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HKUSpace – School of Professional and Continuing Education


The University of Hong Kong School of Profession and Continuing Education (HKUSPACE) is known to be a very well recognized education institution. This post-secondary institute is located in Hong Kong and was established in the year 1957.

This School is a private subsidiary of a publicly funded University named the University of Hong Kong. The chairman of this private subsidiary is Professor Edward K Y Chen. The total number of students as of 2018 were found to be 82,211. Since the University has both part-time and full-time programs so the number of academic staff is also accordingly. The number of full-time academic staff is 870 and part-time is 1900.

What does the Institute has to offer?

The HKUSPACE has a lot of educational services to offer to the students such as providing degree awarding courses in partnership with overseas universities, professional education, part-time programmes, full-time programmes, online courses and much more.


Part-time Programmes:

The details of part-time programmes are given below:

Executive education:

SEA which is the youngest unit in HKUSPACE is constantly striving towards providing high-quality executive education programmes to all the interested individuals and corporates that are not only in China or Hong Kong but worldwide.

Following are the offerings:


This part-time doctoral program is a very suitable one and can be taken by anyone interested given that he/she is eligible. At present the doctoral program is offered in the following field.

Doctoral of Social Science:

This is a part-time program whose duration is 4 to 6 years depending on the pace of the learners. The language of this entire program is English and it will start from May 01, 2020. With the help of this program, learners can gain knowledge of research techniques that are available for enhancing professional knowledge to produce research of publishable quality.


There are a total of 54 Masters Programmes that can be taken by all those who have a Bachelor’s degree.

The names of a few of the Master Programs are given below:

  • Master of Arts in Museum Studies.
  • Business Administration.
  • Science in Museum Studies.
  • Science in Finance.
  • Science in Global Investment Management.
  • Science in Marketing.
  • Science in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.
  • MSc risk Management.
  • MSc in Food Safety Management.
  • MA Media, Communication and Critical Practice.

These above mentioned and many more programs are available the details of which can be learned by clicking here.

Checkout MOOC Options from Top Universities/Organizations in various domains

Programming Courses
100+ Courses

Cybersecurity courses
30+ Courses

Business Courses
70+ Courses

Blockchain Courses
20+ Courses

Data Science Courses
150+ Courses

Mobile App Development Courses
50+ Courses

Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate:

The post-graduate diplomas and certificates are also available in a wide range of fields.

The names of few Postgraduate Diploma are given below:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Financial Engineering.
  • International Live Entertainment and Event Management.
  • Strategic Branding and Digital Reputation Management.
  • Corporate Branding and Event Management.
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing.

And many other fields are available the details of which can be gained by clicking here.


The part-time Bachelor programmes are available in a total of 34 different fields.

The names of few are given below:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) International Trade and Operations Management.
  • BS (Hons) Business Management.
  • BS (Hons) Maritime Transport and Logistics.
  • BS(Hons) Cruise Management.
  • BS (Hons) International Supply Chain and Shipping Management.

Certificate & Diploma:

The part-time certificates and diplomas are available in a wide range. Altogether 331 certificates and diplomas are offered by the HKUSPACE.

The names of few are mentioned below:

  • Certificate for Module (Butler Service).
  • For Module (Company Secretarial Practices).
  • In Legal Studies.
  • Executive Certificate in Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics.
  • HKICPA Professional Examinations Preparatory Programme: Financial Accounting.

And many many more are available.

Further Part-time Programs are the following:

Free Online Courses with Certificates

Full-time Programmes:

Just like the part-time programmes are available in a wide range, there are full-time programmes as well that are available in a variety of fields which are mentioned below:

Other programmes:

Other programmes contain the following two:

Corporate Training:

The HKUSPACE offers more than 30 open-enrolment and customized programmes in a number of disciplines of which the details are given below:

  • Leadership and Management Practice.
  • Business and Professional Development.
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation.
  • Marketing and Brand Management.
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Hospitality and Tourism.

And Executive Grooming. It doesn’t matter how much advance is your career or even if you’re just starting, participating in any of these executive education programmes will put a great impact on one’s career and will also help you stand tall in your organization.

For further details or queries, just Click here.

Checkout More Platforms for Online Learning Worldwide:

Applied Learning:

The purpose of these courses is to help a student lay the foundation for their future study and work. The HKUSPACE wishes to help students in meeting different learning needs and abilities and that is why the Applied Learning Curriculum has six learning areas:

  • Creative learning.
  • Media and communication.
  • Business
  • Management and law.
  • Services
  • Applied science.
  • Engineering and production.

Thus we can say that HKUSPACE has a lot of courses, certificates, diplomas, full-time/part-time programmes to offer to the students from anywhere. All a person needs to do is visit the website and decide a suitable course or degree program for himself and never stop learning as we at takethiscourse.net believes in.