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Future of Education Technology Conference 2020


Each year, the future of education technology organizes an exceptional conference that aims to tailor the needs of an increasingly technology-driven education community. Every year, the FETC succeeds in providing a huge platform to a number of educational institutes to come together and share their views and ideas that could lead to better teaching results. Same as every year, the conference will also be held in 2020 and the FET guarantees that this year’s conference will be as competitive, helpful and informational as all the previous ones.

Background of the future of Education Technology Conference:

The future of education technology has been arranging these conferences every year for almost 40 years now. Each year, the conference invites all the creative and dynamic educational professional to come around at a single platform to contribute their efforts toward exploring all the new and undiscovered technologies that can only contribute toward the betterment of our education system and all the educational institutes.

Each year, the Expo hall is filled with industry experts, different agendas and of course meticulous solutions to educational problems and lastly a whole network of eager and hardworking personnel.

The goal of this conference?

To maximize the potential and capability of all the educational institutions including the students and professors. This conference is the road to all the solutions of the problems that educational institutes and students face in the journey of teaching and learning respectively.

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Who are the people behind this conference?

This conference is curated by the following individuals:

  • Robert M. Avossa, Ed.D.
  • Jennifer Womble.
  • Lenny Schad.
  • Jennifer Herseim.

These people have managed to provide real-world implementation ideas and with that, they have also provided expert advices and ideas that turn out to be very helpful toward education administration, law and technology.

Every year, the speakers that get a chance to present their views and ideas are hand-selected by the organization and they make sure that the content they share is highly valuable and can help to overcome real-world challenges.

Who are the sponsors?

As the conference is not an ordinary one and has all the facilities and arrangements to its best, let us mention the sponsors without whom it is impossible to arrange this conference.

  • Istation
  • Promethean
  • Book Creator.
  • COX business.
  • LEGO education.
  • Microsoft
  • CDW
  • Unreal engine.
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
  • Norva Nivel.
  • Lenovo
  • KENNESAW State University.

With these sponsors, there is a long list of media partners without whom this conference can never be a success.

When is the conference going to happen?

The conference is going to happen for three full days from January 14-17, 2020.

Where is it going to happen?

This year, the conference will be happening at the Miami Beach convention center, MIAMI, Fla.

What does the conference has to offer?

  • The conference is going to be held on a hall that is the size of 62 basketball courts. This means that there will be a large number of people who will be a part of this glorious conference.
  • This conference will let students and other people get face-to-face with the leaders who are trying really hard to make a change in our education industry.
  • By attending this conference, a person will become an important part of the FETC community where you can stay connected with the best learners, passionate educators, tech gurus and boundary-pushers who all have one goal that is to contribute towards putting a positive impact on the lives of the learners/students.
  • The unmatched expo hall will have all the latest products and innovative systems that contribute towards the betterment of the education system.
  • You will get a chance to meet with the top visionaries and real-world practitioners that are going to share their experiences and suggestions and will share their stories that will lead to ideas and creative strategies that one can take back home.

How to register to get into the Future of Education Technology Conference?

There are two ways to register for the conference, one is through a phone call (1-800-727-1227) and the other one is by registering online.

  • In order to attend the conference, a person has to register for it and for that he needs to visit the official website that is https://www.fetc.org/.
  • There will be an option “Register” on the top left corner of the page, you have to click on to this button and then follow the steps.
  • A person has to pay a certain fee to get the pass and there are different packages available.
  • Team discounts are also offered to those who want to attend the conference as a team.
  • With all this, there are expo passes, industry analyst passes, bloggers passes and press passes.
  • Every type of option and steps are available for registration, one just has to choose the right one.

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Now that one has read the purpose of the Future of Education Technology Conference, what it is offering, when and where it will happen and what is the procedure to register and many other important details, we would suggest to make up your mind and register to attend the most useful and meticulously handled event. Come alone or in the form of a team, this totally depends on the person but attending this conference will for sure help a lot of people in contributing towards the education industry.