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How to develop your Digital Learning Team?


Are you a leader who is eager to help his team become the best? Or you are interested in supporting your team to develop skills in the digital learning space. In either case, there are a variety of ways that can help to develop your digital learning team. And that is why, we are here with some cool things or ideas that can help to develop your digital learning team.

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Ways to Develop your Digital Learning Team

1. Embracing Challenges

Challenge There are many people out there who just love to work in their comfort zone and don’t want to get out of it. And if you are that person then that is my friend a very dangerous thing as you are not opening yourself up to new challenges. And if you are not embracing any kind of challenge then how are you going to make your team face any challenge? So as a learning professional, you should get yourself and your team out of the comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Try to learn new things everyday and improve you skill set through it.

2. Give them all the time they Need

Being a leader is not an easy task as everyone is looking at you and expecting your complete attention and devotion. So you need to take out the team and help your digital learning team develop all the necessary skills. Listen to their queries and act as their mentor in the most effective possible manner. Give them time to develop a new skill and if it is taking them longer than usual to learn something new don’t make a big deal out of it. Refer them some ways or resources that can help to develop the required skills. LinkedIn learning and YouTube channels are most commonly used resources for skill development.

3. Get Involved with learning Professionals

We live in a digital world where any person can be contacted from anywhere around the world and at anytime right? Then why not make the most out of this opportunity and use it to develop your digital learning team? Have your team participate in the L&D Twitter charts which is a live way to connect with different learning professionals. There, each Twitter chat a different topic where you and your digital learning team can participate and answer the questions prompted through Twitter. You can also view everyone else’s answers and understand know what other people has to say about a specific topic.

4. Support your Team on a Passion Project

This is a very result-oriented thing to do if you really want to develop a good digital learning team. Be a leader pick a week once year and get your team started on a passion project. Though it is a passion project but that doesn’t mean it won’t be related to work. Here you will ask your team to come up with a learning project and develop new skills by working on it. This will eventually help your team and company in some way. You can also check out best eLearning tools.

6. Evaluating your Ongoing Efforts

You have a plan and you are going according to it right? But there has to be a way that can be used to refine and strengthen your ongoing efforts and digital learning strategy. In this case, metrics should be built which also include participation and outcomes of the entire digital team. With the help of the set metrics, you will be able to look back at how you adjusted your approach and what steps you took to keep the learning fire alive. When you have properly designed, delivered, and evaluated your strategy, believe us it can change a company’s corporate culture and improve employee engagement and at the end increase retention.

7. Be more Intentional with Meetings

meetingMeetings are without any doubt an inevitable part of the work. But if you are being more intentional about when the meetings will happen and what types of meetings should be held, then this would help out a lot. Meetings can sometimes get in the way of development time if they are unnecessary. Meaning, you should make sure that whatever the meeting held has a clear end goal and would help to achieve what the team is looking for. You might also be interested to know Best Paying Learning and Development Jobs at takethiscourse.net.

8. Get your team to Attend Conferences

We would say that one of the best things to develop your digital learning team is to support them to go to conferences. It is because conferences give the ability to connect with other new learning professionals. You and your team can attend different conferences and get to know how their team works. So you need to make a great plan to get your people to conferences. Apply to any available digital learning conference or even inquire about volunteer opportunities. You might also be interested in developing successful eLearning strategy and future.

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9. Have your Team share their ideas Openly

Being a leader it is your job to give your team the confidence they need. You must have them go around the table and express what type of skills they want to build. Have them talk about their strengths, the type of skills they want to develop and how the team can work together to achieve it. Suppose, during this session one of the teammates says he wants to build their skills in graphic designing. And then another teammate who already has these skills would help him to build skills in this area. Thus this would be eye-opening for everyone on the team as not only they would discover what other wants but also help them achieve it.

Final Thoughts

Developing your digital learning team can be a lot of hard work but if you and your team are determined enough to achieve your goals then there is nothing stopping you folks from doing it. So, take a look at these different ways to develop your digital learning team and never stop learning.