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Difference between Project Management and Task Management


Both project management and task management may seem to be similar terms but that is not the case. Project management is something else whereas task management is totally a different term. So it is better if a person is fully aware of what both these terms are and also the difference among these.

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Below are some of the major differences that we have gathered for our users to read and clear up their mind regarding any ambiguity they have regarding these two terms.

Project management

Task management

Project management is a process where a whole team works together and initiate, plan, execute and control a number of things in order to achieve specified goals. Task management is a process of managing a single task that has been given to a single person or group of people.
In other words, project management is a process that comes in practice for managing the full life cycle of a project. This means that this practice remains in action unless and until the project comes to an end. Similarly, task management is known to be a job of collaboration which includes small steps or procedures that are being done by different individuals in order to complete a specific task.

In task management, project work is broken down into the smallest units and each unit is given to different people who are responsible for completing it in a given period of time.

A project is known to be temporary and it finishes as soon as the work that has been assigned to a team has been completed. Whereas a task is known to be a part of a project that is done on a daily basis.
In project management, all of the projects are being supervised or overlooked by a project manager. Who is also considered to be the leader or boss of all those who are working together as a team on a particular project. In task management, there is a collaborator who also acts as a task manager and his duty is to look over multiple tasks that has been assigned to the team.
In simple words, project management is overlooked by a leader. Whereas the task management process is overlooked by a collaborator
Project management is suitable for teams that have a large number of people working together on a project that is big and requires a lot of time and effort. Task management is ideal for small teams that are already working on something with very limited resources.
In project management, a project manager is able to see the whole picture. This means that a project manager has all the control here and he knows all the detailing of the project from start till end. On the other hand, a task manager is only given such details that are related to that specific task that he has been given. Besides those details, which are applicable to the task at hand, a task manager knows nothing.
Project management must be in action when an organization has to deal with large projects. When an organization has to deal with small projects that has to be handled by a small team, the task management process should come to action.
There is project management software available for organizations to take that can help them organize what is necessary to complete the project. Just like project management, there is task management software available for organizations that have to deal with small tasks on a daily basis. This software also has features that help the team do their jobs effectively.

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Those above-mentioned points were some of the very major differences that there are regarding the project management and task management. It would indeed be really helpful for a reader to understand these differences clearly. You can also find out trello project management tool courses here.

By reading these differences, not only will a reader be able to clear out his ambiguities regarding these two terms but will also help him at his workplace to know the difference between the two like when it is better to follow the project management practice, what kind of work demands the task management practice, what are the purpose of these two terms and much more. Our article on Comparing Project Management Tools: Burndown and Gantt Charts provides a side-by-side look at these popular methods, helping you understand their unique benefits.