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  • Taught by: Dr. Wayne Whiteman, PE Senior Academic Professional, Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
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Coursera has introduced an excellent course that will enable students to learn and apply all the principles that are necessary to solve engineering mechanics problems. The course has all the details regarding the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems. It has all the concepts regarding real world engineering applications and problem solving. Those students who take this course will be able to clarify all the concepts of engineering mechanics. The teaching methodology of this course is very unique and enables students to clear all their concepts regarding physics. All the materials and content available in the course are up-to-date and very easy to understand. Thus taking this course will not be a waste of money or even time.

Who should take this course?

This course can be taken by all those people who have basic knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. All those students who think that they have basic knowledge of these two terms can take this course and upgrade their knowledge. The course has a step by step lectures and each section explains different terms in a very efficient way. Even if a student just have a little idea regarding this field, he can still take this course as the terms explained in the course are very thoroughly explained and if taken the course seriously, one can easily understand every term in it in a very short span of time. Also those professionals who already have a career in this field but like to upgrade their post can also take this course.

Social proof:

Let us read some of the reviews that students have given regarding this course. This will enable other students or learners to decide for themselves whether this course is a good choice for them or not.

5 star rating:

Excellent teaching methodology.

The teaching methodology of this course is amazing. Each term explained in this course is taught in a very unique way and makes it easy for a learner to understand all the concepts easily.

The course has a very interactive approach that leads to clarification of concepts.

The approach of the course is very interactive. Means the way that the course has been set by the instructor makes all the concepts to be cleared very easily. Which term should be explained first and which in the end is arranged in an efficient way. This prevents a learner from getting lost in the course.

The concept of basic calculation is explained in a very easy way.

How to do basic calculation is a concept that has been explained in this course so beautifully. I have enjoyed this course so much and my concept regarding basic calculation has only be cleared by this course.

So many challenging concepts are given.

The course has so many challenging concepts but no worries even these challenging concepts can easily be understood by any student as the information shared in this course regarding every concept is quite enough to make a student understand it easily.

Very useful course for starting level engineers.

Those who are starting their career in this field should definitely take this course as this course has a lot of information regarding their field. Every important as well as minor term is discussed very clearly in the course. The course has different section that makes it easy to watch.

Perfectly designed for young engineers.

A best course for our young engineers. This course is a best opportunity for all the fresh engineers. With this course, they get an opportunity to further polish their skills and do better. Also it provides an excellent foundation in engineering mechanics.

Student friendly course.

This is a student friendly course, meaning the course has been designed especially for the students to learn more quickly and easily.

Every explanation is practically explained by the instructor.

The explanation given in the course is not only limited to words. But it has been practically explained by the instructor. Something when explained practically becomes easy to understand and this course is totally based on real life examples which makes it easier to understand.

4 star rating:

Great introductory course in statics.

This is a very great course that contains excellent introduction of statics. Those students who have any doubt in this concept should take this course and start clearing their concepts now.

An amazing course for beginners.

Overall this course is the best for those who are beginners. A beginner always has less knowledge regarding a particular field. But this course is designed in a way that will for sure help the beginners in understanding all the concepts very easily.

Can turn out to be very helpful in refreshing all the basic concepts of engineering.

Now if we talk about those people who have prior knowledge of this field but have become out dated, they should also take this course. This will not only help them refresh their concepts but also will enable them discover new terms and techniques regarding this field. So it won’t be a waste of time and money to take this course even by a professional.

Recommended to anyone who has interest in Mechanics of engineering and also Calculus.

This course can be recommended to all those people who even have a slightest of interest in mechanics and calculus.

English Subtitles are very helpful.

If a video has subtitles in it, it gets very easy to understand. This course has subtitles in English that has made the videos become even more understandable.

3 star rating:

Solution for practice problem homework should have been given.

Though this course has a very detailed videos and everything explained in the course is a big help but one main problem that I thought should be pointed out is the absence of solutions to problems given at the end. If answers were given of each problem, then concepts would have been cleared much more easily. But still I would say that overall course is beyond good.

An amazing course but small mistakes in the videos should be corrected.

The course had all the lectures delivered in a good manner but as videos goes by, some mistakes were found in the videos. I would be helpful if those mistakes from the videos are removed.

Quizzes given at the end should have been more difficult otherwise the course is excellent.

At the end there are many quizzes given for the students to solve. The main purpose of these quizzes is to help the learner assess himself as to how much he has understood the course. For that to happen a little difficult quizzes should be given. But instead very easy to solve quizzes have been given.

2 and 1 star rating:

Seems like just all the information is dumped at you and sufficient clarification is not given.

One problem that I found is that no doubt the course has a lot of information, but the information is not very well explained. It looks like just a pile of information has been dumped on the student and no one is there to help them understand it.


Let us discuss some of the alternatives that can also be taken if a student feels that he needs another course.

Applications in engineering mechanics.

This course is for those people who have deep knowledge regarding engineering mechanics. The course has a detailed lectures regarding the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems. The name of the instructor of the course is Dr Wayne Whiteman and the rating of this course is 4.8. So this course can be taken by all those who have all the basic knowledge regarding engineering mechanics and want to take their study to an upgraded level.

Modern Robotics: Mechanics, planning and control.

This course is suitable for those who have a freshman level engineering background. If they think that they have enough knowledge of Mechanics and want more with that then they should take this course as it will not only give detail about Mechanics but also other terms like planning and control is also very well explained. The instructor of this course is Kevin Lynch and has tried to explain everything in an efficient way.


We can conclude this topic by saying that this course is a very helpful and informational course. It has all the terms covered in a very efficient way that are necessary for an engineer student to understand. The course also has an amazing rating of 4.7 and also the social proofs discussed above can also help or motivate other learners to take this course. The instructor Dr Wayne Whiteman has tried as hard as possible to deliver everything that he has to offer so that students can learn from it and take their career to a next level. With that we can also without any hesitation say that the course is also suitable for professionals too as the course is always kept up-to-date and has all the information that is needed to specialize in this field. So don’t think even for a second that this course can be a waste of time or money because it’s not so hurry up and take this course now.


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