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How To Study Online While Working


As the internet and computers became affordable and available, online learning has also grown in popularity. Visiting any college now, you will notice faces of students who are way above their thirties and forty years.

Some students sitting in the lecture room for the first time are even older than their lecturers. They are all in college for different reasons. Some of them have enrolled in college for the first time, probably because they can now afford the tuition fees.

Others have come back to finish the degree they left unfinished years ago. Others are upskilling, reskilling, or just adding another feather to their academic cap. The COVID-19 time forced most of the secondary, primary, and universities to start a distance/online class.

A practice that is here to stay with us for a very long time. Studying online has created a convenience that allows anyone to gain additional skills by fitting their study around their lives instead of changing their lives to go back to class.

Below are ways of how a person can juggle working life and online study without disrupting their lives. You can also see this link https://www.findmyprogramme.com to get more information.

Challenges of going back to school

It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or in-person learning. Going back to school is not a straightforward choice for many because of all the responsibilities that come with age.

For example, raising a young family is demanding both in time and finances. Mortgage, car payments and other household bills can also make going to school full-time difficult.

For a working person, fitting your work life with education is another major challenge because you need to work ideally full time to support yourself and the education you intend to take. These have been the major obstacles that have kept many adult learners from joining the school.

Reasons for taking online classes

  • Affordability-For a working learner, taking online classes is more pocket friendly than in person because of the administrative fees that in-person students pay.
  • Babysitter– For a young parent who has a remote job, online learning will be more helpful because you won’t need to leave your children with an unsupervised babysitter.
  • Flexibility– Some online schools are very flexible, offering you the option of learning at your own pace.
  • Upskilling– To assume a new role or prepare to take a promotion may require gaining a particular skill, e.g. learning to code, computer program etc.
  • Reskilling- Maybe you have found a new passion or interest that you would like to pursue.
  • Relevance- Learning additional skills will sharpen your mind, help you stay on top of your game, and give you relevance among your colleagues.

Preparing your loved one psychologically

To make your learning journey easy, you must prepare your loved ones emotionally and mentally, way before you start the program. Preparing them will help them understand the sudden changes in your priorities.

  • Family, colleagues, and friends’ support goes a long way in making your student life easier and happier. Prior communication with them will allow them to prepare for uncertainty. For example, a coworker can help by taking up extra responsibilities from your desk to give you more time to study during exams week.
  • A spouse will understand when you cannot play with the children on the weekends.
  • Your friends will understand when you turn down their invitation for a weekend out or when you don’t show up at their events as you should.Prepare your loved ones psychology

Your employer

Online learning may not be as demanding as in-person learning, but it also has challenges. The challenges may come because the learning period can stretch for months or years.

For this reason, it will probably affect your productivity at work at some point. Therefore, talking to your manager or employer before starting the classes is good.

There can be a time when you may want some time off to concentrate or send an assignment while at work. Talking to your boss will ensure that you have his support in case of any unexpected event. Click here for more insights.

Your classmates/Study group

Attempting to know your classmate or joining a studying group is the best choice you can make as a working student. Below are some of the advantages of joining this group.

  • You might get an accountability partner within your group or class who will walk with you, ensuring you have submitted your assignments on time, or you are attending your lectures, etc.
  • A study group will allow you to ask questions you do not understand. There is always a possibility that one person in the group is better than you in one or two subjects.
  • Asking for their help will save you time that you could have spent researching.
  • You will develop your communication skills during the group discussion.
  • In case you missed a class or didn’t get the lecturer well, you will copy notes from one of the group members.Study Groups


Online classes are getting more attractive by the day. As much as the younger generation still prefers classroom learning, the online platform has proven a good idea for working people who wish to learn. The advancement in technology and availability of internet connections is making things a lot easier for working mothers and the top management personnel because they don’t have to choose between their responsibilities and an opportunity to learn since they can do both.

Also, they record most online classes and can make them available to learners anytime. For these reasons, those who have financial responsibility can now work part-time as they learn.

Online studying while working is the best opportunity for those who could not subsidize themselves through school. They can now earn a livelihood while getting much-needed skills quicker at an affordable rate. After all, the internet is full of short courses and tutorials that address different skill gaps, e.g. business skills and other life skills like baking, knitting, and coding. Thanks to online education, anyone can learn these skills without paying outrageous school fees in a traditional college.