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All about HACCP Refresher Training


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What is HACCP Refresher Training?

The HACCP refresher training has been designed to refresh all the HACCP principles and knowledge for food safety managers, food handlers, and quality assurance representatives. This training has been presented in 12 separate modules that cover the 5 preliminary steps and also the 7 important principles of HACCP training.

Why Refresher Training is required?

This training is required as it gives all the food safety managers and other related personnel a way to identify, assess, control, and monitor food safety hazards that can occur in your food business. Thus it is an integral part of your overall food safety management system.

Does HACCP Training expire?

  • The HACCO training certificates never expire and there are no regulatory requirements in 0 CFR 417.7 addressing continuing education.
  • Curious about how HACCP ensures food safety? Dive into our explanation of this vital certification process.

How often is HACCP Training required?

Although there is no expiry date on HACCP training certificates yet it is recommended to refresh your training every 3 years so as to stay updated with the laws and procedures.

List some of the top Refresher Training Programs:

Below are the names and short description of some of the top refresher training programs.

HACCP Refresher Training via SCS global services:

This course is highly focused on making users understand all the HACCP preliminary steps in detail. With that, you will also get complete know-how of what the 7 HACCP principles are and all its applications. For those looking to specialize in food industry standards, consider our Top HACCP certification programs. By taking this course, learners will get the opportunity to work both independently and in groups to solve different problems. The training is quite competitive and interactive and requires a lot of attention to each of the detail. You will gain confidence with the food safety concepts and all the processes that can be then shared with the team. With that, you will also get a chance to review the components of a HACCP-based food safety system that includes prerequisite programs (PRPs) and a HACCP plan. Thus with this course, you have the chance to satisfy your training requirements for continuous training that is relevant to your position. Check out the free best EIT Food courses here.

HACCP Mentor’s Refresher Training:

This refresher training online course is going to help you understand all the food safety management system requirements in detail. The course has a variety of topics covered in it and starts with a thorough introduction to HACCP. After that, the instructor is going to talk about what hazard identification is. Then, you’ll understand what hazard analysis and control measures are in a step-by-step guide. Going further, the instructor will explain to you how you can determine the critical control points. Similarly, you will also learn to set appropriate critical limits and documenting their validation. To be able to make the most out of this course, you need to have a good understanding of what HACCP is. Other topics include recalling the relationship between HACCP and food safety, identifying common good manufacturing practices within a food business. Similarly, you will also learn to identify common food safety hazards and how to control them in detail.

HACCP Refresher Training Program by NSF International:

In this highly informative, engaging, and challenging course, you are going to understand the importance of producing safe and food from the comfort of your home. You will understand the key to maintain your company’s food safety management system in a step-by-step guide. The instructor aims to give you a recap of all the key HACCP concepts and challenges you to understand and examine how you can manage the food safety system at your facility. You will be reviewing the 12 steps to HACCP and understand what these 12 steps have to offer. You will also learn to conduct a hazard analysis and risk assessment for food safety. Furthermore, you will be taught how to use the decision tree to determine the critical control points (CCPs). Going further, you will get a chance to work through different scenarios that test your ability to manage food safety issues in a processing facility.

HACCP Refresher Training Course at Campden BRI:

This is a type, of course, that aims to provide you with all the latest updates on current approaches to HACCO. The course has all the learning content available in it that will help to refresh your understanding of the current HACCP principles. You will get a chance to discuss areas of concern with a HACCP specialist through this course. Next, you will be explained the requirements for HACCP in current EU legislation.
Going further, the instructor will correctly explain to you the role of the prerequisite programs in food safety management. After that, you will gain a complete understanding of the Codex HACCP terminology. Similarly, the instructor will also explain to you accurately the requirement for HACCO in a given industry standard. After that, he is going to explain at least 1 change that has been made to the application of the Codex HACCP principles in the past years.

eLearning Course for HACCP Refresher:

This is a very interesting course that aims to help you understand all about good manufacturing practices. From GMP to Regulatory to Global Codex Standards, the instructor will be explaining all these principles to you in the best possible manner. Similarly, you will also get to understand the elements for the application of HACCP principles that are used to achieve food safety in processing. The instructor will explain to you what hygiene and illness management is in detail. After that, he is going to explain the 14 codex Alimentarius steps that include the 7 principles of HACCP.
Going further, the instructor is going to highlight the initial steps involved in developing a HACCP application in processing. After that, he will explain the ways to prepare and get the best scores for internal and external verifier audits.


So know all about the refresher training now and understand its importance by reading this article. And don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a HACCP Refresher Training course where you have to follow a proper schedule.

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