners to develop a firm understanding as to how they can build real world applications not just with the help of ASP.NET MVC but also with the help of Angular 5. For more opportunities to enhance your coding skills, explore our programming courses. Yes the aim of this course is to focus on both ASP.NET MVC plus Angular 5 in order to develop real world websites that are very efficient, effective, fast and reliable. As the course is totally project-based, this means that learners will be able to develop websites with the help of real projects in this way they can learn in a better way. The course contains to the point notes and lectures that will help learners to build a RESTful API with the help of ASP.NET MVC framework. So if you think that this course is the right choice for you and that it can help you develop a strong base of ASP.NET then click on the below mentioned link to take this course as a discounted rate today.


We can conclude our topic by saying that this course is a perfect fit for all those in need and can really help them become capable of understanding completely about how ASP.Net actually works. The course has complete explanation regarding how to learn to develop a 3-tier arch using ASP.NET MVC, bootstrap, Jquery and much more. The course contains a number of lectures that are very engaging and easy to understand so that learners can make the most out of the course. This course has turned out to be a perfect opportunity for thousands of students out there who wanted to make a career in this field. The real world examples have been added in the course so that it gets easy for learners to grasp the concepts and also apply it in the real world. The rating of the course is very appealing and is also available at a discounted rate. So don’t waste your time anymore and take this course today so that you can get a lifetime access over its contents.


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